Robert Wald Sussman’s religious catechism: “race does not exist”

The Cathedral is panicking.  Modern science overwhelmingly shows that not only is race biologically real but it is also correlates with a number of important traits.    Such findings have made the guardians of Politically Correct Thought even more brash and, unfortunately, monotonous in their assertion of  “race is not biologically real.”

Case in point.  Professor of anthropology Robert Wald Sussman (who recently defamed Jared Taylor) published a hit piece in this week in Newsweek, There Is No Such Thing as Race” (also reprinted at Raw Story), which is an excerpt from Sussman’s new book on why race is not real.  The target of the piece is race, which is not hard to miss, since it’s quite repetitive.  In fact, it’s not really an argument at all but just a broken record.   Sussman early on says his book has not “dwelt upon all of the scientific information that has been gathered” by scientists et al. about race, and then goes on to discuss Hitler, Medieval injustices against Jews, more Hitler, etc.   It’s funny that he cites Franz Boas as a savior of sorts, even though Boas has been thoroughly repudiated as a fraud.   He also engages in numerous logical fallacies, such as the one that since race is clinal it cannot exist (race is not always clinal (e.g. think oceans or mountain ranges) and many things are clinal and still exist).

Back to the repetitiveness.  In my quick reading of the short essay I counted at least 20 variations of the phrase “race does not exist,” often times back to back with another variation of the claim.  Here are samples:

– “race” is not a biological reality

– racial structure is not based on reality

– no biological reality to human race

– myth of race

– racist fallacies

– biological race in humans is nonexistent

– hypothetical “races”

– there are no races

– biological races do not exist

– races do not exist as a biological reality

– race is not a part of our biology


I think you get the point. When I began to focus on how repetitive the excerpt is, it dawned upon me that this is no “essay” but it is a religious catechism for New Creationism, the target audience being the believers (Cultural Marxists), with the hope of picking up a few new converts.   The obvious desperation of the piece leaves two possibilities.  Either the race-denying New Creationists are on their last legs, or soon we’ll have  full-blown Idiocracy.


Theden covers this as well.

Robert Wald Sussman

Robert Wald Sussman

New Creationism

New Creationism

15 thoughts on “Robert Wald Sussman’s religious catechism: “race does not exist”

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  2. All the creationists I know believe in HBD, which is to say, they recognize statistical differences between races. Some attribute it to having different generational blessings and curses going all the way back to the sons of Noah. Nearly all recognize the importance of ancestry and family and are simpatico with the Sailer view of races as massively extended, somewhat inbred families.

  3. It is not as simple as “Race does not exist”, but rather Race as we understand it, Race the cultural institution, is a fiction. The ways in which humans choose to subdivide the physical differences we construe as racial characteristics are subjective, historically and culturally contingent, and largely arbitrary. This includes the notion of three “races” on a hierarchical scale, categorized according to something as superficial as skin color, which is less than 400 years old and entirely a product of early modern European colonialism, a pseudoscience invented to justify slavery. There are many, many different ways to break down biological differences between ethnic groups used by scientists, and any of them would be more valid than “Race” as it is understood in our culture. It’s like organizing books on ones’ shelf into sections according to the color of the covers — makes no sense.

  4. Race is the result of patrilineal descent, as written in the Bible. Certain races bear the curses and blessings of their forebears. For example, Jewish people get all the good jobs, because they were given the blessing of prosperity. Certain people always have and still do attack certain people. These, of course are statistically en masse, not on an individual by individual basis.

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  6. It is preposterous that in this day and age, with all the technology and science available to everyone, that there are people so ignorant as to believe some idiot who says there is no such thing as race. Being a Christian or a Muslim, or being a Democrat or a Boy Scout…those are “social constructs”, race is a biological and physiological fact. It would indeed be absurd to make generalizations about people who have different color hair or eyes, because those things are superficial and have little if any bearing on personality. Race, on the other hand, is a significant and readily recognizable difference in human beings. A forensic anthroplogist can’t look at a thigh bone and tell if that person had blue eyes or brown hair, but he sure as hell can tell if it belonged to a Caucasian or an African. General assumptiions can be made based on race because of past history. If there is no difference between the races (because race supposedly doesn’t exist in the first place), then why are there no 12th century castles in sub- Saharan Africa? Why are there “Third World” countries? Somalia is not the way it is because of its geographic location, it is a Third World country because of the people who inhabit it. Move enough Somalis to Minnesota or Maine and those states will become just like Somalia. (Look at Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis,etc. for example.) It is not hatred to acknowledge differences in people’s capacity for civilization. Real hatred is in the form of hypocritical liars like Sussman who push this “no such thing as race” BS while, I’m quite sure, he is very concious of race when it comes to Israel. When the Sussman’s of the world start demanding that Israel start bringing in Somalis and Hmong tribesmen so they can experience “vibrant diversity”, then I’ll believe them. Diversity is just a codeword for White Genocide. Ditto “race doesn’t exist.”

  7. Let me be clear: I am not right wing but rather left leaning.
    What I would like to clear up are the misconceptions.
    We speak about biological races in wildlife to denote ecotypes determined by the environment.
    We speak about domestic races and these are determined by artificial selection.
    If you cross a great dane with another great dane you get a great dane and not a poodle.
    In the same way if you cross a blond, blue-eyed dane with another blond blue-eyed dane you don’t get an inuit or congolese pygmy.
    That’s how “race” is commonly understood.
    This has nothing to do with social constructs like “racism”. Racism introduces a notion of value and hierarchy between human races. This has nothing to do with the concept of biological race. One must not mix the two. Human races exist, albeit less and less as there is so much gene flow around the world.
    Racism is a despicable concept and should, of course, not exist.

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