Images of white ethnomasochism & pathological altruism

Here are some images representative of pathological altruism and ethnomasochism among whites.  If you have any more, please reference them in the comments below and I’ll add them.



Whites asking forgiveness for slavery

White woman begging for forgiveness for slavery

White woman begging for forgiveness for slavery


Christians praying for the Third World immigration invasion of the USA

Christians praying for the Third World immigration invasion of the USA


Is Mainstream Christianity Dead Set on the Destruction of Western Peoples?

Is Mainstream Christianity  Dead Set on the Destruction of Western Peoples?

As Western Christianity merges with the value system of Cultural Marxism, this becomes a real question.  Take these recent news items:

– US Lutheran churches have made $30 million from government grants and contracts in flooding the USA with Third World refugees.

– Brenda Walker: “Conspirators In Cassocks: Catholic Bishops (But Not Laity) Betraying America

– Diversity Chronicle: “Pope Francis Invites The Homeless, Undocumented Immigrants And Prostitutes To Exclusive Catered Vatican Banquet” (Granted, this is somewhat of a satire site, but, like the Onion, it digs at deeper taboos.)

– Pope Francis visits Lampedusa to pray for African invasion of Europe.

– Bishop Mark Seitz prays for mestizo invasion of USA.

– “Conservative” Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission president Russell Moore’s Evangelical Immigration Table is a George Soros front group hell-bent on flooding USA with Third World.

– Dennis Mangan: “The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, Open-Borders Church

– John Derbyshire:  “White Flight from Christianity?


In evolutionary terms, has mainstream Christianity become maladaptive for the West?  What are some solutions?  It’s little wonder that many younger Christians are flocking to Identitarian Christianity or Neopaganism.  Will this trend catch on?  Should Christians break off of mainstream Catholicism and Protestantism and form schism churches?


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A challenge to open-borders advocates @Bryan_Caplan and @AlexNowrasteh

Here’s a challenge to open-borders advocates Bryan Caplan and  Alex Nowrasteh.  While Caplan & Nowrasteh seem thrilled at the idea of flooding white / Western countries with the Third World, they are rather silent on Israel’s immigration policies, such as:

– Israelis sterilizing African immigrants

– Israelis deporting unwanted Africans to Africa

– Israelis deporting unwanted Africans to Sweden

– Israelis advocating ethno-biopolitics at expense of African immigrants

– Israelis wanting to protect Jewish wages and standard of living by opposing African immigration

– Billionaire lobbyists like Sheldon Adelson supporting tough immigration laws for Israel, while supporting open-borders for USA

Not that I personally oppose  Israel wanting to restrict immigration from Africa; it’s quite sensible.  But if Caplan & Nowrasteh are truly for mass immigration in general (and not harboring some animus against white gentile countries), shouldn’t they be for mass immigration for Israel too?  Shouldn’t they be opposed to the above?

But Caplan & Nowrasteh are largely silent on this issue. So, here’s my challenge:

I’d like for Caplan & Nowrasteh  to write a series of articles condemning Israel for restricting immigration and demanding that Israel open its borders to the millions of Africans who want to immigrate there.

What I’m advocating is a Fairness Doctrine:  For every article or blog post that Caplan & Nowrasteh write demanding that white gentile countries be flooded with the Third World, they should write another article demanding the same for Israel.  And I don’t want lackadaisical articles; I want impassioned pleas, some real heavy-handed lobbying, demanding that Israel open its borders to the millions of Africans who want to immigrate there.

Will Caplan & Nowrasteh accommodate, or do their views of “open borders” only apply to white gentile countries?

We’ll see….


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The Western “Demographic Crisis” Myth and the Cathedral Hive Mind

John Derbyshire has up an insightful post about Japan, wherein he surmises that the 21st century might belong to Japan since Japan appears to hold steadfast in avoiding Third World immigration and to be solving internally its own demographic transition.  History suggests that labor shortages (tight labor markets) often lead to greater efficiency and innovation.  David Frum wrote recently along these lines about robotics undercutting the “need” for immigrants.

Nonetheless, it has become a mantra in the West that declining birthrates and an aging population will lead to catastrophe — unless we open our borders to the Third World. These warnings, though, often seem greatly exaggerated.  Dennis Mangan wrote, “Russia’s population today is about the same as it was in the early 80s. That constitutes a crisis?”

History doesn’t really bear out this supposed demographic crisis.  The Malthusian and pre-penicillin West often saw great population vicissitudes that worked themselves out.   The Black Death might have killed off 1/3 of the European population, but the end result was tighter labor markets, increased efficiency, and an eventual increased standard of living.   Europeans and North Asians are resilient and can respond to changing circumstances.

The call for “more immigration” really isn’t a reflection of a “demographic crisis” but one of the Cathedral’s central religious doctrines:  Immigration Is Good.

How the chattering heads could be so wrong about the need for more immigration reflects a central problem with Western democracy today: no effective feedback system.  Nick Land writes,

The result is that every effective discovery process — whether economic, scientific, or of any other kind — is subjected to ever-more radical subversion by political influences whose only ‘reality principle’ is internal: based on closed-circuit social manipulation…. Democracy is thus, strictly speaking, a production of collective insanity, or dissociation from reality….

In short, Western democracies believe and promulgate Immigration is Good, and that’s all that matters.  Everything else is inconsequential; the Cathedral Hive Mind says so.

Interestingly, a hive mind in nature is generally adaptive. For instance, in a hive of honey bees, various worker bees perform dances demonstrating the location of food.  The information of some scouts might be wrong, so the hive mind eventually is able to discern the reliable from the unreliable information, which results in the creation of more honey, an absolute necessity for the survival of winter.  If this feedback system fails, the hive dies.

Our Cathedral hive mind, however, figured out how to make honey for multiple winters in one season, which provided immediate benefits, but now results in living off stocked-up capital and inaccurate signaling feedback.  The Cathedral has become a closed system, and it no longer receives signal feedback from nature; it is at war with nature.

But in the end, my money is on nature.


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George Soros-Backed Conservative Evangelicals Lobby for Amnesty

In continuing with our “Are Christian Leaders Today a Bunch of Girly Men?” theme, I thought I’d draw attention to a recent development.  As noted this summer, a bunch of conservative evangelical Christians formed a group called the Evangelical Immigration Table to promote Third World immigration into the West, which unsurprisingly seems to be funded by George Soros.  Well, George Soros this week has paid for a bunch of conservative Evangelicals to fly into Washington DC to demand immigration amnesty from Republican congressmen (see full story here).  In short, from the video clips I’ve seen, you see a bunch of girly men talking about how much Jesus just loves Third World immigrants.

Nevermind that Soros is an anti-Christian leftist; hey, Soros likes brown people, and that’s what Christianity is all about these days.  Outside the West, Christianity becomes a non-Western religion.  Inside the West, Christianity merges with Cultural Marxism.   This could end up making traditional Bolshevism look enlightened, as at least its adherents had some survival instinct, unlike the real headline from today:  “Christian pathological altruists invite violent and low IQ Third World hordes to dispossess them”.


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Is Contemporary Christianity Suicidal for the West?

Continuing along with the theme of the Catholic Church declaring war on the West, it got me to thinking about the most prominent “conservative Catholic” politician in the USA, Sam Brownback, and some of Brownback’s fetishes, such as:

– Not allowing white South Africans to immigrate to USA, although blacks commit genocide against them

– Encouraging tons of non-whites, esp. mestizos, to immigrate to the USA

– And encouraging white people, instead of birthing white babies, to adopt non-white babies

This is what Brownback does in his spare time; he’s even teamed up with George Clooney to attempt to achieve some of the above goals.

Of course, Brownback is not alone in these goals, as they even extend to prominent Protestants like Richard Land, John Piper, and Russell MooreChristian Cultural Marxism is the norm among nearly all sects of Christianity in the West.

More recently, the ever maudlin Rod Dreher was praising the likes of Caleb Stegall, representative of a new type of “crunchy-con localism”. It’s interesting that for these religious conservatives “localism” seems only to extend to baseball and BBQ, and not the traditional understanding of ethnos or gens, as Stegall made a legal practice of representing whites who tried to steal black babies from Haiti (because Jesus told them to do so).  Jim Jones’ notion of the Rainbow Family, extreme during its day, is now the norm for many mainstream Christians.

In short, the modern system is set up to reward whites who encourage pathological altruism and whites to reduce their inclusive fitness, and Christianity is a major player in this system.  Anyone who doesn’t see this is willfully blind or a liar.

Rev. Jim Jones and the Rainbow FamilyIs there any hope that a new, pro-Western form of Christianity could arise, or is Christianity in the West doomed?

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Is The American Conservative Going Out of Business?

Well, not just quite yet, but I suspect that it will within a couple years.   The magazine has become a politically correct bore.

TAC started as an exciting venture, headed by Pat Buchanan, Taki Theodoracopulos, and Scott McConnell.  But by 2007, both Buchanan and Taki were gone (although TAC still runs Buchanan’s syndicated columns), and TAC slid ever more toward becoming a mouthpiece for the Cathedral.  Ron Unz took over around 2007.  And while Unz did publish some flawed pieces (most notably on Hispanic crime and race and IQ), he did publish some winners, such as on Jewish affirmative action at elite colleges  and Chinese eugenics.  Unfortunately, TAC wouldn’t publish Unz’s most recent piece on black crime, which led to the board firing him as publisher and replacing him with Jon Utley.

Apparently, the editor at TAC said everyone already knows about black crime, so nothing needs to be said.  Greg Cochran begs to differ.   What a joke TAC has become.

Who is Jon Basil Utley?  I don’t know much about him, but allegedly he wants to make TAC more like an anti-interventionist National Review.  And, like many neocons, he is of a Russian Ashkenazi background.    While Utley is allegedly an anti-interventionist (or perhaps a more moderate liberal internationalist?) and even critical of the Israel lobby, he seems quite politically correct.  For instance, while he’s correct to criticize Christian Zionist fundamentalists for promoting war in the Middle East, he criticizes them for being against mass Third World immigration into Western countries. (Huh? I guess they should welcome their genetic replacement?)  Or Mitt Romney’s mild criticism of illegal immigration during the Republican primary Utley calls a “tremendous calumny against immigrants.” In other words, it’s wrong for Westerners to question their own extinction.  Under Utley, can we expect TAC even more vigorously to parrot the Cultural Marxist open-borders propaganda?

A friend with ties to TAC tells me that TAC is really strapped for cash and might not be around much longer; allegedly, none of their traditional donors wants to give them more money.  Geez, I wonder why?


Handle:  “Unz Undone” & “Unz Update

Team Obama Wants Every Neighborhood in the USA to be a Ghetto

Fox News reports:

The federal government is getting serious about pushing racial and ethnic diversity into America’s neighborhoods–and is using big data and big money to achieve its aims.

A new interactive database will help regulators, local housing officials and individuals take action on a newly proposed regulation that would require agencies to “affirmatively further” the inclusion of minority residents in white neighborhoods.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan announced the database and regulation at last week’s NAACP convention, saying the Obama administration was battling “a quieter form of discrimination” that was “just as harmful” as long-outlawed segregationist practices, like racially restrictive property covenants.

And so the progressive narrative has come to its logical end.  Deep in their hearts, even progressives know that blacks and mestizos will never be high achievers, so, instead of the quaint old narrative of lifting up the disenfranchised, the final narrative is to turn white enclaves of success into ghettos.  We’re now witnessing the terminal stage of the dispossession of European-descended peoples.

Hispanics, Mestizos and Crime

Chateau Heartiste on Twitter pointed out the fact that most of Texas’ most wanted criminals are Hispanic (actually, mestizo), although they’re listed as white, in reference to Ron Unz’s recent piece on race and crime.  The US Gov. listing Hispanics as white creates all kinds of problems for those analyzing data (so it’s not surprising that people, like Unz, have miscalculated data on Hispanics and crime).

Here’s an idea.  If the USA wants to be the hip multiracial empire it pretends to be, it really needs to learn to start using the M-word (mestizo).  It’s not derogatory, it’s already used by governments and demographers throughout Latin America, and it provides a more accurate breakdown than  the nebulous category of “Hispanics”.  In theory, leftists should like it.  Do they want their affirmative action set-asides going to successful white Argentinians or oppressed (non-white) Mexican mestizos?  Of course, to use such a category will break up the coveted “Hispanic” grouping that many on the left are now trying to foster. Those on the right, however, have no excuse and should see the obvious value of breaking up the “Hispanic” category, but there’s a reason why Republicans are called the “Stupid Party”.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.19.13 PM

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.19.25 PMFurther Reading:

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The UK: Island of Geniuses

There was much hype this week about a small British company that is on the verge of “curing cancer.”  The Independent reports:

A single-storey workshop on a nondescript business park in Oxfordshire is not the sort of place where you would expect scientific revolutions to take place. But behind the white-painted walls of this small start-up company, scientists are talking about the impossible – a potential cure for cancer.

For the past 20 years, the former academics who set up Immunocore have worked hard on realising their dream of developing a totally new approach to cancer treatment, and finally it looks as if their endeavours are beginning to pay off. In the past three weeks, the company has signed contracts with two of the biggest players in the pharmaceuticals industry which could lead to hundreds of millions of pounds flowing into the firm’s unique research on cancer immunotherapy – using the body’s own immune system to fight tumour cells.

Immunocore is probably the only company in the world that has developed a way of harnessing the power of the immune system’s natural-born killer cells: the T-cells of the blood which nature has designed over millions of years of evolution to seek out and kill invading pathogens, such as viruses and bacteria. T-cells are not nearly as good at finding and killing cancer cells, but the hard-nosed executives of the drugs industry – who are notoriously cautious when it comes to investments – believe Immunocore may have found a way around this so that cancer patients in future are able to fend off their disease with their own immune defences.

The leader of the research team, Bent Jakobsen, is Danish born, but the team largely English, which got me to thinking of the brilliance of British accomplishment.

Science isn’t truly practiced everywhere.  As Gregory Cochran illustrates with this graphic, science is only performed in certain regions of the world (mostly by European or North Asian-descended peoples).  And even then, certain European groups seem to outperform others (esp. the British, Germans, and French).

Regarding Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment, it’s really quite remarkable how many of the world’s greatest accomplishments were performed by the British.  The UK has been a true intellectual powerhouse.

Here’s my own abbreviated list of major British scientific achievements:

Newton   (physics, calculus, optics)

Darwin (natural and sexual selection)

Michael Faraday (electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis)

Ernest Rutherford (NZ of English ancestry, nuclear physics)

James Clerk Maxwell (physics, electromagnetism)

Charles Lyell (geology)

Arthur Eddington (astrophysics)

Francis Galton (HBD)

Alan Turing (computer language)

Watson & Crick (DNA)

WD Hamilton (Neo-Darwinism, inclusive fitness)

Quite an impressive list, given the UK’s size, which can only make one proud of his English ancestry.

On the downside, one only worries that mass Third World immigration into the UK will eventually have a dysgenic effect, bringing this long trend of accomplishment to an end.

The Neocon war against the West

I rarely read neocon Jennifer Rubin‘s drivel but took interest in a couple of her recent articles denouncing “racists” and plugging for mass immigration for the USA.

It got me to thinking about the immigration policy of Israel.  Let’s see.

– Israel supports the deportation of Africans from Israel.

– Israel supports the forced sterilization of Africans living in Israel.

– Israelis won’t even share a swimming pool with Africans.

– Israel wants to protect the wages of Israelis, and doesn’t want them driven down by mass immigration from Africa.

If Rubin cares so much about “racism,” why doesn’t she write about these “injustices”?

Of course, Rubin won’t ever denounce these sensible policies by Israel, but she’ll continue to produce op-ed after op-ed supporting mass immigration into the West and denouncing whites as being “racists.”

Why does Rubin support sound policy for Israel but mass immigration for the USA and Europe?  Why does Rubin want to see the West transformed into a Third World sewer?

One can’t help but wonder that Jennifer Rubin and her ilk are the true enemies of the West.


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The rise of identitarian thought…

As Conservatism now scuttles toward its much-deserved death, in Europe, and to a lesser extent in the United States, we are witnessing the rise of identitarian thought.

What is identitarianism?  Well, it’s about identity, but not a superficial cultural identity, which one can easily exchange for another, but deep identity, that is a genetic / hereditarian /  racial-ethnic identity that cannot be exchanged.  (Yes, blank slatists / culturists / Cultural Marxists  will despise identitarian thought.)

We previously discussed the implications of identitarian thought on religion:  “Religion 2.0: Identitarian Religion

Now here are some other recent articles on identitarianism:

Gregory Hood: “Waking Up from the American Dream: Markus Willinger’s Generation Identity

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Conservative Evangelical Nutjobs Pray for Amnesty

I don’t know whether you’re following this story but it would be comical if the stakes weren’t so high.  A bunch of conservative evangelical leaders (e.g. Richard Land and Russell Moore) formed a pro-immigration organization called the Evangelical Immigration Table, and have been involved in a scandal where they received funding from the open-borders Cultural Marxist George Soros.  A summary of the story:

First, the evangelical leaders lied about receiving money from George Soros.

Then, after they were busted, the evangelical leaders said it was okay to receive money from George Soros because Jesus told them to do so. Apparently, the lesson to be learned here is that flooding the USA with dysfunctional mestizos is of such a high priority that it really doesn’t matter where the money comes from.

With these traitorous clowns now leading the “moral majority,” I think we can all rest assured that Western Civilization will be safe.Evangelical Leaders Praying for Amnesty


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Eric Metaxas has cut his ties to the Evangelical Immigration Table following this scandal.

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The Laws of the Cathedral. Obey or Perish!

The Laws of the Cathedral

“Those who do not heed these laws should be cast out of society and hunted down like  witches.” – The lost scroll of Universalis, 1974 CE

In the days of New, the god Universalis descended upon the world.  It (for Universalis transcends gender, race, and creed) saw human nature, saw human nature was evil, and decided to set things anew.  Universalis forthright sought to amend human nature, to turn the world upon its head, and thus laid down the Laws of the Cathedral.  “Lo and behold,” said Universalis.  “These are the laws.  I am the lawgiver.  Obey these decrees or suffer humiliation, disgrace and punishment.”

I.  Human Nature, Science, Evolution

A.  Human nature is a blank slate to be written upon by the Laws of the Cathedral.

B.  Evolution exists but only insofar as it is a club to beat up on religion.  Otherwise, the logical conclusions of evolution (such as meaningful racial or gender differences) must be silenced.  All group differences must be ignored.  No cognitive or behavioral differences between groups exist; evolution occurred only from the neck down.

C.  Homosexuality has a genetic cause but only homosexuality is heritable.  Everything else (like violence, intelligence or stupidity) is the result of culture.

D.  Race does not exist…except when it does.  For non-whites, racial pride, racial resentment, racial organization and the excuse of racism for all their failings are permissible.  For whites, race does not exist; it is a cultural construct.  Behaviorally and cognitively, all races are identical.  Remember the decree:  neck down!

E.  Gender does not exist in any meaningful way.  There are no substantial differences between the genders because, well, they don’t really exist…except when they do.  Feminism is permissible, but that’s it. Behaviorally, genders are identical.  Remember the decree:  neck down!

II.  Politics and Political Organization

A.  Democracy and only democracy is acceptable — and it must be based upon an American model replete with fast food, regime change, and globalization.

B.  Real power must never be discussed, especially the disproportionate power of one small, particularly powerful group of genetically related people.  In fact, these people shouldn’t even be discussed, let alone named, so let it be decreed that they be called the Unnamed.

C.  Immigration is bad for certain nations (like a small enclave in located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean but should never be named in this context, and the people of this unnamed nation, Universalis decrees, are permitted to sterilize and deport undesirables).  For Western nations, however, immigration is a gift of Universalis.  To question its good is to partake of evil itself. Open your borders to the teeming hordes of Gondwanaland or suffer the wrath of Universalis!

D.  Europe and Western Civilization in general, and white people in particular, are responsible for most of the world’s ills and should almost always be discussed in derogatory terms.  The racial organization of these people is never, never, never allowed. Capiche?

E.  War is bad, well, unless it’s used to crush dissenters who in some way oppose the Laws of the Cathedral; then, war is liberation.  People are thirsty for freedom and some people hate the Cathedral for the freedom it offers.

D.  Progress is good, unless it involves evil concepts like eugenics or the notion that some races are better adapted to civilization, then the Noble Savage is good.

F.  All mass media and entertainment should present images contrary to reality. Human nature is evil; the dictates of the Cathedral, good.

III.  Religion

A.  Ethno-Religion, i.e. identitarian religion, is permissible for certain groups of people, but never for European descended peoples, who must always subscribe to deracinating, universalist forms of religion.

B. Religion is generally bad, unless it’s the religion of non-Europeans, or unless religious leaders are fighting for the Cathedral (such as in supporting immigration or opposing racism).

So let these laws be decreed, let them be obeyed.  And let those who disobey them be hunted down like witches, ruined financially, and humiliated beyond measure.

Long live Universalis! So it has been spoken.  Let the world listen.


This is a rough draft and work in progress.  It is also a group project, which potentially includes you.  Let the spirit of Universalis inhabit you and please leave suggestions in comments below (to improve upon current laws or to add new laws) and your suggestions might be added to the next edition of the Laws of the Cathedral.


What is the New Creationism?


The biggest lie told about PRISM

President Obama defends PRISM as a necessary measure to stop terrorism and to save your life: “[PRISM] helps us prevent terrorist attacks.” ~ RYOT

The pro-PRISM propaganda is really amping up.  Many leftists have already criticized Obama over PRISM but I suspect they’ll soon be whipped back into line.

Perhaps the biggest lie told so far is that its primary purpose is to protect against terrorism.  If you believe that, I have some oceanfront property in Nebraska I’d like to sell you…

Despite the occasional domestic terrorist attack, most terrorists come from the Third World.  In fact, the vast majority of terrorists in the USA in the past couple decades have either been legal or illegal immigrants into the USA.   In short, terrorism is just as much an immigration issue as a national security issue, if not more so.

This is anarcho-tyranny in action.  Import a bunch of Third World terrorists into the USA and then spend billions of dollars to try to stop them, all the while infringing upon the liberties of the native-born population.

Immigration reduction is actually something that can be managed – whether through attrition or deportation.

And immigration enforcement, compared to the anarcho-tyranny immigration brings, is actually cheap, when one considers the trillions of dollars that Third World immigrants cost the USA – in education, welfare, hospital visits, etc.  Just one small example:  The state of Texas now spends over $1 billion annually on ESL (English-Second-Language courses) alone!


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