European Congress conference in Hungary shut down; Richard Spencer arrested

For the past month or so, there has been much talk about the identitarian European Congress conference (organized by NPI and others) in Budapest, Hungary.  The conference was to have many speakers (including Aleksandr Dugin) and was in part supported by members of the right-wing Jobbik Party in Hungary.  Then the antifa groups (both from Hungary and elsewhere in Europe) got involved, putting pressure on the Hungarian government to close down the conference.  The anti-free speech antifas got their way in shutting down the conference,  even to the point where Jobbik party members are now denying involvement, although they had been in contact with Richard Spencer for months in organizing the event.  Nonetheless, although the formal conference was shut down (and some people said they weren’t coming), Richard Spencer decided to go ahead and hold an informal private meeting.  (Here’s a video from Sept. 29 of Richard Spencer explaining that although the government was shutting down the conference, an informal private meeting would still take place.)  Well, yesterday it seems that Richard Spencer and others were meeting in a bar and Richard Spencer was arrested by the Hungarian authorities. (Here’s a video of Richard Spencer right before his arrest.)  I do not know the details …and have no idea whether Spencer has been released.

For updates, I’d watch Richard Spencer’s Twitter feed and Radix Journal.   VDare has also been posting updates at its blog and on Twitter, as well as journalist Paul Brian from his Twitter feed.

It’s ironically sad that various European authorities are so hell-bent on shutting down a pro-European conference.  It’s symptomatic of the pathologically altruistic, ethnomasochistic malady infecting  the West.


Video: Reaction of attendees after police raid bar. Hunter Wallace claims Richard Spencer is being deported from Hungary.  Buzzfeed’s Max Seddon is tweeting that Richard Spencer will be deported from Hungary.  Here is a more detailed account of what happened in Budapest.  Jared Taylor reports on event.  Richard Spencer again breathes the free airOutstanding speech by Jared Taylor at the informal gathering in Budapest (take the time to read it).

Video of Richard Spencer right before his arrest:

14 thoughts on “European Congress conference in Hungary shut down; Richard Spencer arrested

  1. Without giving Viktor Orbán a pass for his chicken little caving in to the archetypal racist antifa operatives, US AS Secretary Nuland, of Maiden-putsch fame, yesterday lambasted Orbán in unmistakable terms for, inter alia, his pursuit of his “illiberal” model. All of which is to show how naive Orbán was in thinking that by his brown-nosing to the neocons somehow he will be left alone.

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  4. Maybe it was the Dugin Factor that caused the panicky reaction. A lot of neocon/kosher hysteria over Dugin linked to the overall USG hysteria over Putin.

  5. Kinda funny how many conservatives support immigration checkpoints but at the same time acting surprised when told that he/she must be able to proove his/her identity anytime when in a foreign country.

    BTW I doubt that it was done upon request from USA or anywhere else. This seems to be serving the Hungarian government’s domestic agenda more than anything else. Not defending Mr. Orbán though, just voicing my opinion.

  6. Why is Max Seddon of Buzzfeed covering this? Richard Spencer isn’t that well know to the general public? I wonder what is Max Seddon’s ethnicity/religion? That could be a clue.

    Who exactly were the people/groups protesting Richard Spencer’s conference? They must have some power and influence in political circles to get the Hungarian government to shut down the conference and possibly deport Richard. I don’t think some antifa groups have that power. Does the Hungarian government take orders from antifa groups? I highly doubt it. I’m guessing it is jewish power players, possibly some in the U.S government, who were pushing for the cancellation of the conference.

  7. Most antifas are smelly jobless tramps. Yet they seem to aleays be well funded. There must be some nasty ratlike elite backing them. Who could it be?

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  9. The old saying Never interrupt your enemies when they are making a mistake can also be stated, never interrupt your allies when they are doing something right. Hungary apparently isn’t interested in expanding their struggle against liberalism into an international coalition at the moment. Jobbik types likely saw this conference as a means their enemies could use to attack their movement and by stopping the conference, removed a potentially embarrassing situation. I suggest having these conferences in Czech republic or some other liberal Eastern European bastion and force them to look like the anti-freedom bad guys. Hungary seems to be doing well on their own.

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