Vox Day is obsessed.

He just can’t wait to side with an aggressive atheist against Jordan Peterson:


I mean, how weird is that?

Needless to say, comments are not allowed, on his site, except from registered toadies.


13 thoughts on “Vox Day is obsessed.

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  2. Vox Day follows a predictable pattern of shifting or emphasizing views depending on who he is quarreling with at the moment. Right now his target is Jordan Peterson and he has decided blasphemy laws are a good idea (wonder when he’ll flip-flop back to advocating free speech). Before that he was against Andrew Anglin and those he dubbed “fake right,” a moniker that to him included “Platonists” and “imperialists.” Further back he was pushing this self-serving dichotomy of Alt-West vs. Alt-White. At one point Norman Borlaug was called a monster.

    Write him off as entertainment and be done with it.

    • Yeah, his whole anti- Plato thing was pretty strange.

      And when he gets all excited about Japanese Girl Bands…I mean, what can one say?

      Still, he *is* entertaining – which is more than one can say for most of what’s going on at NRO, these days.

  3. 1) you’re exhibiting gamma rage
    2) you just have a high enough IQ to understand this
    3) I’m not going to argue with you

    See? It’s just like being on his site!

    I used to read Vox Day more but he has gotten weirder over time. I can tolerate a certain amount of odd, but i suspect he believes a lot of stuff that he believes because it’s stark not because it’s true, but hey it’s not like I know the guy.

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  5. Actually, comments are allowed, but he maintains an extensive banned list.

    He is a major voice in the alt-right movement.

    • @bob sykes – it’s because he’s such a major voice in the “alt-right movement” that I worry so much about VD’s foibles. I’m thinking the Z Man is coming closer to getting everything right, these days, without all the baggage.

  6. Comments are allowed on his site.

    And Jordan Peterson clearly is lying about many things and deliberately avoids certain topics on the right.

    He is a leftist and globalist by his own admission. He wants to temper down the most crazy left ONLY so that NDP type leftism can continue

    I respected him at first, but he;s lying now, and censoring too. Just ask Faith Goldy among others.

    • Vox allows comments with registration. I haven’t bothered though I used to post with some regularity . These days I prefer the Z Man and fit better too being not very religious.

      I’d describe Day as very devout, almost fanatical old style Christian with a smidgen of the geeky artiste’s weirdness from his days in the techno and computer game scenes hence J-Pop , table top role-playing games and the like showing up

      Everything he does is predicated around his beliefs as a Christian This includes his attacks on Peterson

      Now I’ve seen nearly every Peterson video out there and at least skimmed his book. From what I can tell Peterson by his own words, a physical coward the UN’s shrink and controlled opposition and a bit of a messianic personality on top of that. He also smart as hell but alas He also has no moral code to speak of, no faith

      His system of functionality for life is suitable for low IQ people, a nut house or children not a free people. Make you bed and take your pills, two of his twelve rules are fine but any 8 year old knows that stuff.

      He still has value but in real terms, J.P is an obstacle to higher understanding. Better than nothing, of value to the broken but not needed by the healthy

      why people like him is he seems to be a politely Canadian way out of the current mess.

      There is no nice way out like that, its going to be ugly since its a religious war (Leftism vs Christianity basically) with people in the center and right not wanting to bring a religion or faith. Common to a war like this without one is like bringing a Nerf sword to a battle.

      As for public blasphemy laws. I am starting to think we should bring them back . To use an old case,back from 1987 a piece of trash art by Andrea Cerrano called P*ss Chr*st which was a crucifix soaked in urine

      Now if he wanted this filth in his private home, its not my business nor yours but it was in a publicly funded museum

      Anyone with any morals would know better and the proper response to people who undermine and subvert the social fabric that way is jail time and lots of it for public display of such things. Repeat offenders get the gallows

      Otherwise you will be subverted and undermined at every opportunity and I’d rather live in authoritarian Christian state than what the Left will bring any time.

      • *I’d describe Day as very devout, almost fanatical old style Christian*

        Are you at all familiar with my erstwhile co-bloggers, Lydia McGrew (protestant), Daniel Larison (orthodox) & Edward Feser (catholic)? Now *those* three are what I’d call “devout, almost fanatical old style Christians.” And they could barely stand one another – let alone the aggressively heretical Vox Day.

        There are other interesting things in your comment, but let’s keep it to one thing at a time.

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