Is Contemporary Christianity a Suicide Cult?

Although I’m not very religious, religion interests me, especially the current trajectory of Christianity in the West.  What I mean here is mainstream Christianity in the United States and Europe, not non-Western Christianity such as the rise of black or mestizo Christianity that one finds in the Global South nor the small pockets of Uncucked Christianity one might find.   The Christianity I’m referencing here is mainstream and practiced almost exclusively by white people:  We’ll call it Cucked Christianity.

As I and many others have noted, this Cucked Christianity is fast becoming a suicide cult. Here are some recent examples:

  • Christian cucks basically support the Third World immigration and refugee invasion of their own countries.  Literally.  Some of them even wear “Refugees Welcome” t-shirts and make SJWs look masculine.  Granted, some of them, like hustler Russell Moore whose Evangelical Immigration Table is funded by George Soros, have economic incentives, but a good many of them are dong it just for the sake of empty virtue signaling.  And all these people are inconsistent; as someone noted in an email list, “None of them would criticize Israel for building a wall, refusing Syrian refugees, or deporting African immigrants,” but they have no problem condemning their own countries to Third World status.
  • Cucked Christians have become obsessed with this notion of all people being “image bearers”.  Their flawed logic goes that all people have the image of God so therefore it’s wrong to deport immigrants, refuse refugees,etc.  By this cucked logic, anyone promoting self-preservation, in fact anything other than ethnomasocism, is wrong because it might hurt the person or feelz of an image bearer.
  • Cucked Christians recently have become obsessed with this Cultural Marxist notion of ‘racial reconciliation‘ which essentially amounts to whites promoting their own dispossession.  You literally have white cucks criticizing churches for being “too white”; yet, these same cucks would never criticize Israel for being too Jewish or Ashkenazi, nor a black church for being too black.
  • Cucked Christians have recently tied the pro-life movement to the support of Third World immigration.  In this version, to be pro-life one must support the Third World immigration invasion of his own lands.  For example, cuckservative Cardinal Timothy Dolan recently told a crowd that unless they support the Third World immigration invasion of the West, they are not pro-life.  Coupling pro-life with immigration probably signals the last gasp of the pro-life movement.
  • Cucked Christians are basically telling white people not to make white babies but to adopt black or mestizo babies instead.  This is literal cuckoldry, which is unhealthy.

How did we get here?  How has contemporary mainstream Christianity become such a suicide cult?

I mean, just over a thousand years ago when a Moorish invasion of Charlemagne’s kingdom was taking place, Christians do not hesitate to take up arms and repel the invaders.  Today, Cucked Christians welcome the invaders.  What happened?

Here’s my brief theory:

Women are more religious than men.  For the past few hundred years, church attendance, for all denominations, has been higher for women than men.   Nonetheless, the leadership of said churches was by men.  And until recently, because Christianity still had prestige, you would get more normal men in church leadership positions.  However, over the past 75 years or so, a selection process has been taking place.  As Christianity lost prestige, more normal, healthy men have moved along to other pastures and forsaken any interest in church leadership positions.  As a result, the entire apparatus of Western Christianity has largely been overtaken by beta girly men.  Today you have a bunch of beta males, often literal cuckolds, who incessantly whine like little pansies:  “Welcome the stranger.”  “You’re deporting an image bearer.”  “Racial reconciliation means for your next kid, consider transracial adoption.”

My hunch is that these new leaders have bad genes for self-preservation.   In a normal, healthy society, they might have jobs as caregivers, but they certainly wouldn’t be given the keys to the kingdom or have any say in politics.  The fact that these people now hold positions of power does not bode well.

In terms of sociobiology, the current trend of Cucked Christianity is not healthy, i.e. adaptive.  And this maladaptive behavior cannot last forever.  Does it mean that end of Christianity in the West, or will a newer, uncucked form of Christianity rise to replace it?


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17 thoughts on “Is Contemporary Christianity a Suicide Cult?

  1. If contemporary Christianity were not so cucked, you probably wouldn’t have so many young conservatives converting to neo-paganism (asatru folk assembly).

  2. Christianity in its current western form is toast.

    When a masculine space feminises, that space is doomed. I think Islam will gain popularity, but its a passing wave…western culture will infect Islam with the feminist culture poison too. Neo Paganism is non-starter. Buddhism will grow greatly. but only as a kind of toy religion.

    I think a new form of christianity will arise on the fringes in response to islamisation and africanisation, something simplified, militant, austere and oppositional to multiculturalism. It will mix in some environmentalism, some pagan influences and possess a distinct ethno-religious flavour.

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  5. Good theory. I think it’s true. I only wanted to disagree on a detail. It is not that women are more religious. It is that Western Christianity has been femininized from the 12th century on (other Churches are masculine). Read “The Church Impotent” by Poodles (it is freely available online)

  6. It’s a shame you can’t solicit demographic data with the poll.

    Example: I was a Christian, but left over “universal love,” which contradicts scripture. That eventually led to atheism.

  7. When you ask does this mean the end of Christianity in the West, or will a newer, uncucked form of Christianity rise to replace it, my approach to Christianity, and religion is general, is
    that virtually everyone defines God as a spiritual principle, definition, or experience, and not as a material or supermaterial Thing or Things.

    I believe a conservatism or tradition that accepts Godhood—which has been dying at least since the Enlightenment—can prevail only if Godhood is transformed from a non-material principle to an actual material or supermaterial thing-in-itself, or highly evolved object or objects.

    The Twofold Path in theological materialism retains the old non-material principle or experience of God or the Father in the Inward Path, while affirming and transforming the Inward Path in the Outward Path of material evolution toward the supermaterial object, or objects, of real Godhood.

    Life, religion, culture need not fade away on earth, as they have been doing. And we can eventually move out into the cosmos as we evolve toward Godhood. A new sacred Mass can be written affirming the Twofold Path.

    Politically this points toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, where some sort of federalism can protect independent ethnostates and assure the freedom of our natural ethnocentric and group-selecting human nature. This balanced structure could even be accommodated by the separation of powers and states in the U.S. Constitution, with perhaps a few amendments.

  8. How has Christianity come to be for the Tower of Babel: it is not Christianity.

    I wrote this letter to my minister:


    “I have sat in church and asked: Why is this church so conspicuously silent on these issues?? Others church as negligent as well.

    Freedom of speech, outright legal persecution of Christians in North American, censorship, social justice: ‘equality’ as envy justified, anti-Christian policies and behaviors in Canada and North America, White genocide, and issues of racial identity with respect to the Christian church and societies.

    How this affects societies, and destroys them, relativizes them.

    Yes, these are Christian issues, and the Presbyterian church has not, perhaps in its current form it cannot, address them — instead they have dodged them, lied about them, and politicized them in their own fashion.

    Christian churches have chosen a new ‘god’: Canadian Christians have been voting to transfer wealth and power to a big secular government.

    Many Christians are angry at this negligence by the church.

    Embarrassed also. To see a church with the displays of Christianity, increasing ostentatious, but not the spirit; a feminized church that cannot address these issues, for it has no ability to understand anger and conflict as anything but evil and unsocial. Hence the weak ties in the church.

    There are so many examples of serious repression of Christians in Canada — why the selective silence? And indeed it is selective.”

  9. “None of them would criticize Israel for building a wall, refusing Syrian refugees, or deporting African immigrants,” but they have no problem condemning their own countries to Third World status.”

    I don’t know about the “cucked Christians” you talk about – from what I read, contrary to what you imply, plenty of them have adopted the Left’s anti-Israel obsession – but the Left, including leftist Jewish organizations, regularly condemn Netanyahu for the wall and deporting the African vagrants, who are mascots of the self-hating Israeli (Jewish) Left and Israel’s corrupt, despotic leftist judiciary.

  10. Jews are not descendants of Jacob / Isreal , the Jew is descended from Esau and have always hated the white Isrealite nations and peoples. To see a real life example of weak minded “christian cuckoldry” – Please watch the youtube “Southern Isrealite” and his video about Brian Moonan. Brian insists on white Isrealite nations and peoples genocide themselves, in total agreement with the Jews and Satan, by infesting them with beastly savages who only come to destroy.
    White Genocide. Nothing worse than christian cucks, they will always pervert the Bible.

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  12. President Trump & I have a lot in common. Both of us are badass & both our mothers spoke Gaelic / Gallic as a 1st language!!!

  13. Phillip Jenkins has written several books about the coming “southern” Christianity that will emerge mainly from Africa by 2050. He notes that Christianity in Africa is very syncretic, meaning that it is incorporating many African customs that pre-date or are external to Christianity. We can call it Christianity with African characteristics, kind of like socialism with Chinese characteristics. Of course this Christianity with African characteristics will be unrecognizable to mid 20th century Christianity of the boomers’ childhoods.

    Consider that Sub-Saharan Africa is now the only major region of the world that has above replacement fertility (even Muslim fertility is in a Europe-like decline).

  14. The Roman Church was split and then severed from God. Divide and Conquer, nothing else. There is no “Christian” Church. The Catholic or Universalist Global Heresy has replaced it. Be all things to all people, is the boldest and most obvious lie of the (((enemy))). When you lower the standards all the boats sink.
    The “Christians” in the brown World are “Christian” in name only. They have replaced their dark idols with Plastic Fake Christian ones. The black jesus like the black santa is a sorry ass imitator that has none of the White Attributes. Whether black jesus or santa meurta, its hardly Christian as in New Testament. Its Damballah Wedo as the White Debil.
    They are now little more than Temples of Mammon. Give your gold they say. Hookers and Booze are what these fake preachers want to get. Save your soul and stay away from these idolators that ask for monies to feed the poor. The poor will always be with us. They better be White.

  15. The Weather Underground types made a conscious decision to start infiltrating institutions from within. The churches are one of their fronts. They’ve been largely successful in many areas. If their program is sucessful here, the churches will be shut down, and the pastors will be the first in line to be executed or imprisoned. The fact that the pastors will have brought about their own demise will only be seen as poetic justice to the overlords of the SJWs.

  16. I believe the next great sacred mythic theme for the next great civilization is the evolution of material life to supermaterial Godhood which will require the cooperation of a long-term culture and civilization.

    This is the material/supermaterial Godhood of material life and evolution, this is not the spiritual non-material idea or ascetic experience of God. That first gnostic/religious glimpse of God can be retained but transformed in theological materialism. A great art and great culture, a great total civilization can rise out of this religious/scientific, sacred, mythic worldview, worthy of man and future man. The great Christian and scientific Western ethos can be synthesized with the sacred goal of life evolving in the material world on earth and out in to the cosmos toward supermaterial Godhood.

    This sacred materialism is a world theme but it is also a deeply Western theme, and the defense of the West remains a principle concern. The East, led by Russia, has for the present, sunk back into the Traditionalist School which basically hates materialism, aggressively hates the West, hates science, but nevertheless seeks another form of orthodox imperialism. That is not a healthy theme for future man or future civilization, and it will not bring us to real Godhood.

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