Derbyshire Doubles Down

John Derbyshire got a lot of grief, in comments at Unz, over last week’s Radio Derb. Most of it well-deserved, I think.

This week, he doubles down:

July Diary

I mean, here’s a guy who was (like so many of us) completely made a fool of by Western “intelligence” agencies in the run-up to the Iraq War – and here he is, fifteen years on, trusting their word on the Skripal case – and calling anybody with doubts a “pro-Putin troll.”

And then it’s off to the races, citing lefty NGO’s like “Transparency International” and “Freedom House” (both of which would ban him at the earliest opportunity!) in support of his judgments about corruption & freedom in Russia.

I guess you can take The Derb out of The National Review, but you can’t take The National Review out of The Derb.

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