Christianity becoming more left-wing

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig has an article up at Salon (real Salon, not parody) arguing the Christianity is  becoming a left-wing phenomenon, which is not a surprise to readers of Occam’s Razor as we’ve had posts here such as “Is Christianity Inherently Left-Wing and Egalitarian?”  On the global scale, Christianity is becoming a non-Western, Third World religion, which means that Christians globally will tend to support things like redistribution of wealth from whites to non-whites, as well as dispossession of whites from their own lands (aka Third World immigration).

What’s particularly interesting is the role that mainstream Christian churches are playing in the current boarder crisis along the US-Mexico border.  Not only are these Christian churches supporting the invasion, they are facilitating it, and with US taxpayer money.  As recently noted by Refugee Resettlement Watch, the Catholic Church, as well as other Protestant churches such as the Baptists and Lutheran Church, are getting millions of dollars of taxpayer money to facilitate the refugee invasion of the USA.  It’s disgusting.

What will be the reaction?  Already, you see younger people leaving mainstream Christianity for things like Pro-Western Christianity or neo-paganism. If trends on Twitter are any indication, anti-Pope Francis images like this  floating around suggest that conservatives might be getting fed up with mainstream Christianity.


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23 thoughts on “Christianity becoming more left-wing

    • Since you were Christian, I assume you believed that Jesus is the son of God. Why would the fact that lots of Christian leaders support amnesty change that truth?

    • I feel ya, besides I can’t honestly look my blue eyed kids in the eyes and honestly tell them they’re descended from the tribes of Abraham. I rejected the Church at a very young age to the dismay of my parents, but I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist. I’ve recently been introduced to Asatru, it feels right but I’m not sure how I feel about it as a religion, although as a culture and tradition it feels like something I’ve been missing for a long time.

    • Converted? You cannot convert to Asatru you are part of the fabric of the North and Nature or not. Asatru is not a religion as some people are making out, its a way of living and the gods such as Odin and Thor are metaphors for living A NOBLE LIFE.

    • I believe that Christians must begin to see the obvious differences between the Old Testament, and the teachings of Christ. They are Diametrically Opposed to one another.
      Jesus referred to the Jewish god as, “your father the devil”.

      It is the corporation of religion and false teachings within dogmas which betray real Christianity. These are not the teachings of Christ.
      Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.” when he was slammed for not using money for the poor. Jesus was not a Marxist. Nor was he a multi-culturalist. Teachings of Jesus do not align with the actions of Christian Politica/Corporate entities existing today under the guise of “christianity” – which actually have very dark agendas, and who use blinded sheep to fulfill these very dark agendas for them. Real Christians left the organized system way back in the 90’s.

      • This is completely at odds with historic Christianity and is wrong. The historic (e.g. Catholic/Orthodox) way to understand the relationship between the Old and New Testaments is that the Old is to be interpreted through the lens of the New. Or “the Old is the New concealed, the New is the Old revealed.”

  1. Churchianity is now most definitely reheated Cultural Marxism all over.

    Ever heard of “sedevacantists”? Those are traditional Catholics who have come to the conclusion that Pope Francis and his five predecessors starting with John XXIII could not possibly be valid Catholic Popes. And I think their Marxism has a lot to do with it, along with their gutting of all the traditional sacraments.

    Unfortunately, it’s a fringe opinion at this point — according to Pew Research, only about 4% of American Catholics disapprove of Francis or consider him a change for the worse. But, on the other hand, Hispanics are rapidly defecting from the faith, and white Catholics are vanishing from the Democrat Party. It may take a century, but eventually, at least in the USA, Catholics will almost certainly be mostly white, Republican-voting, and sedevacantist.

    • “It may take a century, but eventually, at least in the USA, Catholics will almost certainly be mostly white, Republican-voting, and sedevacantist.”

      This is contrary to what demographers are seeing, who predict that in 100 years Catholicism will mostly be a non-Western, non-white religion (mostly African and Latin American mestizo). See here.

      • There will likely be a mass apostacy (including by Latinos) from liberal Catholicism as people ask themselves “what’s the point?” Then I think the Church will return to form as it sees what V2 has done.

    • A lot of Christian intellectuals talk about Pope Francis as if he were a family embarrassment, a drunken father or a mother engaged in adultery – yeah, it’s a sin, but there’s already so much damage, that it’s the best to keep it “in the family” and not make any more bad publicity. He’s a commie, but he’s one of our own…

      Watching some christian pro-family activists in my country fills me with sadness – they are honest hard working people trying to preserve their ways of life, not noticing that when push comes to shove, their own Church will betray them, stab them in the back and call them sinners. The only way I see Catholicism going back to being a non-left religion is emergence of small elite traditional mass communities who will deny any modern theology, and will keep spreading that movement slowly, parish by parish. At one point they will have to wage war with the Vatican, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the struggle would end up in bloodshed, on one side or another.

  2. Go to any Catholic Church and they are always collecting for some jungle bunny in bongo bongo land. It’s become an anti-white religion. “Catholic” schools are full of darkies. The Church has completely abandoned the core that made it what it is. See how loyal your new people are when you’ve got no gibsmedat for them.

    Wasn’t one of the first things the new Pope did to go to Lampedusa f

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  4. Is there anyone here who would like to join with me in forming some new Christian churches that completely reject Cultural Marxism? These churches would be pro-western, would have elements of Orthodoxy in that they would have liturgies for people of European ancestry. These churches would not ask whites to commit suicide via immigration and adoption; they would actually be healthy.

    What do you say?

    • I’m sure you mean well, but no thank you. The Church shouldn’t be founded on anti-Cultural Marxism or anti-anything.
      If one is Catholic (including Old or Anglican) or Orthodox (including Oriental) then it’s not possible to start your own church. Just attend your most conservative option.
      If you’re protestant, then you can start your own church but you’d do ok attending an independent Baptist Church (if you’re Reformed Evangelical) or one of the small, conservative Lutheran synods (if you’re Catholic Evangelical). These options probably would not scandalize your faith with Cultural Marxist preaching.
      Thanks for the reading list, BTW.

    • They already exist, and have existed since the ’90s as small to medium size groups throughout the USA and Europe.
      If you want something larger – find a real Russian Orthodox church which has long rejected Marxism, and embraced European ancestry.

  5. The Cult of Niceness has invaded most mainstream churches. In the Cult of Niceness, the only sin is acknowledging that sin exists. (Because when you point sin out to people, it’s not nice because it invalidates their lifestyle. And God wants us all to be personally happy more than anything in the world. Which is why he lets us do whatever we want as long as it isn’t hurting anybody else….in the short term….in an obvious manner….Of course, whether it hurts people and society in the long run….well….we’ll not worry about that…..Researching that kind of thing would take effort, and God wouldn’t want us to tire ourselves out….)

    • Now that is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one! Marxism as in Karl Marx is Jewish in its origins as is communism and the Zionist kibbutz! Christianity has been hijacked by the communists zio gang of thugs .

      • Marxism was responsible for Killing – 70 million Christians in Russia.
        Wake up. Or at least read some history not written by those who want to kill most of the world.

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  7. Here are several Gnostic texts that perfectly describe what Christianity has revealed itself to be through centuries of lying and hypocrisy:

    The Revelation of Peter

    “I listened to the priests as they were sitting with the scholars, and the multitude were shouting with a loud voice. When he heard what I said about this, he said to me, “Use your ears and listen to what they are saying.” I listened again. “They are praising you as you are sitting here.” When I said this, the Savior replied, “I have told you that these people are blind and deaf. Now listen to the things I am telling you in secret and keep them. Do not tell them to the children of this age. For they will denounce you during these ages, since they are ignorant of you, but they will praise you when there is knowledge.

    “At first many will accept our words, but they will turn away again according to the will of the father of their error, because they have done his will, and the father of error will disclose them in his judgement as servants of the word. Those who have associated with people of error will become their prisoners, since they are without perception. But the good person, who is pure and upright, will be handed over to the dealer in death, in the kingdom of those who praise a Christ of a future restored world. And they also praise people who preach this falsehood, people who will come after you. They will hold on to the name of a dead man, thinking that in this way they will become pure, but instead they will become more and more defiled. They will fall into a name of error and into the hand of an evil deceiver with complicated doctrines, and they will be dominated by heresy.”

    The Gospel of Judas (Christ speaking to the Disciples)

    “On another day Jesus approached them. They said to him, “Master, we have had a vision of you, for we have seen dreams of great power last night.” He said, “Why have you… and hidden ourselves away?”

    They said, “We have seen a huge house in which there was a great altar, and twelve men – they were priests, we would say – and a name. A crowd was in attendance at that altar, until the priests were done presenting the offerings. We also were in attendance.” Jesus said, “What kind of people are the priests?” They said, “Some abstain for two weeks. Some sacrifice their own children, others their wives, in praise and humility with one another. Some have sex with men. Some perform acts of murder. Some commit all sorts of sins and lawless deeds. And the men who stand before the altar call upon your name, and though all the actions of their deficiency, that altar becomes full.” After they said these things, they became silent, since they were upset.

    Jesus said to them, “Why are you upset? I tell you the truth, all the priests who stand at that altar call upon my name. I tell you again, my name has been written on the … of the generations of the stars through the generations of people. They have planted trees in my name, without fruit, in a shameful way.”

    Jesus said to them, “You are the ones presenting the offerings at the altar you have seen. That is the god you serve, and you are the twelve men you have seen. And the cattle brought in are the offerings you have seen – they are the multitude you lead astray before that altar. The ruler of this world will stand and use my name in this manner, and generations of pious people will cling to him. After him another man will come forward from those who are immoral, and another will come from the child-killers, and another from those who have sex with men, and those who abstain, and the rest of those who are impure and lawless and prone to error, as well as those who say, ‘We are like angels’; they are the stars that bring everything to its end. For to the generations of people is has been said, ‘Look, God has received you offering from the hands of priests,’ that is a minister of error. But it is the Lord who commands who is the Lord of the All. On the last day they will be put to shame.”

  8. You’re right. Faux Christianity, aka Judeo-Christianity, is swinging further to the left, but Christian Identity, aka Christianity, couldn’t be more right wing if it sported a swastika and goosestepped.

    Gnosticism is Jewish in origin. It’s purpose was to discredit Christianity, which isn’t Jewish. The Gnostic texts are deliberate distortions of older, genuine texts.

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