Russell Moore and the ERLC Exposed

Something rotten is happening with the ERLC (Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, a lobbyist organization of the Southern Baptist Convention) and its president, Russell Moore.   Throughout the latest presidential campaign, Russell Moore used the resources of the ERLC to viciously campaign against Donald Trump, while simultaneously, at least in the GOP primaries, to campaign on behalf of open-borders neocons Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.  Trump won, and now many Southern Baptists are calling Russell Moore to resign from the ERLC, thinking he has damaged their image.  (Nonetheless, Moore still has a vocal cheerleading squad of largely whiney beta males.)

In an email list I’m on, I recently found some very interesting gossip about Russell Moore.  For at least a couple years, Russell Moore has been criticized by many on the right.   His theology seems not far removed from liberation theology (Christian Cultural Marxism).  His real passion is the support of the Third World immigration invasion of the West and, it turns out, his open-borders Evangelical Immigration Table is actually funded by George Soros.  Nonetheless, the media love Moore, largely because he agrees with them on nearly everything, so they’ll use him as their “go to” “religious conservative” for sound bites in favor of Third World immigration or any of their other pet causes.

People within the field of theology have said that Russell Moore is not very bright. One hundreds years ago, a Protestant theology professor would be proficient in Greek, Latin and German (German to fully understand the Reformation).  Moore, I’m told, is largely historically and linguistically illiterate.  Moore, it has been said, seems to watch a bunch of television, absorb the Cultural Marxist values presented on television, and then read these values back into Christianity.  In some respects, he’s a more southern version of what Jim Jones was doing in the 1970s.

So, why was Moore chosen to head the ERLC?

This is where the story gets really interesting.  It turns out that the chairman of the ERLC, Ken Barbic, is in fact an open-borders, cheap-labor lobbyist for the ag-industry.  Furthermore, it seems that Ken Barbic was central in selecting Russell Moore to replace Richard Land as the head of the ERLC.

Let that sink in for a moment.  The ERLC, which is supposed to be devoted to pursuing religious liberty, is chaired by an open-borders, cheap labor lobbyist, who chose, for its president, another open-borders fanatic.  What does this have to do with religious liberty?  Do most Southern Baptists even know about this corruption?

Perhaps the ERLC should change its mission statement to: “For the express purpose of driving down American wages, draining social services, and making the USA a Third World wasteland though mass Third World immigration.”  This seems to be the real agenda of the ERLC.


As others have noted, the major divisions within Christianity are no longer Protestant vs Catholicism vs Orthodox, but rather Western Christianity vs Global-South Christianity.  In Africa and Latin America, new, non-Western forms of Christianity are quickly arising and, in many cases, they’re explicitly anti-white.  On the other hand, within the West, we’re witnessing the division between Cucked Christianity vs Uncucked Christianity.  Cucked Christianity largely entails white beta males, and some females, constantly virtue signaling about the need for Third World immigration, transracial adoption, etc.  Cucked Christianity, as you can imagine, contains mostly whiney, girly men.  Representative of this trend would be Pope Francis and, the subject of this post, Russell Moore.  Uncucked Christianity, however, entails Christianity at peace with reality, such as human biodiversity (HBD), ethnocentrism, and the ability for nations to repel the Third World immigration invasions.

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19 thoughts on “Russell Moore and the ERLC Exposed

  1. “It turns out that the chairman of the ERLC, Ken Barbic, is in fact an open-borders, cheap-labor lobbyist for the ag-industry. Furthermore, it seems that Ken Barbic was central in selecting Russell Moore to replace Richard Land as the head of the ERLC.”

    Mainstream Christianity today is one big scam.

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  3. Open-borders lobbyist Ken Barbic is pure evil. It’s pretty telling that he’s the chairman of the ERLC and was behind getting Cuck Moore. These people are all scum.

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  5. He also partnered with the Muslims so they could get a mosque built. I really hope he is put on blast, so many southern baptists have no idea this is how their tithe money is being used.

    • On what basis would you add the Patriarch? i’m sincerely interested. The Roman Catholic Church and mainstream Protestant denominations seem hopelessly cucked at this point–as this website as observed, Christianity is becoming loud, brown and obnoxious. I don’t know whether Christianity itself is beyond redemption, or whether there is hope for a more muscular Christianity with the various national Orthodox churches. Vladimir Putin seems quite active in and with the Russian Orthodox Church, so perhaps its leaders are willing to take a stand with white people. I’ve wondered about the Roman Catholic bishops of countries such as Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, whose leaders at least are willing to stand up to Berlin and Brussels, but I’ve heard they’re as hopeless as the present Pople, and that’s hopeless indeed. I’d like to think that there’s some hope in Christianity as I don’t consider neo-paganism very viable. Any information you have will be appreciated.

      • Well, the patriarch is different from Putin. There are lots of liberal eastern orthodox like Frank Schaeffer, the son of the late Francis Schaeffer.

  6. The “churches” are just Temples of Mammon. Judas is their role model, not Jesus Christ. That false morality is thirty pieces of silver, leave some money in the plate. They don’t give two shits about these dumb brown heathens. Its all loud screams and book waving, followed by whoring with the ill gotten moola. Jimmy Swaggert and the PTL Israel Lobby is a textbook example of the Temple of Mammon fakers.

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  12. Our church sent a letter and petition calling for the replacement of Dr. Moore to all 34 trustees of the ERLC last week.. It appears that Barbic is a large part of the problem and the lack of intestinal fortitude displayed by Frank Page in dealing with the issues makes a cure from within seem pretty hopeless. Is it time for the churches that see the problem to take the same step the Southern Baptist churches did in 1845? I am certainly ready for it.

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