thezman vs libertarianism


…is quite interesting, and well worth a listen.

Throughout the podcast, thezman excoriates libertarians for their unrealistic beliefs about human nature – and, mostly, I find myself nodding along in more-or-less, sorta/kinda agreement.

But then, at 55:00, he comes out with this:

“The fundamental drive of human beings is reproduction – like every other living thing on this planet. And, for social animals like us, that quickly scales up to wanting to preserve and advance our people. We want the people who look like us, who sound like us, who love the things that we love, who hate the things that we hate, we want those people to be successful. You know, they’re our people, they’re us. That’s why group loyalty is as old as man. It’s in our nature.”

Almost every sentence, here, seems to me every bit as unrealistic as the libertarian fantasies he’s just been criticizing.

Before getting into the weeds with a word by word critique – just plug in “Swedes” for “human beings” in the above, and see how far you can get before you begin to doubt.

9 thoughts on “thezman vs libertarianism

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  3. I think he means tribalism. Can’t get around it. It’s the reason why diversity always fails. I wonder why most of us think that it’s a strength. I suppose because it’s been drummed into our skulls for so many years.

  4. Maybe Swedes isn’t the best substitution. They are a deracinated people, and their culture is circling the drain.

    Diversity is nonsense; libertarianism is nonsense; tribalism is real.

  5. “They [the Swedes] are a deracinated people, and their culture is circling the drain.”

    Well, yeah.

    Please let me know if & when you come across a white ethnic group that seems the least bit “driven” by the reproductive imperative.

    • Nearly every white guy I ever knew was seriously interested in “getting some” as often as possible while at the same time avoiding reproduction. The reproduction imperative must therefore be buried deep within, well beneath conscious thought.

    • I am driven by a desire to reproduce. So too are many of the white men and women I know. Most men (and by that I mean red-blooded men, not autistic soy boys) when they are honest will say that they want kids, or more kids than they have if they have only one or two. When you ask them why they have not, if they are honest, their answers are typically one of three things. Either they have not found a woman they would trust enough with whom to settle down and have kids, they cannot afford a decent standard of living for more children (or sometimes the ones they have), or they are divorced and are being financially raped by their exes with an assist from the family court system. Most men, even us pale fellows, want to reproduce. There are artificial constraints like a flooded labor market, overpriced real estate market, and distorted divorce industry that prevent or diminish the drive.

      Even in libtard shitholes like Sweden, the birthrate is not evenly distributed. You will find some people with three or more kids and a bunch with none. Guess which ones are libtards and which ones are normal.

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