Another #Cuckservative Cause: School Choice

In my original essay, “What is a Cuckservative?,” I failed to mention school choice, which is unfortunate as it really is a key cuckservative policy.

What is school choice?  It’s an idea championed by cuckservatives, which essentially, in its most popular form, involves a school-voucher system where students are able to use public tax money to attend private elementary or secondary schools.  For instance, the government would give a student at $10,000 voucher (which normally would go to a public school) to attend a private school

As one can easily discern, there is nothing too “free market”  about this concept, since it essentially entails private schools being financed by tax dollars, and school choice would eventually bring private schools under government regulation since the private schools would receive government funds.  But this won’t stop the cucks from supporting it.

In every single conversation I’ve ever had about school choice with GOP types, whenever I bring up the above problem, the same talking point always comes up:  “It would be great for blacks and Hispanics.  It would allow more of them to attend private schools.”

So, at last, you can see that this proposal is nothing more than status signaling by cuckservatives to those on their left: “See, look at us, we have diversity-promoting proposals too!”

The problem with school vouches?  Let’s see….

Most public schools across America have been completely devastated by hordes of unruly, low-IQ blacks and mestizos. The only refuge for many whites is either homeschooling or private schools.  Many have not the luxury for the former, so private schools are the only option.

Unfortunately, private schools today are unable by law to discriminate against students based on race.  (Interestingly, you don’t see cuckservatives today arguing for freedom of association for private organizations.)  Private schools, however,  can economically wall off the ghetto:  tuition.  Most blacks and mestizos cannot afford or do not want to pay private tuition.

Now, if you wanted to destroy the last vestiges of civility among primary education, what would be more efficient than smashing this economic wall?

Enter vouchers.  Vouchers in short:  We’ll give taxpayer money to violent, low-IQ blacks and mestizos so that they can go to private schools and destroy them too!

Only the most myopic fool would support such an idea – the cuckservative.


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14 thoughts on “Another #Cuckservative Cause: School Choice

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  3. A good friend who is now assistant headmaster at an elite prep academy told me once confidentially that he’s scared to death GOP will pass school vouchers as it would destroy his school — essentially transforming it into a ghetto public school.

  4. The answer is that any people that is truly free must have the right to discriminate in who they associate with. Based on whatever criteria they choose. Race, sex, religion, values, etc.

    To say otherwise is to control and coerce people and make them into entities.

    I don’t want diversity. Diversity is White Genocide. And if I choose to put my children in a white school than that is my free choice. Anything else is tyranny, Which is what we have in covert form.

  5. Two things may partially mitigate the demographic issue:
    1) Admissions tests that are essentially IQ tests would keep “elite” schools largely segregated unless administrators use heavy affirmative action as with colleges
    2) School vouchers may allow schools to raise tuition costs so the voucher would not be enough to cover tuition.

    The government meddling in private schools is a whole separate issue, but would be extremely unpopular on the state level for most of the country.

  6. It used to be the case that class insulated Whites from low IQ races: this policy erodes that. It used to be intellectual honesty: the curriculum is now diversocrappy propaganda. The only option to stop your children now seems to be geographical / rural isolation.

    But even then common core curricula ensures jewish brainwashing. So homeschooling is the only answer.

  7. Nothing to disagree with here in principle.
    Our state has a need/income based fund that will pay for private school. Since we have a large family and moderate income we qualify for this fund and have used it to get some of our kids into a private Christian school. I’ve only noticed one family of ghetto kids (the kids have those hair braids that look like turds on their head – wife calls them “doo-doo braids” – I assume this indicates their ghetto-ishness). Doo-doo braid kids really stand out in an Episcopal school where most of the kids are blond-haired and upper middle class.
    I’m not convinced that school vouchers will fill the private schools with orcs because blacks and Mexicans are too lazy to go through the little bit of effort to get them. That and they don’t really give a shit. And they often don’t read enough to even know about such things.
    There were very few of them in the charter school our older sons went to. Again, because of the basic level of effort required to get them in and also because you had to volunteer for 20 hours per student – “I ain’t doin’ that shit!!”
    I recommend that whites, particularly middle class ones take advantage of all the taxpayer provided “free-shit” they can to breed large families. Yes, I know that this goes against white middle class ethics but we should beat them at their own game and if we bankrupt the system, at least they won’t get it either.

    • Effort? Oh no! Those cuckservatives will pull the load for them! they will do the legwork to make sure that the “poor underserved community” has a social worker whose sole job it is to stuff these institutions full! Hell, its probably already earmarked in the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing proposal. Don’t you worry you little head, this work will be done for them just like everything else they can’t do!

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  9. I soured on the ”vouchers” meme years ago, and here’s a reason why:
    It was one of the ‘for-profit’ private colleges that has recently been stripped of it’s ability to use the federal student loan program – and because of that, it shut down.
    The reason given was fraud (as in quality of education and exaggerated claims of potential post-grad job placement), something that has also been claimed of several other ‘for-profit’ schools.
    These students are (chronologically) adults, have some degree of transferability of coursework and, because the school closed, CAN bankrupt the student debt.
    What becomes of a ”voucher” child sent to fraudulent ”private” school? Can the parents (or the child, once an adult) sue for educational malpractice? It wasn’t the parent’s or child’s money funding the voucher, it was the government’s, so likely not.
    Same with the physical/mental harm coming from a ”ghettoized” ”private” school (especially if it closes). Sovereign Immunity and all that, so little or no recourse available.

  10. From Amren:
    Short version, traditional Catholic school get a new headmaster. New honcho decides to remake the school as ”a basketball powerhouse”. What is 90% of the NBA? That’s right, Africans started attending in droves. Violence, sex, foul language all increased dramatically. Both education and church services became a disaster, and discipline became as bad as publik skools.
    But tune in to any talk radio show in Aug-Sept and what will you hear? The host singing the praises of private (and often specifically Catholic) schools and saying how vouchers will help students ”trapped” in publik skools.

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