Some truly amazing identitarian / alt-right videos

One thing American conservatives never understood is that art is more important than politics.  If you can create and impose your own aesthetic vision, politics will follow.  Politics without art is untethered.

On an email list, I was recently sent some videos that are truly amazing.  I’ll go through some of them.  If you only have time to watch one, watch the first. But please, take the time and watch all of them. You won’t be disappointed.

The first is by the French female band Les Brigandes and it’s entitled “Le grand remplacement” (French for the “Great Replacement” which denotes the racial genocide of whites and their replacement by other races).  For more of their videos, see here.  Counter Currents has a piece about them here.

Another by Les Brigandes on antifas (anti-fascists):

Lana Lokteff and her friends Sinead and Megan on white privilege:

Shiksa Goddess on internet trolls.  (Her YouTube channel is here.)

Another by Shiksa Goddess:

Finally, @UncuckTheRight, on the Alt Right:

There is so much new talent out there.  I hope to see more talent coming out of the woodwork soon.

16 thoughts on “Some truly amazing identitarian / alt-right videos

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  3. Some of this is fun, but it’s not art. It’s counter-propaganda. It’s Alt-Right acting like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore.

    Les Brigandes are okay, but their songs are formulaic.

    Btw, we need to remind ourselves that the Libs won the ‘culture war’ not because they were BLATANTLY political. Most people tune out obviously political stuff.
    Notice that nearly everyone in communist nations got tired of commie propaganda and were really listening to western pop and watching hollywood movies. It’s like even Christians prefer entertainment to church stuff. And in Nazi Germany, most Germans could take only so much of propaganda. Propaganda can be effective but once in awhile, not 24/7. Too much makes one bored and even allergic to that stuff. Propaganda gets dull fast.

    The reason why Libs were effective in culture was not because they were blatantly PC and propagandist but because they won over the hearts and minds of the most talented writers, film-makers, musicians, and etc.; therefore, the fans of such artists came to associate talent with ‘leftism’.

    It was by INDIRECT MEANS that so many young people came to lean toward the ‘left’.

    For example, HARRY POTTER isn’t blatantly political one way or another. But it was a huge success, and kids all loved it all over. So, when Rowhling said she’s for ‘gay marriage’ and a key character is homo, young people went in that direction.

    Or take Paul Newman. Most of Newman’s movies were not that political. And he was even in movies that might be called right-wing, like SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION and LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN. The point is he was a fine actor and a great screen presence regardless of the movies he was in. So, a lot of men and especially women loved him. So, when he declared himself a Liberal, he made being ‘liberal’ cool.

    While rock musicians have sometimes been political, their main appeal has been apolitical. Most people don’t listen to pop music for messages. If messages are what people want most, Joan Baez and Pete Seeger would have been the biggest stars of all time. But in fact, were the Beatles, Stones, and etc. were much bigger, and most of their stuff was apolitical.

    The thing is they were very popular and came to be idolized by their fans. So, when members of the Beatles came out for leftist causes, fans came to associate leftism with the cool. Political suasion resulted from idolization of talent. It wasn’t the political nature of their music that did the magic. Indeed, John Lennon was least popular when he was most blatantly political. His most political work was SOMETIMES IN NEW YORK CITY, a total bomb. Even leftists didn’t buy it. (Initially, many leftists were alarmed by pop culture cuz it seemed to drag people away from the Cause toward capitalist consumer culture. But eventually, the New Left came around to politicizing talent. In other words, let entertainers keep entertaining with their genuine talent, but sway them to endorse ‘progressive’ causes. It’s like how cereals recruit star athletes. If people see some famous star eating cheerios, maybe they will do. Associating genuine talent with a certain product or agenda.)

    What made Lennon an effective spokesman for ‘leftism’ was he’d written songs like TICKET TO RIDE, STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER, and COME TOGETHER. Those songs made him popular and respected, and that’s why his fans came to agree with his political views as well when he finally decided to become political. Given that so much of popular music owes to black influences, a lot of white rock musicians feel they owe something to blacks. Since white rockers revere black creativity, white fans follow their idols. And of course, there are tons of famous/great black rockers and singers who’ve made whites feel pro-black feelings. Most of this black music isn’t political but it has political implications cuz when whites admire black talent, they also feel they must sympathize with black culture and community. Genuine black talent in music and sports did more than anything to make white people admire blacks and become pro-black. It wasn’t so much ‘white guilt’. And same goes for Jews. It’s not just guilt over the Holocaust but genuine admiration for Jewish genius in music, comedy, literature, science, math, economics, and etc.

    Woody Allen has been an effective spokesman for the Jewish community not because he was very political. In fact, he has shied away from most political issues(though he’s supported Zionism and the Democratic Party). But he was funny, and so, he developed a huge fan base. He also made some very good ‘serious movies’. So, in admiring his talent, people also came to admire his Jewishness.

    So, most people are not ‘leftist’ because they heard ‘leftist’ messages from musicians, actors, writers, and etc. They are ‘leftist’ because people of genuine talent(often apolitically expressed) happen to be ‘leftist’ or left-leaning.

    The trick is in the association of talent and message. Suppose a great artist never ever makes a political or ideologically charged art. But suppose he or she is a great actor, dancer, writer, singer, actor, director, or whatever. Let’s suppose he is political only outside his or her art. The thing is his or her fans may be drawn to his politics because they are drawn to his talent.

    This is why Jews fear Wagner and Heidegger. It’s not their anti-Jewishness. If only no-talents were anti-Jewish, Jews would not worry since lack of talent attracts no one. But Wagner attracted tons of fans(even many Jewish ones) with his genius, and some say Heidegger was the most profound and important thinker of the 20th century(regardless of his politics). What Jews fear is that people may, in admiring the talent of Wagner and Heidegger, may be drawn to their politics.

    Anyway, a true talent that is apolitical in his/her art is a more effective messenger than a no-talent who is blatant about his politics in his or her art.

    A true talent can sing a wonderful apolitical song while a no-talent can sing a dumb song with a political message.

    People will pay attention to the former while neglecting the latter.

    Now, if the talented singer says he or she is a Liberal(apart from his or her art), that is what really does the trick.

    Of course, these days, Liberal Hollywood slips in all kinds of political or social messages into their products, but the key thing to remember is the messages slip them in. The messages are the centerpiece of the show. At the center is the talent to make people laugh, cry, excited, or etc. If the talent isn’t there, people will not watch.
    Indeed, even most Cons prefer to watch a well-made movie with liberal message than a badly made movie with a conservative message. Talent attracts.

    It’s like men want to look at good-looking women. It’s the looks that are the real hook.

    Men are drawn to looks first, and then pay attention to the message afterward.

    So, if a good-looking woman gains the attention of men and then says she’s for such-and-such politics, men will be more favorable to her politics.

    But if an ugly woman explains at length why she’s for such-and-such politics, men will simple tune out due to her looks alone.

    Anyway, looking at the videos above, some of them are clever, and Brigandes are okay-nice, but they are all too blatantly political and propagandistic to really win people’s hearts and minds.

    The real trick is to hook the people apolitically through real talent, and then win them over politically by declaring one’s politics.

    Take LA JETEE, the famous French sci-fi. It is not blatantly political one way or another. It is neither obviously ‘leftist’ or ‘rightist’. But it is a work of genius. So, fans of that film will admire Chris Marker. As it was, Marker was a man of the left, so the fans will come to associate leftism with talent and depth and insight. That is the real trick. Talent is the great aphrodisiac.

  4. My belief is that all art is political.
    I think Les Brigandes are great however perhaps more useful for fellow travellers rather than winning new converts. Feeling a bit depressed about the current situation? Sick of all the losers in the movement? Listen and watch some Les Brigandes, that’ll cheer you up!

  5. gubbler chechenova, you’re missing something fundamentally important, and thus the real brilliance of Les Brigandes.

    Their lyrics are, as you say, overtly political. What you’re missing is that they’re covertly theological. Underneath the politics, they’re smuggling in traditional Catholicism. We traditional Catholics (i.e., those who reject the errors, novelties, and ambiguities of the Second Vatican Council and consequent errors, novelties, ambiguities, and scandals of the post-concilar popes) instantly recognize this (thus we understand their brilliant La logia de los Jacobinos song, for example, on an infinitely deeper level than those who aren’t traditional Catholics).

    They do all this while appropriating the musical vocabulary of this late stage of the Revolution (see Plinio Correa de Oliveira’s to understand the capital R there) and using it against the Revolutiopn for counter-Revolutionary ends, which are fundamentally theological.

    The music of Les Brigandes is utterly brilliant. True, because of the overt lyrical content, it may initially appeal only to those already disposed in this direction. But the underlying theological basis–Christ, the leaven–will magnify this appeal beyond our wildest expectations.

  6. When I witness Americans praising things coming from France that are obviously bad, I start wondering: do they like bad things or do they want us to be defined by bad things?

    Either way it’s wrong.

  7. Enough of this sick american masturbation about everything that’s French. No, Marine Le Pen, Les brigandes, or Les identitaires are not good. They’re shitty.

    Stop sharing this “band” songs. They’re awfull, lyrics are stupid, music is terrible and they can’t even sing right ! It’s not because they’re “on our side” (wich is not the case by the way) that they play good music.

    You know what’s important when you make music? Making good music. If you make good stuff, you can work and “convert people” or “make people think”. If you play crappy music, well, nobody’s gonna listen to you anyway.

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