Is #CommonCore the ultimate idiocracy or complete sabotage?

A good friend of mine recently has become embedded in his state’s common core debate and, as a result, I’ve been been proxy to some of the chain emails among his friends.  I’ve always thought common core a bad idea for various reasons but it’s never been something I’ve really looked into.  Some states have recently dumped common core, as it has been attacked both by traditionalists and even some inner city districts.  But as the ship is going done, it seems to become more and more radicalized. Based on the info I’ve received recently from a couple friends, one of whom is a professor of mathematics, here are some interesting facts I’ve discovered about Common Core.

– Common Core was originally packaged as standardized testing on reading and math, which was supposed not to involve content, but that quickly changed.  The original intent, it seems, all along was to modify content.

– Common Core has radically changed the way mathematics is taught — basically the general trend from Newton / Leibniz to the present has been overturned.  Most of the symbols, notations, descriptions, vocabulary, etc., have been discarded and are replaced by more “visual” approaches, often involving silly video-game-like graphics. A math professor I know said students who have learned math by this approach aren’t even able to comprehend traditional math because it seems like a foreign language to them.  Apparently the unspoken rationale behind this approach is that blacks and mestizos cannot learn traditional math and Common Core  is more “POC friendly,” although it seems to have made little difference in test scores.  Nonetheless, at least trying to advance blacks is a worthy cause to discard two thousand years of accumulated mathematical wisdom.

– Common Core has dumped the study of grammar altogether.  Literally, no traditional grammar.  Grammar has been replaced by “feel good” unstructured expository writing and basic new-speak guidelines.  There are students now who have no idea what an adjective, relative clause or diagramming a sentence is.  Students who learn English this way would never be able to learn an inflected grammar-heavy language, like Latin or German, but maybe that’s the point.  Rationale?  Apparently the Schools of “Education” think grammar is racist because blacks and mestizos cannot fully comprehend it.  Modern (as in post-Middle) English grammar must be discarded to make way for some new Third World hybrid language (Dindu-Spanglish?).

– Although Common Core was originally sold as “content free,” it quickly scrapped nearly all the European and other white writers from reading lists.  Vergil’ Aeneid, Beowulf, Goethe’s writings, and Shakespeare’s plays have made way for bunch of non-white writers complaining about something — usually white people for their shortcomings.  Defenders of Common Core say it prescribes no particular books.  It’s about “how to read,” not what to read. It just so happens in learning “how to read” one shouldn’t read white people.

If these descriptions are true, and I really have no reason to believe they are not, as I’ve seen many of the source materials, what in the hell is going on here?  Is it complete idiocracy or a deliberate ((( attempt ))) to sabotage learning and the accumulated knowledge of the past 2000 years?  Both?

If you know kids in a public school, tell them to GTFO.  The bitch is run by Upgrayedd now.


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18 thoughts on “Is #CommonCore the ultimate idiocracy or complete sabotage?

  1. the math and grammar of my nephew’s school became so dumbed down after common core that they pulled him out and homeschooled him

  2. Common Core is also very anti-foreign language…. except Spanish. You must learn Spanish but all other foreign languages are evil. Fuck all you upper class whites who want to learn languages like German, French or Latin. No, learn the language of mestizos!

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  4. Never mind their sex ed standards which are disgusting and harmful to kids. Here’s the thing, even if a state ‘quits’ Common Core, do they really? Unless they repurchase text books with no Common Core content and agenda they’re still teaching it, but they can lie to parents and say ‘No, we quit using Common Core’.

  5. A lot of effort is expended in disparaging Blacks and Mestizos for being unable to hack it in a truly academic setting. But they’re not the problem. They are not the ones who are changing the educational model to make it possible for them to “succeed”. It’s the White liberals who are the engine of our eventual destruction.

  6. I have taken 2 years of College level math- why at 52 years old do I have to watch a YouTube video to “learn” how to do a simple subtraction problem a ‘new’ and actually more complicated way to find the answer. Math is a hard science- 2 + 2 always equals 4! But when you complicate and expand the steps it takes to arrive at the answer – it affords the opportunity to allow partial credit- and I believe that is the true goal. With multiple steps you can tell the student- although you arrived at the WRONG answer – I can give you partial credit for setting up the equation properly . It’s a continuation of the progressive plan to inflate a child’s ego- and sense of self – at the expense of reality and correctness. A case could be made for the purposeful dumbing down of society which will build a permanent underclass who relies on one political party to cover their needs.

  7. That’s the reason that our two sons were home schooled and why our five (so far) grandchildren will all be home schooled. I can think of no greater harm that one can do to the next generation than to turn them over to the communist propaganda machine known as public schools.

  8. I think a more likely explanation is Gates and other powers that be have simply decided they want stupider peons to rule, and are deliberately dumbing them down. As further evidence of this hypothesis, I point out that the amount of aluminum in the early vaccines has been ramped sharply *up* since Bishop et al reported in 1997 NEJM that early aluminum made recipients stupid in a placebo controlled test.

  9. Where are you getting your information that Common Core ditches grammar? I’m looking at the grade-school Common Core language standards, and they include things like correct punctuation and capitalization by 2nd grade, knowing all the parts of speech by 3rd grade, and working with parts of complex sentences in middle school. If that isn’t grammar, what is?

    You might be confused by the fact that they seem to have split up the language arts standards into several different categories – the “reading” section is about understanding texts, “writing” is about content, and “language” is the section that covers grammar.

    • Traditional grammar — such as diagramming sentences, using philological classification, etc. — has been entirely ditched. It’s all been replaced with dumbed-down CC New Speak.

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