Are Jews natural race realists?

The question whether Jews are natural race realists might seem odd to some considering that Jews, since the 1950s, have been at the forefront of promoting the “race is a social construct” myth.  In fact, Jews today, following the lead of people like Franz Boas and Israel Ehrenberg (aka Ashley Montagu), have almost single-handedly transformed the social sciences away from Darwinian models toward black-slatist / race-does-not-exist models.

But things were not always this way.  Prior to WWII, Jews (and by ‘Jews’ I mean mostly Ashkenazis) were some of the most adamant race realists.   Mitchell B. Hart’s 2011 book by Brandeis University Press, Jews and Race: Writings on Identity and Difference, 1880 – 1940 (reviewed here), shows that Jews, prior to WWII, overwhelmingly believed in the reality and importance of racial differences.  Even Franz Boas, who later would promote the “race is a social construct” myth, early on believed in the hardwired reality of racial differences.

So what happened?  In short, WWII happened, whereafter Jews decided race realism was bad for Jews and began to promote race denialism.  Israel Ehrenberg (aka Ashley Montagu) and others even muscled the United Nations into declaring that race isn’t biologically real.

But things aren’t so simple.   Although Jews today prescribe race denialism for the West, in Israel they are the ultimate race realists and ethno-nationalists.  For instance, not only do Israelis deport and sterilize African immigrants, but they also practice eugenics (in the form of genetic testing of potential mates to avoid hereditary disease).  And such a double-standard is the norm among American academics, where anthropologists like Jonathan Marks & Alan Goodman stir up lynch mobs against goys (such as Nicholas Wade) who argue for the general truth of human biodiversity, but they themselves are rather silent on Israel.

Although the acknowledgement of this double-standard  a decade ago was limited to the fringes, awareness is becoming more mainstream.   For instance, Ann Coulter recently wrote a syndicated op-ed criticizing the casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson for supporting tough immigration laws for Israel but open-borders and amnesty for the USA.  And there are hundreds of similar blog posts floating around the web.  Twitter is awash with tweets about Israeli ethno-nationalism.  Even this week there was a protest in Israel against African immigration, where the Israelis were chanting, “Niggers, go home!,” which gained a lot of attention on Twitter.

My guess is that Jews naturally believe in HBD and naturally are very ethnocentric, but are terrified at the idea of white gentiles believing in HBD and being ethnocentric.  But what is important here is the “natural inclination”.  If race realism is the natural inclination of Ashkenazis and post-WWII race denialism an aberration, will Jews come back around?  Will the adamant ethno-nationalism of Israel force them to once again publicly acknowledge race realism?

Perhaps for some.  Others might just go ahead and deny race realism for and denounce Israel.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens.


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The Neocon war against the West

I rarely read neocon Jennifer Rubin‘s drivel but took interest in a couple of her recent articles denouncing “racists” and plugging for mass immigration for the USA.

It got me to thinking about the immigration policy of Israel.  Let’s see.

– Israel supports the deportation of Africans from Israel.

– Israel supports the forced sterilization of Africans living in Israel.

– Israelis won’t even share a swimming pool with Africans.

– Israel wants to protect the wages of Israelis, and doesn’t want them driven down by mass immigration from Africa.

If Rubin cares so much about “racism,” why doesn’t she write about these “injustices”?

Of course, Rubin won’t ever denounce these sensible policies by Israel, but she’ll continue to produce op-ed after op-ed supporting mass immigration into the West and denouncing whites as being “racists.”

Why does Rubin support sound policy for Israel but mass immigration for the USA and Europe?  Why does Rubin want to see the West transformed into a Third World sewer?

One can’t help but wonder that Jennifer Rubin and her ilk are the true enemies of the West.


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The Laws of the Cathedral. Obey or Perish!

The Laws of the Cathedral

“Those who do not heed these laws should be cast out of society and hunted down like  witches.” – The lost scroll of Universalis, 1974 CE

In the days of New, the god Universalis descended upon the world.  It (for Universalis transcends gender, race, and creed) saw human nature, saw human nature was evil, and decided to set things anew.  Universalis forthright sought to amend human nature, to turn the world upon its head, and thus laid down the Laws of the Cathedral.  “Lo and behold,” said Universalis.  “These are the laws.  I am the lawgiver.  Obey these decrees or suffer humiliation, disgrace and punishment.”

I.  Human Nature, Science, Evolution

A.  Human nature is a blank slate to be written upon by the Laws of the Cathedral.

B.  Evolution exists but only insofar as it is a club to beat up on religion.  Otherwise, the logical conclusions of evolution (such as meaningful racial or gender differences) must be silenced.  All group differences must be ignored.  No cognitive or behavioral differences between groups exist; evolution occurred only from the neck down.

C.  Homosexuality has a genetic cause but only homosexuality is heritable.  Everything else (like violence, intelligence or stupidity) is the result of culture.

D.  Race does not exist…except when it does.  For non-whites, racial pride, racial resentment, racial organization and the excuse of racism for all their failings are permissible.  For whites, race does not exist; it is a cultural construct.  Behaviorally and cognitively, all races are identical.  Remember the decree:  neck down!

E.  Gender does not exist in any meaningful way.  There are no substantial differences between the genders because, well, they don’t really exist…except when they do.  Feminism is permissible, but that’s it. Behaviorally, genders are identical.  Remember the decree:  neck down!

II.  Politics and Political Organization

A.  Democracy and only democracy is acceptable — and it must be based upon an American model replete with fast food, regime change, and globalization.

B.  Real power must never be discussed, especially the disproportionate power of one small, particularly powerful group of genetically related people.  In fact, these people shouldn’t even be discussed, let alone named, so let it be decreed that they be called the Unnamed.

C.  Immigration is bad for certain nations (like a small enclave in located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean but should never be named in this context, and the people of this unnamed nation, Universalis decrees, are permitted to sterilize and deport undesirables).  For Western nations, however, immigration is a gift of Universalis.  To question its good is to partake of evil itself. Open your borders to the teeming hordes of Gondwanaland or suffer the wrath of Universalis!

D.  Europe and Western Civilization in general, and white people in particular, are responsible for most of the world’s ills and should almost always be discussed in derogatory terms.  The racial organization of these people is never, never, never allowed. Capiche?

E.  War is bad, well, unless it’s used to crush dissenters who in some way oppose the Laws of the Cathedral; then, war is liberation.  People are thirsty for freedom and some people hate the Cathedral for the freedom it offers.

D.  Progress is good, unless it involves evil concepts like eugenics or the notion that some races are better adapted to civilization, then the Noble Savage is good.

F.  All mass media and entertainment should present images contrary to reality. Human nature is evil; the dictates of the Cathedral, good.

III.  Religion

A.  Ethno-Religion, i.e. identitarian religion, is permissible for certain groups of people, but never for European descended peoples, who must always subscribe to deracinating, universalist forms of religion.

B. Religion is generally bad, unless it’s the religion of non-Europeans, or unless religious leaders are fighting for the Cathedral (such as in supporting immigration or opposing racism).

So let these laws be decreed, let them be obeyed.  And let those who disobey them be hunted down like witches, ruined financially, and humiliated beyond measure.

Long live Universalis! So it has been spoken.  Let the world listen.


This is a rough draft and work in progress.  It is also a group project, which potentially includes you.  Let the spirit of Universalis inhabit you and please leave suggestions in comments below (to improve upon current laws or to add new laws) and your suggestions might be added to the next edition of the Laws of the Cathedral.


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Conservatism Is Dead. What’s Next?

In a recent post, “Novelty of Neoreaction,” Michael Anissimov traces the history of the term ‘reactionary’ and also discusses the history of conservatism.

While conservatism at one point served a purpose (whatever that was), today conservatism has become a nearly useless ideology.  If Russell Kirk is the gold standard of American conservatism, what you have today —  National Review and hundreds of other neocon policy institutes — has devolved into mud, a sort of makeshift propaganda operation that supports such things as sane immigration policy for Israel but open borders for Western nations, endless war in the name in the nation building, and every policy imaginable to decimate the white middle classes (e.g. mass legal immigration, free trade, in- and outsourcing, etc. ).

The biggest problem, early on, was that American conservatism divorced itself from the traditions of the European 19th century right — traditions such as anti-universalism, Nietzschean critiques of egalitarianism, volkish art and philosophy, etc.  This anti-traditionalist tendency reaches its culmination in Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind, where, always evoking the bogeyman of “relativism,” Bloom turns the right on its head, essentially outlawing traditionalist thought and championing a repackaged form of Jacobin universalism.

Despite ongoing motion of Conservatism Inc., conservatism as a vital system of ideas is dead, and, as philosophy precedes action, it is only a matter of time before the conservative apparatus comes crumbing down.

The more interesting question is what will replace conservatism?

The most interesting contender is the rise of identitarian thought, a philosophy that has become popular throughout Europe — from Golden Dawn in Greece to Génération Identitaire in France.  Imagine a synthesis of ethno-politics, HBD, pro-science and radical traditionalism.  That’s identitarianism, which has also been called archeofuturism.

Others have proposed that natioanlism vs globalism will be the next big division in Western politics, which will completely mix up and re-align the current left / right division.   Identitarianism and nationalism aren’t opposed, so one could see both occurring simultaneously.

The biggest problem in the West today is philosophical, that is, a new outlook is needed.  The second is political and, in particular, our degenerate elites.  Fun times ahead…


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Israel and African Immigrants

As noted by Tyler Cowen, Israel has finally admitted to sterilizing African migrants.  The Independent reports:

“Israel has admitted for the first time that it has been giving Ethiopian Jewish immigrants birth-control injections, often without their knowledge or consent.

The government had previously denied the practice but the Israeli Health Ministry’s director-general has now ordered gynaecologists to stop administering the drugs. According a report in Haaretz, suspicions were first raised by an investigative journalist, Gal Gabbay, who interviewed more than 30 women from Ethiopia in an attempt to discover why birth rates in the community had fallen dramatically.”

Of course, Israel doesn’t want Africans immigrating to Israel, even if they are nominally Jewish.  Benjamin Netanyahu has built massive fences and has deported already many of the Africans.  Back in 2010, Netanyahu said:

“We are flooded with surge of refugees who threaten to wash away our achievements and damage our existence. They are causing socio-economic and cultural damage and threaten to take us back down to the level of the Third World. They take the jobs of the weakest Israelis.”

If only such patriotism were allowed in Western nations!


Here’s Steve Sailer’s recent TakiMag article: “Israel’s Fertility Policy Bears Fruit