Cinderella at the Mikhailovsky

Sorry, this is a really self-indulgent post, but I just can’t contain myself…think of it as an addendum to Go East, Old Man, below.

The current production of Prokofiev’s ballet Cinderella at the Mikhailovsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg is absolutely magical – the sort of thing that even a fairly jaded opera & ballet-goer like me dreams about. I had hoped to go last March, but due to a scheduling conflict ended up giving my tickets away. So only last night did I finally make it.

Gorgeous sets & costumes, wonderful performance from the orchestra, amazing dancing (as one would expect at the Mikhailovsky) and, last but not least, truly brilliant use of digital effects – swirling autumn leaves in the foreground, fountains & fireworks in the background…I’ve seen this sort of thing attempted before, but never with such complete success.

Prokofiev’s score is, of course, a little more “modernistic” than Tchaikovsky’s ballets, which might deter a few particularly cautious folks, but it’s full of memorable tunes, and, believe me, grows on you with repeated listening.

Unfortunately, the few remaining seats for the last three days of the season are prohibitively expensive. – but it’s back in September.

Can’t wait to see it again.

Dissident Righter’s take note: Russia today is a place you really need to experience.

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