The Horror of Rotherham

Wow.  Just wow.  The depravity of this is truly unbelievable.  Over 1,400 young white girls were tortured and sexually molested by Pakistanti gangs for years and no one lifted a finger to stop it because they were afraid they would be called “racist”. In other words, it’s better to have your white children raped and tortured by brown curry pimps than it is to be a “racist”.

I think it’s time we retire the word “racist” from our usage right now.  This insidious, Marxist term has already done too much damage.   And while we’re retiring things, let’s retire these Rotherham officials and put them in prison.  In fact, a major purge of sorts is long overdue throughout the West.

As we reach the 11th hour of the West, we need to ask some serious questions. Like, isn’t it high time for a moratorium on all Third World immigration into the West?   Do white people have the right to exist?   And if so, how?  Shouldn’t whites have racially exclusive homelands to raise their families, just as all other races have including Ashkenazis?

Some must reads:

Kevin MacDonald:  “The Rotherham Pathology

Heartiste:  “The Rotherham Evil

HBD Chick:  “Stop creating a climate of fear!

Statistics on crime and race.

Roger Scruton: “Taking Revenge on Traditional Britain








13 thoughts on “The Horror of Rotherham

  1. With South Africa, Rotherham and other forms of white genocide taking place, Whites eventually are just going to have to stand up, put their feet down and say


  2. Retire? No, there should be a gallows erected in the largest public square in Rotherham.
    It should be used twice daily for many, many weeks. Alternate between hanging public officials and hanging the rape gang members. But hang them. By the neck. Until dead.
    Day after day. Week after week. Rain or shine.

    Hang them.

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  4. If this isn’t the last straw, what ever could be?

    Steve Sailer posted on it again, today. I left this comment:

    I’m glad to see you post on this again.

    If this isn’t the wake-up call of all wake-up calls to the ordinary, decent people of England & America & any other country where ordinary, decent people still exist, it’s hard to imagine what ever could be.

    The decay of the family, the indifference (if not open hostility) of elite to working class whites, the outright treason of the multi-culturalist cadres, the eager prostration of the politically correct left before the barbarism & lunacy of orthodox Islam…

    It’s all come together in a sort of Perfect Storm, here & now, in England.

    If there was ever a time to “flood the zone,” with relentless coverage of a single issue, this is it.

    Everybody who’s anybody on the right should hammer away on this, all day, every day, for as long as it takes. And they should personalize the issue. They should identify, demonize & destroy anybody & everybody who enabled this horror.

  5. Acceptance thru passivity… The emasculated white man has faded away into the basement of political correctness. Except in the Ukraine. Those British immigrants need to be introduced to the Right Sector in the Ukraine. The real Brits could learn something from them.

  6. Half of white people are leftists of some sort in Europe and maybe 40% leftist in the US. They want as much Muslim immigration as they can get as they are a solid 80 to 90% leftist voting block.

    Once the Muslims get to these countries in size, you are forbidden to say anything against them. Ask Geert Wilders and Paul Weston.

    The ladies who tried to spill the beans on this raping in Rotherham were sent to re-education classes and told to shut up about the rapes by their superiors.

  7. I agree with your outlook on immigration, but where is there a “racially exclusive homeland” for Ashkenazi Jews? About a million Arabs live in Israel, and about half the Jews there are not Ashkenazi.

  8. All well and good by why go all the way to England for this? This has been happening in America for at least half a century with black pimps victimizing white teenage girls and the government and media ignoring it because of the racial dynamics. The number of victims far exceeds 1400. There’s been a slight up-tick in government interest in child prostitution lately but that is only because of the number of immigrant prostitutes involved.

  9. It doesn’t surprise me that white people are dying out after interacting with white liberals. I am east Asian so its not my concern

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