Extreme Anti-White Tweets from #BlackLivesMatter Movement

For those in the know about human biodiversity, it comes as no surprise that multi-racial states lead to societal decay.  As Robert Putnam has demonstrated, the more racially diverse a neighborhood or organization is, the lower the social trust.  (For a more expanded reading list on this theme, see here.)

Add blacks into the equation (who have low average IQs and low impulse control), the situation becomes even worse.  Blacks have been told their entire lives that all their failures are due to some mysterious white magic called white racism, so now they angrily attribute all their failings to this magic.  The #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) movement illustrates this truth.

People on Twitter have been taking screen shots of various BLM activists, which run the usual litany of anti-white hatred.  Here they are:


CUXyQ_CUAAAy_Zf(The above tweet is allegedly from BLM organizer at Howard University)














And it’s not just blacks in the USA. Here are some other Tweets.

Here’s one from a Hindu Indian woman in the UK:

CUQnq48UsAA5GH5Here’s one from an Asian:

CUQvBFAUwAARJ_WFrom an African in France:


From an Arab at Arizona State:




Here is a collage that someone on Twitter made from the above tweets:


126 thoughts on “Extreme Anti-White Tweets from #BlackLivesMatter Movement

  1. My parents were immigrants and many people of many races here in America agree on a common denominator. BLACKS ARE THE WEAKEST LINK OF AMERICA. They are savages and scientifically proven to have lower I.Q’s. They want to truly believe that their labor built foundations of this great nation. I love black people but i dislike most of them if that makes sense. I only dislike most black people because most of them are savage racists and lower the standards of living in societies. Whites let them live in a free prosperous society and they still whine and cry like the little insecure bitches they are. This is MOST blacks, not all. I am 100% muslim , aka non-white , and I am telling you European Americans need to rise and take your fucking nations back. Stop standing up to these minority races that hate you. STAND UP FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN!

    • You seriously need to stop thinking like this. This is exactly the same mentality that those racist assholes above had before they started thinking that black people were better than others. It first starts off with discriminating another race, then it turns to another, then it becomes racial pride. and after that they just look down on everyone while spouting racial bullshit. There’s a saying that goes “Hate the player not the game”. The same can go for this “Hate the racist, not the race.” So before you continue preaching some more racist bullshit. Shut the fuck up with the “Blacks are the weakest link of America”. No. Racists like you are the weakest link of America.

      • Thank you Dave. If the same shit was posted by while people about black people (which I see all the time on Facebook) then it would get the same response. Yeah a lot of people in all races are racist, but doesn’t give people excuses up hate the entire damn race. This whole article is biased bullshit

      • Thank you.
        I hate that kind of thinking.
        I always think about a batch of apples and some are just rotten inside but that doesn’t make them all rotten, first you need to inside them to know. Just like people. You first need to see their character and judge them based on their attitudes, deeds, and sayings. Every person is an individual in my eyes. I am white but I don’t identify myself with the people who traded slaves or owned slaves. I don’t identify blacks with Idi Amin or asians with Pol Pots or Rusians with Stalin or Germans with Hitler. If you are a bad person is not the fault of how you look, what race you have but all about your thinking.

        Judge a person on the person not on something they couldn’t controle. And if people think that I am an SJW because of this speech, I am actually against BLM and feminism and all those kind of groups because they don’t treat everyone as equal, they judge people for something they can’t control. And not everyone in this group does but the leaders of these groups need to step up and show them that equality is something to strife for not superiority by demonizing another group.

      • Your refusal to recognize racial differences, leads to a denial that racial groups have interests and rights to defend, to denial of basic pride in who people are.

        The final line in the road: advocating genocide because you’re so virtuous. Its evil beyond belief. So stop the anti-White rhetoric. Grow up;

  2. Another thing is black men and women think they are the most attractive race! That’s great but blacks will never match the diversity, beauty, and genetic complexities of whites. They have evolved genes that are “newer” to the world. If it’s true that all humans originate from Africa then that makes black genes are more primitive and easier to create. That’s why bi-racial children tend to look black (it’s much easier to make a black genes). Another thing is that black women think that white women want their features…yes kind of…. but not to that “gorilla-monkey-ape-like” extent. Black males think they are more attractive because they claim to be more masculine because of slightly higher testosterone levels than other male races. Just because you have more masculine features doesn’t make you “attractive” or pleasing to the eye. A gorilla is more masculine than all of us combined but no woman would fuck a gorilla. So when women say they prefer “Tall, dark , and handsome” they are talking about white men with dark features. sorry to burst your ego’s black boys. Plus the most Alpha men on the planet are large Northern European men and statistically have the biggest c**ks.

    • Well isn’t this just a bunch of bigoted, racist spewing bullshit. Guess white demons still trying to make themselves fell better because that their women want us, their men are nothing but fucking cowards, and not one of you all would even DARE say that to a black man or woman’s face directly. Continue hiding behind your cheap ass words. You’re as despicable as the tweets from above. FYI, just a little scientific fact, “your whiteness”, keep in mind that we ARE in fact the original people, our IQ’s have continuously shown to be greater than that of many so-called white geniuses, and if there were just a little bit more increase in ultraviolet rays on the Earth’s surface, your genetically mutated race would die off as they do not possess the thing that God gave humankind in the first place: melanin. So please politely go fuck yourself or stop hiding behind an internet post.

      • Since whites are so hated they must use internet to post thoughts! Do you think for a second you people wouldnt jump on the first opportunity to kill white people if they spoke how they really felt about THE BLACK RACIST SHIT GOING ON. sorry yall are THE MOST RACIST HYPOCRITICAL PEOPLE ever. Oh blacks cant be racist thats a load of shit. Now we whites gotta look over our shoulder and feel weird around yall KNOWING DAMN WELL you hate us all bc you all speak so openly about it. Kill whites it says on twitter. Rape white bitches is what these posts say. I say FUCK YOU. and yes on the internet you know why? Bc one of you fuckers would murder me for my opinion. The difference is i wont do that to you. Yeah im scared yall are animals you think we dont have other media to see what the fuck you people are really doing? We know your racist sad agenda. But i promise you the white poor and white middle class have nothing to do with fucking slavery except becoming a slave themselves. To a corrupt racist government full of political correctness and only one sided. Youre all nothin more then a huge gang planning white genocide. So yeah its scary. Knowing for a lack of fucking brown pigment that i could be a target. Are you even american. Bc this is third world mentality. Take it by force kill Whitey burn cities and loot. Ugh sick sick sick.

      • Look here you fucking nigger whore,all blacks are scum that need ti die slow and painfull deaths,WHITE POWER NIGGERS WHITE POWER WHITE POWER WHITE POWER

      • Fuck you pussy ass coon. The women that want you, we dont want. Those of us with balls, aint fucking scared at all. I’ll best the shit out of any of you ignorant niggers the same way I been doing for years. You talk hard shit but none of you can throw hands one on one, ive broke so many fucking boot lip nigga jaws its hilarious. Your women want ME caus I’ll fucking rumble, and I WOR, and they know i can fuck them into oblivion with this big white dick. your IQs have been scientifically proven to be lower on average, and your the perfect example of such. The fact that you think these tweets are pay, proves youre nothing more than a KKK member hiding behind a different movement and color. My words aren’t cheap, they’re true, and I’ll gladly back them up in the street same as always. Bitch ass niggers. You mutated from monkeys and we evolved from cavemen cause how many nigger cavemen you seen? Thats right, NONE. So go fuck yourself the way most of your race likes or did you forget that its also been scientifically proven most niggers are homosexuals and like to fuck dudes and trannys and most of you want to be women. Bahahahaha you’re all pathetic. Signed, a white boy who’s been fucking your women in the ass ad beating your men in the streets since he started running the hood at 13.

      • I’d love to retort…in person. Where exactly are you? I’ll come see you, we’ll have this talk face to face.

      • @WhiteKing You accuse her of sounding like a KKK member under a different movement yet you’re saying the same shit KKK members say. You reek of racism

      • Lol first off you are as filled with hate as any of those cowards in the article above or those pussy little white supremacists in the comments. Oh and heads up, most white women don’t want you (ie. Black men) same reason most black women don’t like white men. We stick to our own. Second, I’m bi and I’ve been with quite a few black guys, and let me say from experience, they’re nothing special. I’ve had big ducks from all races. And third, I’m ex military, and I’ve beet the shit out of more than a few black dudes, y’all ain’t so tough bitch. So all of you assholes in the comments, stop saying white is better than black or black is better than white, all humans are just inherently awful. You are all smug racist assholes. That or trolls. Not sure which is worse.

      • Latoya… where did your mom come up with that? When she delivered you on a break in a Toys’R US bathroom? I said mom because I’m sure you don’t know daddy.

  3. What are you coons complaining about? Your ancestors got an all expenses paid trans-Atlantic cruise and got free room and board from my great great grandpappy.

  4. Fuck all u racist black motherfuckers….. finish school, pull your pants up,get a job…. holly fuck stop bitchin ..stop hanging with home boy and go to work…

    So in short shut the fuckup …

  5. What’s funny is this makes these ignorant fucks the exact same people their movement is against. You dumb shits don’t want to be discriminated against and then you go around discriminating. That’s why this cracker keeps a loaded fucking 40 cal for any dumb fuck that wanna try. #WishANiggaWould

    • As every white man should apparently. I personally have never woken up and said “Every black needs to die” or “gonna rape me a black bitch today” but this is actually a thing with blacks.

  6. All yall need jesus within the article and the comments
    All yall racist assholes deserve to be shot. Both white and black

  7. We must remember, these sick fucks don’t speak for Black people as a whole. Just like the White Nationalists/KKK/etc. don’t speak for all White people.

    How do I know?

    I was about to be raped by 2 white men at a party, and a Black man broke down a door, fought the two men, and saved me, putting great risk to himself to save this White girl.

    • @Kelly Anne – You’re telling me a negro was so infatuated with you at a party, somehow knew that you were about to be molested behind closed doors, broke down said door, fought those two and “saved” you all by himself? Sounds like a cheap, pro-race-mixing script to me. Statistically, the negro would have been way more likely to rape you. In other words, I believe you pulled that shit out of your ass, dear Kelly Anne.

  8. Threats of rape and kill should lead to arrests. And if blacks want to rebuild, then demand your mix use zoning rights are reinstated…so duh..then you can run home businesses and revive your self and community. All talking violence, will end up in jail or a street riot that destroys your area..and you won’t be able to.play your vide games, shower, cook, watch TV. So stupid. So backwards. I am native, so don’t play hate on me. We have been trying to tell you that your OWN lOCAL BLACK POLITICIANS took your home biz rights away making you impoverished, but you never listened. Calling for violence shows you do not want better lives, just prison or to be shot and live in even worse slums than you have now. You think you have cockroach and rodent issues, now..destroy your areas and welcome to real third world slums that you are only a half step away from. Need to send your asses to refuge camps to see what war and violence creates…bunch of whiny, spoiled boybitches and satanic gals that go promote rape, war, death and destruction. Evil destroy drive as daily, gunshots and raping your own goes on with severe child and abuse to your pit dogs. The real hood survivors are sick.of your volatile criminal asses destroying our streets daily with your gunshots and crimes. Guarantee, almost every hate poster has a criminal history or should for some rapes, and does hard drugs and prositution crimes. We want our streets with home biz and aets to thrive you motherphuckers…daily we are stuck in our homes as you destroy your own area and let the local black.politicians destroy economic and propeety rights to home biz AS PROFIT OFF ALL THIS..As I AM a native…screw you..we want to thrive in peace and small biz, not warfare…you should all be arrested for your REAL THREATS OF CRIMES on public spheres..guarantee all of you will do those crimes, have and INCITING IS A CRUME ALSO. I know from black colleges and down to music and entertainment industries and black arts that all the plans to infiltrate and take over and screw others over even in govt programs by violating of rights has been the PLANS..was around so many of you as an artist…and so many of you are paid cronies, whine about poor as get free hotels, flights, mass money to be all blacks rule and incite violence. Or so stupidly, you have mass money from drugs and prostitutions and instead of trademark and build business; you buy drugs, guns, ugly slave made sneakers, etc, following trends like steeple. No blacks with any soul, that are legit, join into this crap. We natives had way worse done to us and we want small biz artsy thriving communities, not this evil Holocaust, genocide plans of your nasty revenge. Grow up, your hates don’t even serve your mind as the mind shuts down as hate evil programs take over. You purposely choose to destroy your own mind heart and soul. All.over utube you have been inciting this Holocaust on whites and others for years and escalating and at your private events. Oh, I got a pass, I’m native..but I pass on your evil hypocrisy. I BEG ones to realize these threats are real and have been.in the making for years..look all.over YouTube and their blogs….and I beg ones to petition that ALL internet threats lead to AREESTS of felony threats and felony incitement or you will regret …I’ve been warning ones for years as it’s escalated…and do all the above threats and Charlotte, convince you now…wake up..wars been going on, including in their gov staff jobs, not only abuse native rights, but all federal disabled, even Usps, stealing mail, meds for black market. They laugh at genocide to others..and need to be locked up for public safety…

    • And bullshitz your life so bad. Try a reservation. Try no utilities. Try no new overpriced sneakers, grills, videogames, tire runs and all he crap you waste your money on, including hard drugs and mass alcohol.

  9. This is nazi propaganda, this is the same misinformation the FBI used against the Civil Rights Movement. Those groups are gone, but the international white supremacy terrorists and their supporters here and abroad are still alive and well. Yes I said international, their is a kkk terrorist cell in Australia, and many nazi terrorist cells throughout Europe, Asia (part of Russia is in Asia fool), and Africa. The problem is, we haven’t captured or killed these international white supremacy terrorists and their supporters here and abroad like we are doing with other international terrorists. The weakest linnk has alrwady been proven that racists are as dumb as a door knob and are cowardly species, this is why they allways use propoganda to say they are intelligent, the same as the al qaeda ,and Janjaweed. Kill or capture all terrorists and their supporters here and abroad. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!


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  11. These people think that they are so tough. It’s coming, the day of reckoning ya, as much as you don’t want to believe it each and every person will have to account for their actions and words (threats) you think you live in a free country but the count down has started … You think uttering death threats or threats of bodily harm isn’t a punishable crime? … It’s more than a crime it is considered terrorism now .. you can be charged and imprisoned under the new terrorism laws. You hate your life so much that you have to kill people based on their color, your mental illness goes way beeper than color/religion/sexual orientation … You all are pathetic.

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  14. Black people make up 13percent of America. And yet commited 52 percent of the murders over the last 30 years. Stop blaming every body else for your problems. 92 percent of black people are killed by black people, stop blaming cops. Chicago, enough said. But I really love the tweets about raping white women and killing all white people. Really making the other 95 percent of black people hold their heads up high.

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