Vox Day vs David Cole


…strikes me as mostly right.

I was living just a couple of miles down the road, in Venice, California, when the McMartin pre-school story broke, way back in 1983. What was done to those poor innocent people can never be forgiven.


…on the other hand, strikes me as mostly wrong. I mean, c’mon. If you’ve got serious evidence of criminal wrong-doing, let’s see it.

6 thoughts on “Vox Day vs David Cole

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  2. I agree that real evidence should be provided if it exists, and this satanic panic on the right makes most of the dissident right look like hysterics.
    That being said, I’m sure you’re well acquainted with the Rotherham case in England, an example of widespread collusion at all levels of law enforcement and media to cover up and excuse a decades long scandal involving Muslims and the thousands of white girls they raped and prostituted.
    Jimmy Savile is another shining example that I’m sure you’re aware of.
    The cardinal Mccarrick scandal that is unfolding is yet another example. For those not in the know, Mccarick is a cardinal in the catholic church who has been quietly sodomizing underage boys for decades, and was part of a lavender mafia that reaches to the highest levels of the church hierarchy and participated in covering up for hundreds of abusive priests and bishops as they raped literally thousands of adolescents.
    In almost all of the cases that have come to light, the local police refused to press charges or even investigate claims of abuse. Local and national political figures knew what was going on and remained silent. This has been going on since prior to WWII.
    There were, and probably still are, networks of pedophiliac priests who covered for each other and raped boys together, and used the social and political power of the church to cover their tracks, with the full knowledge of law enforcement.
    Aspects of this were exposed in the first real media response in the early aughts. The church has literally doled out billions in out of court settlements over the decades.
    This is all coming out now. Reading the details is not for the weak of heart. It’s a serious crisis in the catholic church at the moment. Read Rod Dreher for a more detailed analysis.
    So, while I agree that we shouldn’t jump the gun and hitch our wagons to the satanic panic, the reality is that institutionalized networks of abusers can operate for decades with the tacit approval of law enforcement and elected officials.
    It isn’t that far fetched to believe a sewer like Hollywood could be harboring a few pedophiles who use their wealth to cover their asses.

    • Agreed on Rotherham – but we all know what was going on there: lower class white girls, growing up in an amoral environment, exploited by protected minorities, while p.c. cops look the other way, for fear of being called racists.

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