Poor whites outperform rich blacks on SAT

Much has been said recently about the “dumbing down” of the SAT, which presumably was done in part to attempt to close the ever persistent racial gap between the low end (blacks & mestizos) and the high end (whites and North Asians).

The Cathedral asserts that all racial differences in such tests are a result of economics or culture, but this explanation seems very unlikely.  As recently noted by Steve Sailer, on the 2008 SAT poor whites outperformed rich blacks.  More specifically, whites from family incomes of $20 – $40K outperformed blacks from family incomes of more than $200K.   Why are such privileged blacks scoring so low on the SAT?  The obvious answer, noted by many others, is genetics and the fact that these affluent blacks probably have their incomes as a result of affirmative action.

And speaking of affirmative action, it might very well be that the poor whites outperforming rich blacks on the SAT are the most discriminated against group in college admissions.  As discovered by Thomas Espenshade and Alexandria Radford in their landmark study:

“When lower-class whites are matched with lower-class blacks and other non-whites the degree of the non-white advantage becomes astronomical: lower-class Asian applicants are seven times as likely to be accepted to the competitive private institutions as similarly qualified whites, lower-class Hispanic applicants eight times as likely, and lower-class blacks ten times as likely. These are enormous differences and reflect the fact that lower-class whites were rarely accepted to the private institutions Espenshade and Radford surveyed. Their diversity-enhancement value was obviously rated very low.”

But don’t expect the Cathedral to speak up for these poor, non-diversity-enhancement whites anytime soon.


31 thoughts on “Poor whites outperform rich blacks on SAT

  1. Rich blacks tend to get wealth as bread and circuses entertainers – a high IQ isn’t that important. Blacks also get government jobs BECAUSE they are black – you don’t need a high IQ, only a higher IQ than other blacks. Reversion to the mean. Money is overrated in education. How else do you explain kids of FOB poor Asians becoming surgeons?

  2. What difference does it make? I scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT, ACT, and 3 subject tests and couldn’t get into a top school.

    • My son had same experience this year. Top student, solid athlete, accomplished artist, the requisite endless hours of volunteer, but also requesting and in need of aid. The top American universities will take affluent white males who can pay their obscenely bloated price of admission and pass on economically disadvantaged white male, unless he happens to have arm of Peyton Manning.

  3. Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    This article offers empirical evidence showing how higher education in the USA discriminates unfairly against POOR white persons. Since I am a white person and since I grew up poor, I am appalled at the so-called egalitarianism that infects the USA. It’s nothing more than anti-white racism and every white person with any decency about him should do whatever is in his power to sabotage this evil Satanic System, which the Dark Enlightenment calls the Cathedral.

  4. A civilisation without men lasts only until the next oil change. And that is not referring to male English professors or gay studies professors. It means the men with practical skills who keep a high tech infrastructure running.

    The best way to beat the house when the odds are stacked against you is to build your own house.

    Alternatives to on-campus bricks and mortar college education are getting better and more widely available all the time. Competency and mastery certifications are beginning to catch on, and should become more important than the degree itself.

    Have you seen the cost-benefit curve for college lately? The cost is all up, and the benefit is trending steeply down. The number of dropout millionaires and billionaires tells you that good entrepreneurs can often compensate for lack of a college degree.

    Someone with useful skills and competencies can leverage those skills into a successful business. Most of the important real life skills do not require a college degree.

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  7. I would think that this has more to do with reversion to the mean in intelligence and conscientiousness than it does with affirmative action.

  8. “Most of the important real life skills do not require a college degree.”

    Not exactly all the way. Example: Do you need to attend a university in order to become a halfway decent or above Surgeon or any kind of medical physician? I mean, if college isn’t all that and cant teach you anything at all of significance, then why do all future physicians attend college, if its not necessary to their real world experience? Regarding IQ, intelligence, and overall necessity of obtaining an education at the highest levels for the highest professions in life, lets be careful and not get too carried away of thinking too much like the wrong sort of people a la ‘Dey’s aint all dat cuz education be rayisst’.

    “The obvious answer, noted by many others, is genetics and the fact that [MOST OF] these affluent blacks probably have their incomes as a result of affirmative action.”

    Threre, just had to edit the sentence, otherwise the post is a pretty strong one.

    See, IF it is ‘just too much’ for those who believe in blacks’ intellectual prowess to be compared to whites residing at the lowest end income level, perhaps the most accurate way would be to compare the highest economic level of blacks to the highest economic level of whites.

    Be careful, though, because various groups within whites (e.g. Jews) are going to comprise a significant percentage within the highest income and IQ level.

    Example of what I mean Take a few examples. The offspring of Puff Daddy Combs and Snoop Dog and Compare them with the offspring of Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett’s offspring. Which children are going to perform higher in the classroom, on the SAT, and otherwise most likely possess a higher IQ? That’s a fair question.

    And honestly, does anyone truly believe that American Jews think that they are anywhere intellectually inferior to an African-American, even on a bad day? Really? Seriously? Think about it. The mean IQ of US blacks is around 85 and the mean IQ of US Jews is around 110. And they most certainly know it.

    • Engineering would be a better example than medicine for asserting the importance of undergraduate degrees. A BS level engineer is actually ready to start working (unless it is in the “soft” engineering disciplines invented for females). A pre-med student with a bachelors degree, on the other hand, hasn’t even begun to learn.

      Today’s undergraduates often take 6 or more years to get a 4 year degree, and still don’t know what they want to do at the end of it. Not good.

      College degrees are entirely unnecessary in training physicians and surgeons. Two years is more than long enough to get anything they need from undergraduate education, if they are already committed to becoming a physician. I know plenty of excellent MDs who went straight to medical school after their second year in college. They were already fairly mature at that age, of course, which is unusual for today’s undergraduate.

      Don’t wait until college to teach kids important practical skills. The answer is to start showing kids what they can do at a very early age, and never stop. By the time they are college aged, they can choose what they want based on a decade and a half of confident growth in building useful competencies.

      • I will rephrase it. To become a surgeon, you do need university training, WITH post-graduate studies in particular, of some sort. You can’t become a surgeon straight out of high school and never going on to attend college, let alone never attending post-graduate or higher levels (past BA level) at a university.

        But to the original point in a roundabout way. These top tier income level of blacks. How come there simply aren’t that many represented in the STEM or Medical fields at large? They simply are hard to find. Why is that?

        The answer appears obvious: From an education/IQ ability, they simply aren’t all that.

  9. Yeah because rich blacks are immune from racism dummy. Why don’t you talk about how poor homeschooled blacks outperform rich whites, or how Nigerians outperform every other group in schooling and africans outperforms asians andw whites in america. Stupid crack’a

    “These Black homeschool students’ achievement test scores were quite high, all things considered. They scored at or above the 50th percentile in reading (68th), language (56th), math (50th), and core (i.e., a combination of reading, language, and math; 58th) subtests. By definition, the 50th percentile is the mean for all students (of all ethnicities/races) nationwide in institutional public schools.”

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  11. I’m a poor White; my family’s annual income is slightly above the poverty level for a family of four. I received a higher SAT score (by over 230 points) and took more rigorous courses than a wealthy black student. I was denied to two of the universities he was accepted to, and so was my Asian friend. So much for affirmative action.

  12. What has become so discouraging for poor and middle class white students is that they play by the rules, stay out of trouble and study their butts off—but all to no avail. They, and the old American ideals, are trumped by black skin color. Liberals don’t comprehend the extent of the resultant resentment.

  13. Maybe it has to do with the fact that a lot afdluent blacks made their money in music, sports or entertainment; since this were the only industries they were allowed to prosper in… also, SAT scores are highly correlated with study time instead of intellugence. If you look to the UK or Holland for example, black seem to outperform on SAT-like tests

  14. So I just made a blogspot about SNSD. I dont really know how to let other people know about the blogspot, like you know famous? But not the real famous glamorous type. Because I really want to maintain the site but thats kinda tiring if you keep on posting stuffs if no one knows about it..

  15. This article is lying there is no data showing that poor white kids outperform rich black kids. What the data showed was that some poor white children were performing academically better than black kids who had higher incomes. However, they were not in fact rich. The fact remains most poor white kids do not go to school with poor black kids. Furthermore, most middle-class blacks tend to go the same public school’s system as poor blacks, therefore, face the same challenges as poor black which is going to schools that are too often sub-standard, and face the same bias and negative stereotypes facing most black students.
    The data are unequivocal: kids from wealthy families do better in school than kids from poor families. It’s observable across ages, on all sorts of different measures, and (to varying degrees) in every country. This data includes rich black kids who come from wealthy families.

  16. Dude, I’m black and you stunned me with this answer. Now some SAT questions are alsk “racists”? … I know I’m responding to a 6 years old comment but some activists are saying in math, demands like “Show your work” or “Find the right answer” are racists!!!

    If you care about collective mentality and not individualism, them you have to admit that there are biological differences in cognitive abilities among races. And culture also play a part.

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