Medieval Europe: The Reality of Race

In the past couple days, “medievalist” Karl Steel and some of his friends, such as Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (and other Cathedral mouthpieces), have been “attacking” HBD and the Dark Enlightenment on Twitter, including a blog post.  N.B. by “attacking” I don’t really mean attempting to discredit but pointing and sputtering.  And I put “medievalist” in quotes because unlike traditional medievalists who had deep philological understandings of classical and medieval languages (such as Latin, Old High German, Old Norse, Anglo-Saxon, etc.) this group is representative of a new trend, “scholars” short on traditional philological skills but long on the latest pomod theories, which  results in applying the latest lit-crit “theory” to an English translation of a text.  Yes, Idiocracy, has consumed literary studies.  Oh yea, many of them also seem to detest logic and reason (ruses of the white man).

Anyway, browsing through some of their writings, you find the latest fashionable nonsense, like Jeffrey Cohen’s “On the nonexistence of race,” which is all quite comical.  It’s trendy these days to claim that race was “invented” in the Enlightenment, although Sarich & Miele easily refuted this claim in the “Ancient Concept of Race“.  These Dorothys can keep their eyes closed and continue to click their heels saying “race doesn’t exist,” but it simply won’t change reality.  In fact, modern science is showing that no only does race exist but genetic racial divisions are much deeper than previously imagined (see here).  Regardless, although these “medievalists” claim race doesn’t exist, I saw one person (now I’ve lost the source) speaking of miscegenation among the Medieval British.

Regarding the last point, “miscegenation among the Medieval British,” these people apparently are ignorant of Bryan Sykes landmark genetics study Blood of the Isles, where Sykes shows how remarkably ethnically homogenous the British Isles are at the genetic level.  Steve Sailer writes:

From his database, Sykes concludes that the majority of the genes of the peoples of the British Isles are descended from the oldest of the modern inhabitants: Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, who began arriving 10,000 years ago from Continental Europe after the end of the last Ice Age, as soon as the islands became habitable again.

Regarding the Irish, see the “Ignatiev Fallacy“.

Still, there are different ethnic groups among Europeans.  Everyone knows this (and there are HBD differences between ethnic groups).  However, the current meme of emphasizing ethnic groups at the expense of larger racial groups hides how closely related many ethnic groups are to each other.   What’s remarkable in this instance is how closely related European ethnic groups are to each other vs Non-Europeans.  Regarding Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza‘s research on the genetic distances between racial groups, Sailer writes:

Cavalli-Sforza’s team compiled extraordinary tables depicting the “genetic distances” separating 2,000 different racial groups from each other. For example, assume the genetic distance between the English and the Danes is equal to 1.0. Then, Cavalli-Sforza has found, the separation between the English and the Italians would be about 2.5 times as large as the English-Danish difference. On this scale, the Iranians would be 9 times more distant genetically from the English than the Danish, and the Japanese 59 times greater. Finally, the gap between the English and the Bantus (the main group of sub-Saharan blacks) is 109 times as large as the distance between the English and the Danish.

Clearly these ethnic groups are more closely related to each other than to non-Europeans.

And let’s forget that concepts like “blue blood” (stressing white, fair skin) were very popular in Medieval Europe, as a way to separate fair-skinned upper-class Europeans from the swarthier Moors.

And let’s not leave out eugenics (which the Ashkenazis have been practicing for the past 1,000 years) in Medieval Europe.  Eugenics, first popularized by Plato and Aristotle, was alive in Medieval Europe with concepts such as “blue blood” or gentillesse (refinement and courtesy resulting from good breeding).  Gregory Clark has demonstrated that the children of the upper-classes among Medieval English had a 2:1 survival rate over the poor and that there was much downward mobility, which resulted in the downward drift of genes from the upper-classes to the lower classes, resulting in a general increase in IQ and decrease in violence.

Still, don’t let any of these inconvenient facts get in the way of our current “medievalists” where the Medieval World for them is but a blank canvass on which they can paint the most fashionable and latest lit-crit theory.


The Ancient Greeks & Romans, Beauty and Human Biodiversity

Tolkien, HBD and German Romanticism

Global Genetic Distances Map and Reality of Race


Although I may seem a little hard on Karl Steel above, I will say this:  From what I’ve seen, Karl Steel seems more intelligent and perhaps one day able to think “outside the Cathedral box” than the ever hysterical Jeffrey Jerome Cohen.

Wesley Morganston: Karl Steel on Human Biodiversity: “Let’s Not Face Facts”

20 thoughts on “Medieval Europe: The Reality of Race

  1. In the twitter wars last night, someone pointed out how when Jeffrey Jerome Cohen is waxing hysterically about how evil and racist whites are, he was rather silent on Israelis sterilizing and deporting Africans. Not that I have a problem with Israelis sterilizing blacks, but Cohen should really shut up about “racist Europeans”.

    • ” Not that I have a problem with Israelis sterilising blacks” : what?? Was gonna call you a racist cunt but I think ur probably more of a total cunt. Thank you and good night

  2. Great post. Thanks. The links looks very interesting and I will study them closer.

    You may want to see this latest (I believe) lecture on neanderthal genome and how it is not so common in Northern Europe, and probably not in England, but abundant in southern Europe and probably in the middle-east. In accordance with your statements on “relationship”.
    There has obviously been some Bad Blood spreading since ancient times.

  3. If we get neutral third party to administer test, would Jeffrey Cohen agree to take a basic exam on Medieval Latin and one other language (Old High German?)? It would be the traditional translation + grammar questions exam. You know the fraud won’t take it.

  4. Read up The Son Shall Rise, the author figures there was probably more social mobility in the Middle Ages (that is, middle class becoming high class) considering average ‘Smiths’ were going to Oxford within two hundred years, and that is not considering a lot of ‘Smiths’ probably changed their names before that.. So the more we think that class doesn’t exist, the more class shows.
    But yes, the upper class did have far more kids up until the 1800s. I’d like to think with this massive brain drain from the under producing lower class, we will get a situation like France. 150 years before the Revolution they killed or kicked out their upper middle class completely (Huguenots).

  5. Bravo, M’sieu, Bravo!

    I would recommend Norman Cantor’s works on Medieval Europe to any and all Dissenters that are interested in learning more about the richness of that culture and the usufructs thereof. Suffice it to state that were it not for the Church guiding the Secular power through this most fascinating period of History, none of us would exist.

    And, no, race was very, very real. And the one race that mattered more than any other was the race of the Northmen (Norsemen) who changed the face, shape, and structure of Europe and fashioned it after themselves with an eye on G-d and another on Rome.

  6. These medievalists are really, really funny. They remind me of that great scholar, Dan Brown, who wasn’t aware that in the Renaissance, following the classical practice, it was very common to portrait masculine figures considered “young and very handsome” (like Apollo, for example) with almost-feminine faces.

    Just ten days ago I was still in Venice. My wife and I visited, among many other places, the impressive Doge’s Palace. There you can find (a kind of appetizer for what is awaiting you later) what is called the “Museo dell’ Opera”. In that museum they stored columns, capitals, arcs and many other elements of the building that were removed in the XIXth century, during the works made to avoid the collapse of the palace.

    One of the capitals, very famous, depicts a collection of “men of the known races”. I don’t remember right now the exact date of that capital, but is, for sure, of the XVth century or, probably, older. It is possibly of the 13th or 14th ones.

    In that capital you can find depictions of northern europeans, southern europeans, arabs, negroes and mongoloid asians. And you can tell them apart, especially the two latest categories, just with a glance. They’re really good.

    The races a creation of the Illumination? These pseudo-intellectuals are pure fraudsters.

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