…and when he’s wrong, he’s wrong.

Since Vox Day discovered the existence of Jordan Peterson, a few months ago, he must have posted about a thousand attacks on the guy, sometimes working himself up into a frenzy where he more or less accuses Peterson of cannibalism and/or satan-worship.

Earth to Vox Day: give it a rest, already.

Yes, politically speaking, Peterson seems to be pretty much a standard-issue liberal, much like, say, Jonathan Haidt or Stephen Pinker.

And no, religiously speaking, he’s not a believing Christian.

But then, who is, these days?

Pope Francis? LOL.

You? Theodore Robert Beale? ROTFLOL.

There’s so much ammunition in your posting history, Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros would  have you toasting on the grill faster than you can say “heresiarch.”

Anyway, Peterson has been punching in the right direction, lately.

I hope he keeps it up.


12 thoughts on “…and when he’s wrong, he’s wrong.

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  2. Maybe he does seem a bit obsessed about it, but I think Vox focuses on him because many on the right mistake JP for a man of the right because he does punch in that direction as you say. I have had only minimal exposure to JP so can’t really say one way or the other.

    • Steve – it’s when he gets into this whole “controlled opposition” business that VD really starts looking like a nut. Remember the name of this blog? It’s “Occam’s Razor.” Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily. There’s no conspiracy here. Jordan Peterson is exactly what he appears to be: a man of the moderate left, and a charismatic teacher, very quick on his feet, who finally got pushed too far.

      • To be fair, i don’t think he really considers JP “controlled” as in a deliberate plant of some sort, rather, the left anoints JP as the “opposition” in a straw-man sense. JP is what the Left wants the opposition to be, and more importantly, what they want normies to accept as respectable opposition.

      • Well, possibly, but I think Richard Spencer is closer to “what the Left wants the opposition to be” – i.e., somebody they can easily tar as a “neo-Nazi” because of his silly “hail victory” act.

        Does the Left “want normies to accept [JP] as respectable opposition?” Honestly, I think that’s giving them too much credit. I think they genuinely hate and fear him – because he’s so close to being one of them, but then he balked. So he’s an apostate – far more dangerous than a mere heretic.

      • Peterson has openly expressed a desire to divert angry young men away from real opposition to the enemy- which at the very least requires engaging with neoreaction or some sort of ‘Patriot Prayer’ type group- and have them waste their time working for the enemy.

        I don’t care that Peterson rejects National Socialism and other paths forward, any more than I care about any other supercilious jackass rejecting National Socialism. I care that he is attempting to make young men waste their lives chasing individualist nonsense.

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  4. Hey, Zippy – there’s so much reactionary goodness available on the internet, these days, that I rarely feel like I have much extra value to contribute – and, besides, I’m hopelessly lazy. It’s so much easier to check in at Unz.com and leave the odd comment here or there than to write my own blog posts – just as it’s easier to play my stereo than my ‘cello!

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