Extreme Anti-White Tweets from #BlackLivesMatter Movement

For those in the know about human biodiversity, it comes as no surprise that multi-racial states lead to societal decay.  As Robert Putnam has demonstrated, the more racially diverse a neighborhood or organization is, the lower the social trust.  (For a more expanded reading list on this theme, see here.)

Add blacks into the equation (who have low average IQs and low impulse control), the situation becomes even worse.  Blacks have been told their entire lives that all their failures are due to some mysterious white magic called white racism, so now they angrily attribute all their failings to this magic.  The #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) movement illustrates this truth.

People on Twitter have been taking screen shots of various BLM activists, which run the usual litany of anti-white hatred.  Here they are:


CUXyQ_CUAAAy_Zf(The above tweet is allegedly from BLM organizer at Howard University)














And it’s not just blacks in the USA. Here are some other Tweets.

Here’s one from a Hindu Indian woman in the UK:

CUQnq48UsAA5GH5Here’s one from an Asian:

CUQvBFAUwAARJ_WFrom an African in France:


From an Arab at Arizona State:




Here is a collage that someone on Twitter made from the above tweets:



126 thoughts on “Extreme Anti-White Tweets from #BlackLivesMatter Movement

    • Your type and cmments are the reason why Black lives DONT matter! Your racist, a bigot, whose condoning violence and rape with obviously a 3rd grade education. How about this “Jamal,” Why don’t you get an education, learn how to type quit dating white girls and maybe what goes around comes around in your kids will get it(everything you condoned in those tweets), most likely by a racist black like yourself. And just maybe, my kids will be lucky enough that when they grow up, your kind will have exterminated yourselves by then. I’m basing this on fact, because 13% of the population(black) commits 50% of the homicides… the numbers don’t lie “hommie”

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    • The thing is, go check the stats, black men do rape 10 of thousand of white girls everyyear, but no white guy ever rape a black girl

      • Because black women are statistically the most unwanted race and gender. Yet they try to tell everyone how hot they are when every study shows most men have little to no attraction to those women.

      • Totally wrong dick head i was raped by three white niggers when i was only 10 i dont think no women should be raped no matter what and white men rape white women more than anything so what u saying look shit up before u talk and i called them white niggers because its not the color of ur skin its about the content of ur character

      • And asshole if black women are the most unwanted why are white women dying to be us now they want big lips and big butts and go tanning to have our features white men and women come up to me everyday all in my face about how beautiful i am so get over urself

  2. How over-the-top. BLM almost seems designed to stigmatize black identity movements in the same way that Neo-Nazis are used against whites. Perhaps the multicultural assault is coming to the left’s once favorite victim group (see: LGBT acceptance in Hip-Hop).

    • THe only thing wrong with this hit piece is there is no #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on any of this vile shit these stupid people have posted. There is no connection to Black Lives Matter except for the title to this bullshit article. I support BLM but if this was their platform I would disavow it in a heartbeat that that fake New Black Panther Party.

  3. Won’t find this on the evening news. Can’t slander these protesters by exposing them for what they really are, what with their noble cause for social justice.

    • Wouldn’t it matter if they were actually Black Lives Matter Protesters? Did you look at the tweets? I was looking for #BLM or #BlackLivesMatter somewhere and everyone of them had no reference to that movement. The only thing I see are a bunch of stupid people that appear to be Black making some of the dumbest comments on earth. But just because they are Black doesn’t make them Black Lives Matter Protesters. That’s like me taking some random racist tweets and saying look at the Trump Supporters.

  4. See this is why you shouldn’t be nice. The next time someone asks for money for Africa tell them to talk to the hand. White people didn’t need any help building Rome or America, and we don’t need any non-White ghetto trash now either.

      • Please. That’s the most ignorant statement I’ve ever read. What about the Chinese, the Irish, indentured servants? Quit acting like blacks are the only group to suffer. Whites have been enslaved just as long. Quit justifing the past as a way for the future. Go on….try for a rebuttal. I’ll wait

      • Yeah, we also used mules. And believe me we were much better off with the mules.
        There is more to building a country than picking cotton. Someone had to have the brains, and it sure wasn’t blacks.

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  6. The first twitter account is obviously a parody run by white supremacist swine such as yourself, so, there’s that. Given that you strike on on the first one, I’m not going to bother going through them each individually.

    • Of course you won’t. Leftists take literally any excuse whatsoever to ignore any challenges to their tissue paper ideology.

      It’s truly unfortunate the first tweet is a fake, and I hope the blog author removes it. The alt-right consistently has to be more principled precisely because of the radical left’s horrible intellectual dishonesty.

  7. They are serpent seeds. It is in their blood, to hate, mock, and seek to destroy, the Seed of Adam, Caucasian’s. Those who aid and help them, will share in their fate on the day of Judgement.

    • Melanism is heresy. ALL men are under the Adamic curse and, if any believe they or their race are an exception, they WILL be annhilated at judgment. Understanding the extent of the impact of sin is a nonnegotiable doctrine of true faith. Repent and believe the Gospel, that is Christ’s effectual death for sins of His sheep.

    • Lmao. Caucasians have been shooting up and burning black churches for decades. Hanging and burning black men, woman, and children. They use to even have parties where white people brought their kids to watch a black get hung and burned. But Caucasians are the victims.

      • My god, you are pitiful. I understand that is what your black studies taught you, but you have an obligation as a human being to use what ever intelligence you have to think long and hard about that. Give us some legitimate citations—you can’t, they don’t exist.
        If what you say is true, there would be no black people left in this country.
        Who do you think gave you affirmative action, that’s right—whitey.

        You are taught this evil non-sense so you will have a scapegoat for your own stupidity.
        Black people have a 75% illegitimacy rate. Black men commit crimes at an astronomical rate.
        The black community is dysfunctional and savage. This has nothing to do with white people, and everything to do with black ignorance.

  8. These people say that we are racist. Look at the vile crap they are saying about whites on these tweets. Black Lives Matter is not about unity, equality or any of the crap they preach about. They want special rights. I never supported this movement from the get-go, seeing that they always picked thugs as martyrs. But the #FuckParis hashtag and #Dartmouth was the final nail in the coffin. Black Lives Matter is irrelevant.

    • Crazy. Their excuse is seriously that every single one of these tweets are fake.

      BLM are not rational people, and no one on earth should be listening to a word they say.

    • Some love to spread hate. I don’t want to kill anyone and I don’t know of any black men who wake up in the morning wishing to kill white people or rape white women. It”s amazing as to how much effort is put into spewing these lies. Lower IQ’s? Intelligent people don’t create bs like this.

  9. I’m Indian (dot) and can say that Indians/Hindus are largely the most passive non-violent groups you’ll find in the West.

    The real problem with Indian lies with their (our) propensity for corruption. Indians have no problem engaging in bad business practices and cutting corners in order to thicken their wallet.

    Indians generally aren’t pro violence, you just happened to find an idiot who said something stupid and didn’t hide her identity in the process.

  10. Lots of “rape white bitches” lines. Shows how horny muslims and blacks are all the time. I have no sympathy with white women who get treated badly by their black or muslim boyfriends: they wanted it that way. You always hear that men are somehow superficial and only care for “tits and ass”, but women aren’t different: they want that exotic muslim or long black schlong just as badly, so the same could be said about women, too.

    In Europe we are already seeing lots of mixed-raced children (bastards, really; 30% of french births already have one parent from outside Europe). This basically means that what once was the french savoir-vivre will vanish, just like the high technical ability of germans will vanish and so on (muslims and blacks are rather bad at engineering). There will be nothing left that reminds us of being in France: it will just be another muslim or black country. You can’t take a muslim and turn him into a german, or a frenchman or englishman. A country is as good as its people.

    Would Japan with 80% blacks/muslims still be Japan? Of course not.

  11. It is time to show these people what we are really made of.We are a powerful race and if they don’t think so open up your history books it even has picture’s for the majority that can’t read. I am ready to fight for what is right and to secure a place for our people’s.

  12. they are 13 to 15 percent of the population why are we letting them rape our women and THINK they are over 50 percent, you know that’s what they think, maybe we should show them there aren’t as many of them as they think

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  14. I wish these mother fuckers would start some shit. You are a small pecent of humans”if you wanna call your selves that” that live in america. The whites, crackers,honkies, will rise up and fuck your shit up. You call us racist. Take a look in the mirror you ignorant fucks. Your the peoblem. Not what someones great, great, great, grandpa did 250 years ago. Unite as one human race. We have enough problems with the middle east coming here and destroying america. If you hate white people so much go back to africa and see how you like it. You take you freedom for granted. Go to the military see how much the world hate the united states of america. Hate mongers, assholes, literal pieces of shit live off my tax dollars till you die or go to jail. The way you talk tells me everything i need to know about you stupid fucks. Wake there are bigger fish to fry.

    • I wish y’all knew how stupid you sound when you say “go back to Africa”. How the fuck do you tell someone to go BACK to a place they’ve probably never been to?? If you can tell us to go back to Africa where our ancestors “may” have come from why don’t you go back to where your ancestors came from jackass.

  15. to all of you who want to rape wite women and kill us do you need directions to where i live well if so come to the desert would looove to see if you can talk the talk then try to back it up.i survived as a wite kid in the hood when the race war began at its zenith in houston tx.now i see all of you talking shit.well

  16. Most of these niggers don’t even believe their own bullshit. Whether its trash talk or shuck and jive its all bluster and no action. These niggers can be dangerous if you’re passive old young or female, but most lone White guys can brush them off unless they are in a hunting pack. I’m not underestimating these scum either. Real life experience has taught me how cowardly the pavement apes are in real life. They are reluctant to fight. They just want to beat down easy prey. These chicken shits will rarely if ever fight someone, they look for lone prey they can knock down. Notice how a whole pack scatters with one cop arriving. Gun up and these chickens will run all the way home or cry and beg like little girls.

  17. Good thing for us, none of them can shoot straight. We go to ranges and skill it out during deer season and like a thief in the night stalking hogs and take em out.

    Make yalls move lil blm……

  18. If you do a twitter search with combinations like white girls+rape or white girls+fat ass MF you will find a ton of dindus remarking on how they luvs the white women. Its an interesting insight into the mindset of these males. My impression is most of them are not getting the action from the white women they would want and are very frustrated. Its like they are kids in a candy store but cannot reach the counter to steal them some candy. Some of them remark on being rebuffed in the world when exchanging a glance with a white female, the pathetic creature then tweets his disdain hence “I am gonna have to rape dis bitch”. So funny if it weren’t so scary.

    • It’s very funny. I hope they rape the shit outta every one they see. I mean every white bitch secretly wants some dark meat anyway. Lord knows you whites are some short d**k mfers anyway. White hoes should be happy somebody want that raw ass meat between they legs.

      • How about the black boys with small d*cks? Don’t exclude them! You couldn’t handle the supreme white cock anyway monkey

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  21. So you cherry picked 35 of the worst from the hundreds of thousands that were sent out on related to #BLM. You found, possibly, 35 racist blacks and then try to paint the entire group of 38 million as all white-hating and secretly desiring to slaughter whites.
    Provide a proper study that demonstrates that level of hatred for whites among a higher percentage of black Americans than the expected 3% of sociopaths that all humanity has.
    Since 3% of humans are sociopaths you will find these kind of posts by blacks and whites and anyone that has hung out on Reddit or /pol/ can attest that you can find at least 35 kill black posts about raping women.

    A point you need to consider. Self-described black American’s have between 15 and 50% European genetics (typical 24%) with 19% of their Y ancestry from European men. How does that play into their violent tendencies? Are the most violent black men descended from European Y chromosomes?

    You have gone far in demonstrating tribalism and the treatment of outsiders.

  22. This is some bullshit. You just searched for bad tweets you have no way of proving these people are with Black Lives Matter. And if they are why don’t you search what the KKK is saying and been saying about black people. I know you only care about us but white people been racist since forever so fuck u

  23. Most of this seems to be deragatory towards woman… Looks like more of a sexism problem than anything. Then again, these are EXTREMES from the black lives matter movement. Quit giving extremes a platform, listen to the legitimate protestors who want equality. Let’s not act like the majority of African Americans feel this way, let’s actually listen to them and not discredit their movement.

  24. Well its on the Internet so it must be true. I mean it’s not like any Ole person can make a fake twitter post. all of these sound like they were done by a bitter ass white guy trying to ruin something and someone.

  25. Lying Ass people.
    BLM doesn’t deal in hate.
    This is probably a bunch of White Christians.
    Soon I believe you will receive exactly what you pray for.

  26. Racist af! He’s a french guy! NOT A FUCKING AFRICAN IN FRANCE? must have been written by a fucking white guy! So as he’s black he can’t be french he must be a AFRICAN guy in France hahahahha.

  27. I hate you guys, yall white people. I’m mixed but i wish i could be black every day. I used to think i was beautiful because i was the mix, the mix of two “races” and so i was lucky to have both sides but white people make you feel every day that you’re less than shit with the way they look at you, the way they talk to you, discrimination (not getting a job just because you’re not white), their racist jokes. I wish yall will suffer some day, the way black people did and still suffer.

    see y’all in hell 🙂

  28. All these racists are only good for talking shit on a computer because yall know well fuck you pussy ass crackas up real fast. Let Drump get yall riled up and see if I won’t break one of you bitches down. 💯

  29. Who cares? White people acting so threatened by BLM movement are fuckin absurd. you all must be damn insecure or running out of things to complain about in your own lives. I can assure you the future of the white man in America is looking quite alright. It’s everyone else who should be worried. Fuckin pathetic.

  30. White people have been threatening, burning, raping, shooting, and hanging blacks for centuries. A white kid shot up a black church not that long ago. I’m not justifying what these people are saying but this article makes it seem like white people are innocent and blacks have no reason to be upset about racism. So many whites in this country NEVER have anything good to say about blacks but get mad when you call them racist. Those are the low intelligence people with impulse control issues you have to worry. Those white people are the ones who kill innocent men woman and children in churches or schools.

    I’m tired of both races ignoring what they are doing wrong

  31. The whole reason for this site is excite ,white idiots with things said by black idiots ,and try to imply that those things posted represent all black people. Which is extremely ignorant.
    Also it’s supposed to help ,white idiots think their better,when they’re being used and played by the real white people.

  32. This title needed to be amended. It’s painting a false picture of what the movement is about. These are ignorant people using the hashtag for likes and they CLEARLY don’t understand how they are discrediting the movement.

  33. Sounds like the goat humpers (Arabs), chinks, rice gobblers, negros, and red dots are showing their collective asses again! Interesting that the “white man” is footing the bills for all these ingrates to have a forum to shout their ignorance from!

  34. The things I have read on here make me sick. If you put half the energy expelled fighting into actually trying to solve problems and mend fences we could really be on to something great. But hatred and misery is easy to do. Love and peace is truly the hard road.

  35. wow. you hear those anti-white tweets by the lack lives matter founder. I wonder what would have happened if a white person said that about doing the same thing to black. No wonder aliens don’t want to have nothing to do with our planet and species. I think what I deposit in the toilet has more brains than 99 percent of the population. People need to to practice their multiplication tables and improve on their English speaking skills so they don’t sound like they came from the ghetto. And don’t use slave talk.

  36. How are any of these related to the BLM movement besides the first one? There are no hashtags being used. And white people are notorious for creating fake accounts to push their narrative. And in the next 20 years, white people will be a minority, so all of the minorities that have been oppressed may choose vengeance…but on my time will tell.

  37. I see how dumb these people are on these comments. Most of these post show no affiliation with blm yet you people are so ready to spout racist and savage comments. This stuff is fake and only used to separate the races in America more and cause hate. Please think before you speak the things you say on the internet are there forever and if it gets traced back to you all it will only hurt you in the long run. Learn to spread peace and not hate.

  38. Kill all da white people then we all get da government jobs and live happily ever after ………. Oh wait , Dohh

  39. I am 100% of Middle Eastern descent and from what I am seeing blacks have been tickling the balls of the lion. Blacks talk all this hate and violence backed by sheer ignorance and emotion. I love black people (only the few decent ones that are not racist) but they are really pushing it. Eventually whites will wake up and wipe out all their enemies like they have been for centuries and centuries.

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