Will Catholic Church become an African wasteland?

A stir was recently caused when liberal Cardinal Walter Kasper allegedly told a reporter that the Vatican should not really care what Africans think on theology, since Africans aren’t very enlightened, which Kasper later denied saying.    Of course, this comment is straightforwardly true.  The average IQ of Sub-Sahara Africans is quite low (65 – 75) and the cause is most likely genetic. Nonetheless, this statement has caused all the pointing-and-stuttering indignation from “conservative” American Catholics, who seem to think that Africa is on the cutting edge of civilization.  Just look at the indignation from the Twitter feed of First Thing‘s Matthew Schmitz, who at least is consoled that African Catholics will soon outnumber European Catholics.  He looks forward to an African Church that someday will be lorded over by some African witch doctor.

As I and others have noted previously, two things are taking place right now with Christianity: (1) Inside the West, Christianity is becoming indistinguishable from Cultural Marxism (think of Christian leaders’ fanatical support of mass immigration and non-white adoption); (2) outside the West, Christianity is becoming a non-Western religion, mostly notably among the blacks of Africa and the Mestizos and Amerindians of Latin America.    For white Christians, what is the way out of this dilemma?


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28 thoughts on “Will Catholic Church become an African wasteland?

    • I’m with Reader on this one.

      There are Traditional Catholic and Orthodox churches (and a few Baptist ones in the US) that might fill in the gaps as well .

  1. Not just “conservative” Catholics but reactionary Catholics. Based on the transcripts I’ve seen, I don’t understand how what he said had much to do with the racial or cognitive qualities of Africans.


    The title of the blog post from the reactionary Catholic blog Rorate Caeli includes the words “”Africans? Nobody listens to them” with quotes but I don’t see those words in the transcript below. Kasper is quoted as saying things like “But they (Africans) should not tell us too much what we have to do” and that’s described as “unbelievably racist and xenophobic” by Rorate Caeli.
    As far as I can tell, the only Christians (Catholic or Protestant) that aren’t anti-racist/race-liberal/leftist are Christians that are part of or associated with racialist websites or organzations.

  2. This is a common thing in contemporary religion and politics. The “right” side (Republicans, orthodox Christian believers) is always trying to turn the “racism” charge against the left (Democrats, liberal Christian heretics). The jump at any opportunity they see to do this, no matter how ridiculous their case is.

  3. The way out of this dilemma is having a religion with no/minimal universalist pretensions, ‘a Judaism for the Gentiles’. That leaves whites with Paganism, or, indeed… Judaism.

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  5. The lost of faith among Westerners is a root cause of the decay in civility and much else. Who cares about IQ when egotism have replaced civic duties? We have embraced humanism and in doing so, we have deified our own existence. Whites should not be proud of the progress they have undergone since the death of Christianity in their civilization. Our culture have emerged out of the Roman Catholic Church, it’s the root cause of it all. Now that the root been removed, we’ve just throwing dirt around hoping something else will rise out of our aborted children.

    It is likely us Whites will go extinct and be replaced by new people. It’s not the end of the world, just our world. In the long run, Blacks in the northern hemisphere will evolve to be Whites. It will just take quite a while longer. Same as Whites in South-Africa or Australia will become darker. Perhaps evolution don’t occur the same way when you have air conditioning and central pluming. Still, I believe the races are part accidental (Whites being mixed between Neanderthal and homo sapiens) and part environmental (Homo sapiens come from Africa, the animals there learned to fear them, so their horses (Zebras) were not domesticated and their mammoths (Elephants) never went extinct). It’s all hard to say, but one must remember the Roman Empire fell as the Roman Catholic Church rose. As the Roman Catholic Church fall, we don’t know what comes next, there is no coherent answer to this, so we are left worrying about the Muslims as if it was the 11th century instead of the 21st. With our technological mastery, we shouldn’t even have a second thought about backwaters in the middle-east, but given our humanitarian worship, we wish to spread democracy to them. Same as the missionaries use to want to spread Catholicism, now our obsession is based on the Founding Fathers claim of political Universalism.

    Enlightenment is the more mediocre cult.

      • You are such a fucking idiot. There are more whites now than ever before, and as a group we are becoming more racially aware with each passing day. It is not the whites who are “done for”, it is every enemy of the white race.

  6. Evangelicalism w/o discernment is the apex of idiotic White pathological altruism.

    CC leaders may point to the need to replace declining numbers in Europe, but have they thought the reason many of us abandoned the Church is BECAUSE of its darkening and undignified pandering to Turd Worlders.

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  9. Cardinal Burke also said that Cardinal Kasper’s recent remarks in an interview were “racist.” Cardinal Kasper, referring to the liberalization of Catholic teaching on sexual morality said ““You can’t speak about this with Africans. … It’s not possible. … It’s a taboo.” I think Kasper is a heretic who should be burned at the stake, but it’s ridiculous to call his remarks “racist.” Apparently you can’t say you disagree with Africans or you’re “racist.”

    • Burke is just using the only club allowed him. Imagine the fallout if he said the truth.
      Kasper is a damned heretic. The pope is also a damned heretic. The seat of Saint Peter is vacant and has been so for a damned long time.

  10. Kasper didn’t ‘disagree’ with Africans. He implied that African cardinals (individuals not the false monolith of an entire continents population) weren’t to be listened to because they held that homosexual practices (buggery, sodomy, catamy, pederasty, etc.) were taboo. The use of the word ‘taboo’ is specifically racial insofar as it recalls pre-Christian animistic and voodoo-like beliefs. Burke might have been more accurate to call Kasper’s comments racialist, but when confronted with a German applying primitivist tendencies to an entire continent of peoples, one probably should presume racism before all else. They have a bit of history here…

    • He said the majority of African bishops hold views that the things being discussed are taboo and not to be discussed, that this majority is listened to in Africa, but not by others (presumably he meant the synod, the Western bishops?? – the interview isn’t real clear) and that they (the majority African bishops I assume) shouldn’t tell the synod “too much” what to do.
      And this is described by the reactionary Catholic world as “incredibly racist and xenophobic” in commentary accompanied by pictures of muzzled African slaves from the 17th century.
      I think the monolith he implied was a monolith of African bishops. I suspect the African bishops are fairly monolithic on sexual morality – and good for them (they’re often leftist on other issues like “migrant rights” i.e. the right of Africans to flood into Europe and North America).
      I’ve also noticed a tendency for reactionary Catholic sites to lie about what he said. To infer what they understand him to have, as you say, implied, and then put quotes around their own understanding of what he meant and present it as his words.
      Which doesn’t change the fact that he should be burned as a heretic.

  11. Racism exists among those who mock God and those who claim to love and follow him. Your article is so incredibly sad. Your sense of Western superiority and the underlining Eurocentricism and probably racial sentiments you have are evident. It saddens me to see brothers and sisters in Christ, who fall for the obvious traps of the devil. Discord and Pride manifest themselves in all of the “isms”, and this desire to try and find a Western anchor to hold onto, rather than unite with those African “witch” doctors is laughable. It shows your incredible ignorance towards the universal Catholic Church. The West is not superior to Africa, Asia, Latin America etc and other culture and ideologies. It is the great West that is promoting the endless massacre of unborn children and trying to export that, as well as gay marriage and other sexual deviant behavior. Furthermore, the terrible behavior of African leaders and their European colonial counterparts don’t reflect the ideologies or desires of the people who unfortunately live with the negative consequences. So you have a video of ignorant Liberians eh? Shall I write a hateful blog about Western Christianity and show a video of a KKK or neo-Nazi? Of the Western Satanic mass supporters? Would I be justified for such slander???
    Christianity is NOT a Western religion. Christianity began in the middle east. Jesus Christ would not be welcomed in your social circle, by the tone of your article. Roman Catholicism is indeed very Western in its formation, but the other rites in union with the RCC are not Western. Because you are from the West, you may have a limited view and you project your racial and misguided nationalistic views onto a universal religion that transcends man and his judgmental ways. Congratulations..that makes you human. But it serves as a bad witness to others seeking truth and seeking God. I am so glad that God’s grace abounds and can help those of us who encounter such racial and cultural hatred in the “name of God”…I pray you receive and cooperate with his Grace. Open your eyes to how prejudiced you are. Learn about this African continent you so quickly degrade and detract from. Learn about the history of Christianity, objectively. Face your superiority complex. When you die, Christ will not have a “Western” section and “inferior-other” section.
    With the Love of Christ,
    Your fellow African Roman Catholic sister in Christ.

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  13. The Jews were cast out for their fruitlessness and the kingdom given to a different people. They also thought that they were superior Why don’t you think it will happen to whites too? The past 100s of years has been the neglect of God for riches for the occident.

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