Lying Liars

When was it – maybe two or three years ago? – that the open-borders folks were assuring us that there was nothing to worry our little heads about, ’cause illegal immigration was over, ’cause the economy was so bad – or something like that.

(Am I the only one who remembers this?)

Where are they now, as countless women & children, heeding Obama’s summons, flood across our Southern border?

7 thoughts on “Lying Liars

  1. I remember. I also remember “the era of big government is over.”

    The battle lines on immigration are becoming clear to more and more people. On one side you have expansion at any cost: pump up the balance sheets, sell the houses, build the new shopping center, move those units. On the other you have the hope of cultural stability and higher wages and standard of living. New Jersey or Switzerland.

  2. Well, what I want to know is this: exactly what “jobs Americans won’t do” will be done by illiterate children and pregnant women from Central America? Or MS-13 gang members?

    Whatever happened to all those intact, socially conservative families that would never take any of the public welfare, too? Where did they go, and why were they replaced by scabies-infested, drug-resistant TB infected street urchins?

    I see the Wall Street Journal has decided to pump up the nation-busting editorials, with a couple every week – first Mary Anastasia O’Grady pimped herself out “for the children”, now the usual L. Brent Bozell “I Need A Cheap Servant Staff” article claims that Silicon Valley is just beside itself – no doubt because they still have to hire some number of white, male, native born coders every year.

    I used to think it was a bit extreme to refer to the open borders nuts as the “treason lobby”. This latest round of Cloward-Piven strategy in action has disabused me of that foolishness.

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  4. There should be one policy regarding immigration. Bear in mind the race that created this nation:

    Is this person ethnically European?
    If Yes – they are welcome to America.
    If No – they are barred from America.

    • The problem with this kind of thinking is that it ignores Cathedrals power to create a white underclass not much different from your disfunctional blacks and hispanics.

  5. …….to say nothing of inviting in millions of Allah’s little murderers. They are coming by airplane and settling in a neighborhood like yours. Make way for the mosques and the bombings. It’s all for our cultural betterment or something like that.

  6. given current birthrate differentials and accelerating brown-black insourcing, Whites will be a minority in America by the late 2020s. I am, of course, coding Jews as non-white. This seems reasonable since they intend to exterminate us root and branch. Muslims? More fodder for the Jews to aim at the Whites.

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