Lawrence Auster & The Jews

Less than three weeks before he died, Lawrence Auster published, on his blog, View From the Right, a chapter from an unfinished book, under the headline “Jews – The Archetypal Multiculturalists.”

The whole thing makes for quite a read. As I put it to our esteemed commenter Joe Walker, “much of it reads like Kevin MacDonald – but on steroids.”

It’s very long, though, so casual internet surfers will mostly have dismissed it at first glance: TL,DR.

Big mistake. It really is a must-read.

Auster himself suggested that the time & attention-challenged skip immediately to the final section: “How to oppose the Jewish agenda without anti-Semitism”

But, IMHO, the single best bit of many in the article is the penultimate section, entitled “Hoist by their own petard,” the first few paragraphs of which I here transcribe, fearless of copyright law, just like Mr. Auster always was:

* * * * *

Hoist by their own petard

As they work to dismantle America’s majority culture through mass immigration, diversity, the subversion of mainstream values, and the mainstreaming of countercultural values, those Jews who are waging the Kulturkampf have failed to realize that they are cutting off the civilization they are sitting on. Leftist Jews in particular are dumbfounded when the anti-Westernism they have been promoting recoils back upon themselves. Michael Lerner, for example, has repeatedly portrayed America as an evil oppressor nation—a “social system whose current distribution of wealth and power is based on the stealing of land from the American Indians, the enslavement of Blacks, the degradation of women, and the systematic exploitation of many generations of immigrants,” as he put it in a typical diatribe in his journal Tikkun. Yet elsewhere Lerner has expressed horror at the fact that nonwhite multiculturalists see the Jews as part of this oppressive white system. Blinded by his anti-majority passion, Lerner cannot understand that in contemporary America, where Jews (for their numbers) are the most wealthy and powerful group, nonwhites are hardly likely to see the Jews as an “oppressed” minority like themselves. [“Six Days Shalt Thou Work,” Michael Lerner, Tikkun, Nov/Dec 1993, p. 35.]

Similarly, Professor Susannah Heschel, writing in Tikkun, was shocked that among liberal Germans who are friendly to Jews, there is a broad acceptance of anti-Semitic ideas. It seems that these contemporary Germans view the Old Testament as the fulminating source of contemporary injustices, including Nazism, since the Jewish Bible condones authoritarianism, exclusion, racism, and genocide. But Heschel has it all wrong. She assumes that leftist Germans are asserting anti-Jewish ideas, when in fact they are only repeating the generic anti-Westernism that has been disseminated so effectively by progressive Jews such as Heschel herself. Since Germans have been taught to see the West as hegemonic, warlike, and racist, isn’t it only natural that they would also view one of [the] primary sources of the West—the Hebrew Bible—in exactly the same terms?

While the absence of self-awareness among Jewish leftists is only laughable, the blindness of the mainstream Jewish community is a serious matter. In their tireless campaign for mass immigration and cultural diversity—motivated by conscious or unconscious hostility to the white Christian majority—Jews are helping destroy the very way of life that made a happy Jewish existence in this country possible. Despite some anti-Jewish prejudice and social exclusions in the early twentieth century, Jews found in America a stable environment where they were protected, where they prospered, and where they felt fully comfortable for the first time in two thousand years. That environment was a white society with a Christian religion and an Anglo-Saxon code of conduct. As America becomes nonwhite and non-Western, will that code, and those protections, endure? As Alan Mittleman argues,

“The breakdown of a common culture and the drift toward multiculturalism, which Jews support, pose real hazards for American Jews, because they weaken the citizenship on which Jewish participation in modern society is based…. If people revert to more primordial forms of belonging, civil society will dissolve and American Jews might find themselves in what the prophet Ezekiel called a midbar hammim, a wilderness of the peoples. This would be a nightmarish denouement.” [Alan L. Mittleman, “Jews in Multicultural America,” First Things, December 1996, p. 17.]

One notable feature of this coming “wilderness of peoples,” in which Jews will lose all security, is the black racialism that is rising as the dominant white culture declines. In the lawless Third-World America of the coming century, do Jews think they will be able to count on Dominicans and Chinese and Arabs and Mexicans to protect them from black anti-Semites?

Another prospect emerging from the wilderness of peoples will be an upsurge of anti-Semitism among marginalized whites, many of whom will blame the Jews (not without cause) for the ruin of white civilization. Having acted all along on the ludicrous and hostile assumption that the white American majority is a potential neo-Nazi force that must be dispossessed, Jews will hardly be in a position to complain about real anti-Semitism when it appears among whites who have actually been dispossessed.

In failing to consider these possibilities, pro-immigration Jews are as unthinking as pro-immigration blacks. Both blacks and Jews support a policy that is leading to the end of white America, even though that will remove from power the only group that has a cultural bond or moral obligation to them…

by Lawrence Auster

* * * * *

Well, indeed. What’s left to add?

10 thoughts on “Lawrence Auster & The Jews

  1. This article is good but -and I assume you are aware of this- there is a lot more to the jews’ role in immigration policies, now and in the past. Prominent jews in this field, such as Dr. Stephen Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies, not only admit they have been the driving force behind american immigration policies, they are trying to gather support to actively change it once again, only because under current immigration waves, the jews see their privileges and power waning since non-white immigrants are insensitive + ignorant for their ”unique suffering”.

    See this very interesting (but long) paper: just google ”The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demography: Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy”. it can be found on and is a must read for those eager to know truth and those intellectually honest (and courageous) enough to take the right conclusions.
    If you don’t want to read it the entire paper, William Pierce (like him or loath him) made a good YT video synopsis that keeps being taken off YT: .currently it can be seen here:

  2. I think this is one of the most important information for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But should remark on few general things, The website style is ideal, the articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

  3. A false meme about WWII is that the Germans were delusional with unjust paranoia about presumably innocent Jews.

    What is left out is that the Germans thought that Jewish power was behind an active plot to destroy Germany with non-European immigration and Communism. They saw the Jews as a powerful political and economic force within Germany that forwarded interests that were inimical to the cultural, economic, and racial survival of the Germans.

    A primary pillar of the World’s belief in the justness of fighting the Nazis was that the German’s were not only wrong about the Jews, but absolutely out-of-their minds for believing in and acting on such false and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

    Since WWII, the Jews have apparently been hell bent on proving the perspective of the Germans to the world.

    They don’t even care to return the favor and politically support the ancestors of the overwhelmingly dominant white gentile majority of men that marched on Germany and pulled them from the camps. On the contrary, the USA and the UK are two of the primary targets for mass immigration and largely Jewish driven cultural Marxism. The 80% + Jews in this country who vote democrat, and would likely vote as far left as the ballot will effectively let them, seem to have no sense of debt or gratitude to the white men who risked their lives and died to save them despite having no ties that would dictate their obligation to such risk and sacrifice.

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    Jews in this country don’t even have the shame to hide their double standard of fierce ethnic loyalty and nationalism for themselves and cultural Marxism and ethnic blending for everyone else.

    Neocon Jews like David Frum will froth at the mouth for Israel’s national Jewish character and defense in one breath and bitterly chide Greece’s desperate need for the same type of ethnic identity and preservation in the next.

    Self-described liberal Jews like David Sirota will serve in a racially self-interested right-wing capacity by putting stints in at AIPAC in one year (to support their theocratic ethnostate) and describe themselves as racial Jews, and then make careers out of propagating the ultimately genocidal communist canard of white privilege as “anti-racists”. Of course, often their Jewish privilege will have enabled them to attend wealthy private schools their entire lives and to work for and be protected by wealthy Jewish lobbying and special interest groups, such as is the case with Sirota.

    Of course, the emperor has no clothes and the world begins to see.

    • The Jewish Marxist is a monster that was created by the virulently anti-Semitic Czarist Russia…hundreds of years of slaughtering and oppressing dirt poor peasant Jews led to the inevitable…political opposition…unfortunately, the counter movement of the time happened to have been socialism and communism…It’s interesting to note that before the turn of the 20th century most American Jews were of German or Sephardic descent, and they HEAVILY opposed allowing the Eastern European Jews into the US for many reasons…one of which was the fact that immigrants from such places were likely have socialist leanings…the fact is when these POOR immigrants eventually entered the US, the common anti-Semitic leanings of Protestants at the time did nothing to “win them over” to the side of a constitutional and free society…
      Modern Jewish American Liberalism/Marxism has in fact no connection at all to Judaism. As a matter of fact traditional Jewish values, traditions, beliefs etc. are actually in opposition to modern liberalism, and that is why Liberal Jews HATE religious orthodox Jews, who are on more conservative than the Jewish demo is liberal…religious Jews also don’t think the US should fight on the behalf of Israel either, and their interest in Israel has nothing to do with an allegiance to a modern socialist state but rather the historical heritage and the survival of the Jewish people over those that seek to eradicate them…

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