95% of White Americans Have No African Ancestry

According to some recent population genetics surveys, around 95% of white Americans (European Americans) have no black (Sub-Sahara African) ancestry.  And the 5% of whites who do, seem to have only a trivial amount.

Nonetheless, the average admixture of African Americans seems to be around 80% black and 20% European.

What does this mean?

First, the USA historically has not been a hotbed of miscegenation as Cultural Marxists like to tell us.  Your eyes and common sense should tell you that if there were widespread miscegenation, there would be hardly any white Americans but rather large mestizo/mulatto-like populations such as one finds in many Latin American countries (and even there, small white upper classes still exist).

Second, the people in USA tended to cross the color line in only one direction: white —> black. Mulatto people would identify as black and then reintegrate into the black gene pool.

Which brings us to another question, why do mulattoes almost always identify as black?

The standard Cultural Marxist answer to this question is because of culture, such as the one-drop rule.  But the reality of the situation belies this half-truth.

The most straightforward answer is what Oxford zoologist Jonathan Kingdon suggested in 1996:  black looks are dominant while other looks are recessive.  Observation seems to bear this out.  A person with only 1/16th black ancestry will still often have visible black characteristics, whereas a white person with 1/16th Japanese ancestry would probably pass for 100% white.

In other words, the reason why most mulattoes identify as black is at least in part biological.  Perhaps the white phenotype really is recessive and is easily diminished.

As philosopher Nick Land succinctly formulated: White + Color = Color.


Razib Khan:  European Americans have little African ancestry

Dienekes Pontikos: “23&Me: Less than 5% of European Americans have more than 2% either African or Native American ancestry

Steve Sailer:  “White Americans are VERY white

85 thoughts on “95% of White Americans Have No African Ancestry

      • Exactly.Blacks are now the privileged race. I have witnessed this many times, especially if the police are called, they won’t do anything if the perp is black; they’re too scared of Obama and being called racist.

  1. Frank W. Sweet:

    “The only American families accepted into the White endogamous group have been those whose African admixture just happened not to include the half-dozen alleles for dark skin (or the other physical traits associated with “race”). Since those particular alleles were sifted out of the portion of the White population that originated in biracial families, the relative percentage of the remaining, invisible, African alleles in this population cannot affect skin color. That skin-color does not vary with African genetic admixture among American Whites, despite their measureably recent African admixture, demonstrates and confirms that physical appearance has been an important endogamous group membership criterion throughout U.S. history.”


    Nicholas Stix responds to this post (here), writing:

    “The part I disagree with regards black characteristics being “dominant” (hit the link to the full essay, which isn’t long). As far as I know, this notion was made up out of thin air by genocidal black ideologues like Neely Fuller and “psychiatrist” “Dr.” Frances Cress Welsing, within a Nazi-style, pseudo-biology, and spread largely via the pamphlets of “Dr.” Jawanza Kunjufu.”

    This may be true but just because a genocidal black ideologue believes X doesn’t mean that X isn’t true.

    I think Stix and these blacks tend to think recessive looks = inferior, which is why they have opposite motivations for denying or asserting the claim of blacks having dominant looks, but in reality recessive does not necessarily mean inferior.

    • Similar to the “recessive” gene for red hair and freckles among northern Europeans. Eric the “Red”, Henry VIII and his daughter, the great and very capable Elizabeth I, all redheads, and all highly intelligent.

  2. Second try to get this posted.

    Is blackness dominant? I don’t know. If you look at Barack Obama Sr. and Barack Obama Jr. on Wikipedia, it’s quite obvious that Junior has whiter features.

    I tend to think that whatever group you are comparing a person to will seem recessive, because you are focusing more on the things that distinguish them from the group than on things that identify them with the group. I am fairly certain that in a room of full-blooded Kenyans, Obama’s white features would be what stand out.

    Of course, it is possible that the one-drop rule has a biological as well as a cultural basis – given that female fidelity is less of a concern in Africa, it is possible that “racial purity” (for lack of a better term) is less important as well. In other words, blacks may be more willing to accept mulattoes as fully black because they are less worried about cuckoos’ eggs (Also the fact that most interracial pairings today involve a black man and a white woman might reduce the sense of outrage that the more valuable sex is being stolen away). It costs a lot less to have a male impregnate an outsider than to have a female impregnated by one.

    • thats not true infidelity in females in Africa has horrible consequences.women are killed because of it. and in a lot of cultures women have to go through the virgin test. in Africa women and men tend to intermarry with other races. its not just a white women, black men thing.

  3. Greetings. I never go to this website due to its support and belief in both secularism and Darwinian evolution, but the reason why Anglo influenced mulattos consider themselves black is due to the “One drop rule”.

    I come from a Latin based culture, where I am considered mixed/biracial.

    In Latin influenced colonies there was various categories. In the USA, if you had one drop of minority blood you would be part of their culture/ethnicity/race/etc.

  4. The reason mulattos identify themselves as black is due to Anglo culture.

    In South Africa they are considered “colored” (besides Indians), in other African countries they are considered mixed and in Latin/South America they are also considered mixed.

  5. Perhaps it also has to do with how black genes dramatically reduce intelligence. The intellectual dullness of negroes explains their pack mentality so naturally they don’t feel as comfortable around individualist Whites and just feel safer in a gaggle of fellow negroes?
    Just a thought that only now occurred to me.

    • “just a thought that now occurred to me”? Maybe you should develop a thought like that more before you post. I am mulatto and grew up in the north Georgia. I was always the minority as my surroundings were at least 95% Caucasian. Starting in middle school I was considered “gifted” and selecting for the program containing the top 10% of my age group by national test scores following through high school. Upon graduating, I was ranked 8th in my school by GPA and SAT scores. I just so happened to also be the football star and went to college on a football scholarship (after all it was free). I was also selected as one of the most attractive in my class, brown skin-green eyes, by the yearbook committee. So I have lived my life in constant comparison to my white and black peers, fighting preconceptions and my own demons. My point is this: using my own life as a case study, I find more influence from a person’s parental upbringing than from racial makeup. And as much as I don’t like what you said, there may be some truth in it as just as I was naturally more athletic than my peers, the brain is a product of genetics as well. However, I’m living proof contradicting your statement. You clearly cannot generalize like that without the research. My friends used to tell me that I had it all, or the best of both worlds or what not but really I’m just a product of genetic diversity with the right assortment of phenotypes. But what I think most of you try not to admit is that this is becoming more than just a trend and is the natural progression of any species. Genetic siversity. Especially with the gradual rise in interracial relationships and openness toward change in society’s racial caste system. Well sorry for the lengthiness and thanks for letting me share my story/thoughts. Oh yeah, I’m 28yo, live in Atlanta, majored in Biology and currently work as a medical technologist

    • Rollingwriter, I’m black, and in 2 decades have lived in many different countries throughout the world, speak a few languages, and have friends of different races, cultural backgrounds, and widely varying socioeconomic groups. I’m from a regular middle class background, with undergrad and postgrad education, by the way. The years and travels (including throughout the US) have shown me first-hand, in real time (as opposed to through a restricted view) that people of all cultures and countries are gulity of the same goods and evils, and that those who espouse racial propaganda do it because they not only don’t know the wider facts, but have no idea that they don’t know because they themselves have been fed a steady diet of that propaganda by someone before them, likely since youth.
      Having said that, your glaring lack of a clue about people as a species aside, you’re obviously a thick- witted moron so shut your pie hole and quit flashy us your idiocy. It’s embarrassing.

      • Amazing how all these statistical anomalies always seem to find me. A negro with an IQ exceeding 90! What are the odds?!
        Assuming you are the freakishly cultured negro you claim to be you will doubtlessly be familiar with something called ‘science’ and you will know how consistently low negro intelligence has been proven to be by a wide array of tests over the past 100 years at least.
        You should also be familiar with statistics and know how, in all the countries they live, in negroes commit the vast majority of not only violent crimes, but crimes in general.
        Now please just buzz off Blackie.

      • Rollingboulder…I mean, Rollingwriter, the weirdest coincidence and God’s truth: You’re referencing statistics to a epidemiologist/statistician! Whoa. Anyway, fyi, 1.not all published data is legitimately reliable (why I get work), and depends on e.g. sampling technique, weighting outside factors and even researcher bias (most mathematically calculable) so you might want to not only read ‘science’ that supports your views but look wider and learn to evaluate critically (if you want the real story, that is. If you just want to hate, you’re on the right track.) Also 2. if we did use your own (wobbly) argument, “ALL THESE statistical anomalies find[ing] you” suggests that (extrapolating the numbers here to the wider population) intelligent blacks are not anomalies at all and you trample your own premise with your first sentence. Nice, huh? Don’t wield science and stats if you can use them properly, Boo Boo. You sound more like the counting-with-stones type. Also, tip: when you post something skewed and hateful, it doesn’t demean who you think you’re insulting (they’re just in awe of how ridiculous you are, so you might want to work through that, too. Well, that and realizing that hating a whole race is just anger at your own life and looking for someone else to blame for it. And brainwashing.
        Well, this Blackie (I find that less offensive than some other terms for blacks, so thank you for that offering) is (again TRULY WEIRD) about to ‘buzz-off’–travelling again in another few days, in fact. Have a good life, Igor.

      • Ha ha. Obfuscating the facts and muddying the waters will only distract the very dim, like your fellow negroes.
        Anyway, since both observable data, scientific tests and statistics all converge in agreement, it should be safe to conclude negroes are intellectually inferior creatures.
        Funny how all you half wit negroids who feel compelled to argue with me all claim to be such accomplished and successful people. One wonders how then it is you all have such oceans of leisure time to read through random blogs and respond to so many things you take offense at.
        What I post is not skewed or hateful. It is an undeniable fact that Africans are, by far, the least intellectually gifted of all races. Hell, just look at Africa, Haiti or Detroit if you have any doubts.
        Talk to you later gorilla face!!

      • these “rollingwriter” type people are one of the many reasons that these cloudily-science backed racist articles will never be taken seriously.

      • No. It’ just a scientific fact negroes are more criminal than other races and are a horrible drain on any society they live in.
        Educate yourself and free your mind.

    • No. I’m not threatned by your “individualism”. I’m worried if you are going to harass me because I’m black. Judging from your post, you write like any other generic white racist that lurks within the bowels of the Internet.

    • My IQ is higher than both the AVERAGE black and the AVERAGE white, sitting at a respectable 122. In my experience, both groups as a whole are irrational, callous, unecessarily prideful, narcissistic, violent, loud, chaos loving and just overall disgusting. Asians and Jews (which can be counted as white but are often put into their own category) on the whole, seem to be a lot more peaceful. I can walk through an Asian or Jewish neighborhood, and while no one is going to be there waiting for me with open arms, I feel no threat of violence. The streets look clean, the people are well dressed and educated. I can have an intelligent conversation with my Asian peers that isn’t “Dem white menz are mad raysis!!!” or “I’m intellectually supeior because my great grandfather lived in a giant ice cube called Russia!”

      And I’m aware my comment will be attract people trying to trump my IQ by claiming arbitrary numbers like 130 or 145. If you were truly that intelligent, you ought to be somewhere trying to make robots out of soda cans and calculators.

      In sum, black and whites are inferior in terms of behavior. I’ll give whites some credit though, because they did create the Internet and so on. That can’t be over looked. And Germans, as disgusting as their racial rhetoric can be, are very sharp witted. I’m a huge fan of Nietzsche’s work.Plus they have nice jawlines.Hubba hubba. But AVERAGE whites are just as slack jawed as blacks; the only difference being that whites have a pretensious tone to the b.llshit they spew.

    • Dude I looked at your profile, ur just a racist plain and simple. Sorry but it’s true. You have to convince yourself that one race is worse than another to justify your own insecurities. Tell me I’m wrong. Read ‘Black Rednecks and White Liberals’ by Thomas Sowell. Explores the truth and misconceptions about every race. Smarter men than you and I have already put in the research man

    • Oh come on, give them a break. They may be a dredge on society, but they excel at leisure activities!
      They’re great to watch playing sports. They are so good at running with the football. I also love to watch the bigger females sing on American Idol, they have such great soul.

  6. I disagree with Nick Land. People who are 1/2 Aboriginal Australian and 1/2 White look more White than Aboriginal.

    I also disagree with the author of this post. As stated above people who are mixed Aboriginal-White look more White but tend to identify more with Aboriginal people because of affirmative action bennies. Whether or not one gets affirmative action bennies determines whether a White-Non White mixed person identifies more with his White half or his Non White half. For example, affirmative action is given to Blacks and Hispanics in the United States, and to Aboriginals in Australia. Therefore one would expect most Black/Hispanic/Aboriginal people who are also part White to identify more with the Black/Hispanic/Aboriginal part of their family, regardless of whether they look more White or Non White. Affirmative action is not given to Asians in the United States. Therefore one would NOT expect most Asian people who are also part White to identify more with the Asian part of their family.

    White + Colour = Whichever one is more likely to get affirmative action bennies.

    • aboriginal austrailians left Africa, and have been evolving separately for thousands of years.
      Generally, the more recently eveolved genes are less dominant. Aboriginals are not particularly closely related to sub Saharan arficans. It’s possible that they evolved after whites, which could explain the propensity for 1/2 aboriginal 1/2 whites to look very white.

  7. SC,

    Aborigines are not Sub-Sahara blacks. My argument above is about Sub-Sahara blacks.


    Unlike the USA which groups all Hispanics together, most Latin American countries have more sophisticated classifications of racial groups: mestizo, mulatto, etc.

    Glaivester, Alcestiseshtemoa, et al:

    Yet, this does not take weight away from my main observation:

    “A person with only 1/16th black ancestry will still often have visible black characteristics, whereas a white person with 1/16th Japanese ancestry would probably pass for 100% white”

    • Of course you are right about Australian Aborigines not being sub-Saharan Africans or anything but very remotely related to them, but you missed a point which was almost made and the absence of which in all these blog comments does not reflect well on white brains. (I doubt if I have any African ancestry from the last 400 generations unless I’m related to those Yorkshirmen who seem to have Y-Chromosomes which suggest that Africans working for the Romans, possibly as slaves, near Hadrian’s Wall were ancestors. Come to think of it those forefathers might have been legionaries: why not?). It is screamingly obvious that a person with some known black ancestry and a likelihood of people inferring that ancestry from his appearance is going to identify with those who won’t contemptuously reject him because of black ancestry. That’s because, unless he is most exceptional, he will share the usual human desire to identify with or at least socially comfortable with some group. That is not to deny that there may be problems for some who want to be part of a group too much and are ripe for rejection or at least bullying or mocking for being “too white”. What is hardly likely to be a problem of comparable magnitude in the minds of most part African-American/part white people to what they learn about the majority white population’s attitudes to blacks as they grow up. And it is not to deny at all the good point made about the attractions of affirmative action to those who can benefit from it.

      • typos.

        …..”or at least FEEL socially comfortable with”….

        “THAT is hardly likely to be a problem”…..

  8. Why do mulattoes identify as black: Try this: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    They know when they fill out government, college, employmnet and you name it forms, the moolah and favorable treatement starts. Anything else is nonsense. It’s the Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren narrative.

  9. your article is what i have been looking for a long time. it contains lots of useful information i need. thanks so much and i hope you will keep posting these good information.

  10. Hey rolling writer I gaurentee some white fuck in your family, I’m 25%greek 25%norwegian and %50 black just to throw that in to get your blood sugar running nice hi, you see pretty soon there will be no more white people year u guys are so boring you have kids with all theother races, your white birches love us and all the $ you give them goes to us hahahaha just look at the media BLACK IS THE NEW THING even are fukkin president is black muahaha were taking over an Yu are going to live long enough to see the fall of the cracker, o yaa and physicly we blacks can demolish whites, you can’t even each basketball without majority of the team being black good day honky

  11. Being white is a fine thing. It requires a high degree of purity. Not perfection: I, myself, am 97% white, but that’s above the minimum required for white race membership. There’s no general consensus on exactly where that line it, but it’s probably somewhere around 90-95 percent. A rule of thumb is “If you can pass for white in good light, you’re all right.”

    But being only half-black is plenty black enough for blacks to call you black. That’s partly because black genes, when pure, typically produce a hominid with an IQ of about 70, with a marked proclivity for violence and a conspicuous disinterest in doing any productive work.

    For the most part, the “black” achievers are really mulattoes. It is an ironic fact that most of the people of whom the black race is the most proud are really miscegenations with more white ancestry than black ancestry, yet they are counted as “black.” In the case of the black race, genetic impurity is usually an improvement.

    But that isn’t true for all races, and in particular it isn’t true about the white race.

    • Correct.

      One thing that fascinates me is the almost religious faith negroes and race-mixers like “the future” have that biracialism is…well….”the future”. In a way, they are correct I suppose. It is probably true that at some point, all societies will engage in race-mixing. That point is,most often, the END-point of said society.

      What libtard Cathedralites like this are really cheering on is the destruction of our society. It’s a source of great amusement to me that they think “progress” is what is taking place. It doesn’t require Ashkenazi or Asian blood to see that there’s no way a population whose average IQ is EIGHTY can improve upon, or even maintain, a level of civilization built by people whose average IQ is 100 or greater. I mean, that’s obvious to even these magic negroes when you think about it, right?

      Is Haiti a highly advanced nation? That’s what America is progressing towards, one mulatto at a time, so it sure as hell better be.

      And yes, you are 100% right that all the negroes that are held up as examples of the intellectual capacity or technological prowess of Africans generally tend to have no more than 75% African ancestry,and often, no more than FIFTY percent.

      One reason that whites should refrain from race-mixing is that the white race cannot be reconstituted in its present form. When one studies the population migrations of early hominids it becomes clear that the white race is already, itself, a mixed race. “White” is a mixture of the genetics of West Asians,Semites, and the Neanderthals who lived in the upper portions of Europe but which are now extinct. Whites carry no more than 4% of the genetic information of these Neanderthals but this 4% is what gives us our larger brains and the altruism which marks our race.This social cooperation is highly adaptive for mammals and that is why almost all other mammals, including dolphins and primates have it. In humans, however, it is mainly limited to the white race. Social altruism is non-existent in the black race. The reason they survive is because they are able to breed at younger ages and they have many offspring. If not for these facts, negroes would be extinct because of the overwhelming amount of negative social capital they possess. If whites interbreed with other races, this part of human history and the genetic information of earlier hominids will be lost forever,and the scientific mastery of the human race will suffer for it. This is actually regression and not progress.

      Being white is not only a fine thing, it is priceless. A white man is a living link to the past,when humanity first became ascendant, and it represents the pinnacle of human adaptation. We still carry within us all the genetic changes which made modern man the master of his environment. In fact, without us, modern man would not BE the master of the earth.The sub-saharan Africans not only did not leave Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago, they still have not ventured outside of it in any kind of exploratory fashion.

      • hoinkusjog | July 18, 2014 at 10:31 pm

        Mulatto/as identify as “black” because they are fed lies from birth. They are fed lies about where their loyalty stands, they are fed lies about each other e.g. if 2 Mulatto/as make a romantic connection, generally, they are considered “uppity” or that they believe they are “superior” to their Negro counterparts. This is the common rhetoric verbalized by the “black elite” (this statement is the epitome of an oxymoron). Hence, that is why groups like the NAACP or any other “black” political group(s) continues to fight a “multiracial” category on the U.S. census. So, as a very proud Mulatto nationalist I would say that Mulattos are constantly bullied into claiming an inaccurate racial make-up – “negro”. Now, many persons have voiced that the description; “Mulatto Nationalist) is, in and of itself, contradictory. Not if you’re an existentialist, and not if you believe that eventually your race; Mulattos will start having racial pride, like all other racial groups, and only intra-racially procreate.

    • I actually don’t agree with you. Many of the black doctors / surgeons that I know about are dark black, egg headed mother fuckers. I don’t think they are white, but I do think they may be more east African than west African. Most of the sports super stars (except Stephen curry) are also dark black, probably more west African. Its great that “the future” has found success, but for him to claim that the offspring of white women and black men are “the future” is ludicrous. Society needs a culture to function. At a basic level, the white farm family is keeping all of us in America alive, because they feed us.

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  18. Mulatto/as identify as “black” because they are fed lies from birth. They are fed lies about where their loyalty stands, they are fed lies about each other e.g. if 2 Mulatto/as make a romantic connection, generally, they are considered “uppity” or that they believe they are “superior” to their Negro counterparts. This is the common rhetoric verbalized by the “black elite” (this statement is the epitome of an oxymoron). Hence, that is why groups like the NAACP or any other “black” political group(s) continues to fight a “multiracial” category on the U.S. census. So, as a very proud Mulatto nationalist I would say that Mulattos are constantly bullied into claiming an inaccurate racial make-up – “negro”. Now, many persons have voiced that the description; “Mulatto Nationalist) is, in and of itself, contradictory. Not if you’re an existentialist, and not if you believe that eventually your race; Mulattos will start having racial pride, like all other racial groups, and only intra-racially procreate.

    • As Mulatto+Mulatta = Mulatto/a. On a similar note, true Mulattos do not want to mix with any other group but their own. This movement is slowly gaining steam. Education and communication are the key factors in our salvation. As for any of you singular racialists, especially Caucasians, it would be in your best interest to support our movement. Hence, your race can continue to exist untainted, and our race, can be identified as one and can continue to grow.

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  22. The writer sounds like a hateful supremacist biggot. Often times you can see the white features and they isn’t anything recessive about it when you see it. Not all biracial people have darker skin. The writer obviously needs to get out more.

  23. Black features are more dominant? Lol!!!! 1/16th will still look black??? Lmao. This sound like nazi shit to me. One drop rule…archaic nonsense. I’m half and have predominantly white features. My kids are 1/4…one looks tanned and the other one is blond and fair…with Caucasian features. ..like me. Anyone who thinks this is scientific is daft… Perhaps Donald Trump did the research for this himself??? And the reason “mulattos” identify as black is because more often than not the racism directed towards us comes from Caucasian people. I love both sides of my family…so I identify as both. Also I’m Canadian….more tolerant people here I guess.

  24. This is a poorly reasoned post. Rewind history 100 years and if you have a black person of 100% African descent and a white person who conceive a child, that child, though 50% African and 50% European would not only be considered black, but would also more likely than not go on to marry someone with at least as much if not more African DNA as him or herself. Bi-racial did not exist, and such individuals went on to marry black rather than white.

    What does this mean? It means that black Americans typically have varying degrees of European DNA precisely because miscegenation was common. Those conceived from interracial couplings of whatever sort were then excluded from the white population. Obviously if black Americans have varying amounts of European DNA (Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. has 50%), then clearly white people were conceiving children with black people.

    If you have a theory to explain how individuals in the population end up with both African and European DNA without Africans and Europeans mixing it up, well…that’d be a very special theory indeed. As it turns out, no amount of political correctness can fabricate DNA admixture.

    Basically, you are conflating the term “black” with the term “African”. You confuse race and ethnicity. Black Americans are those who have anywhere from 100% to, say, 30% African DNA. But using the one drop rule to pretend that white people rarely consorted with black people just puts blinders on your own eyes.

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  26. It is all folley, everyone knows Europeans have led the world to civilization, followed by Asians with Africans having acomplished the least. Its just fact, but when a comet or asteroid strikes what then, or will Europeans and asians have developed a plan or means to survive. ? And yes I do agree that the mulattos are not liked by blacks in general. Look what they do to the albino children in africa- very sad. There are always exceptions to everything, but exceptions are not the rule and do get lost when mixing the entire sample. But all is for nothing if humanity does not see the coming doom of its entire extinction from the planet.

  27. White people have also not bred with Native Americans, though they claim otherwise. Only 5 percent have 2% less. If you listen to the majority of white Americans, they would have you believe they all had a ” Cherokee Princess” grandmother. It’s pathetic!

    • You obviously haven’t spent time around black Americans, particularly if they are “light skinned” (i.e. “part white”) they are obsessed with claiming NA ancestry, and in particular when they are embarrassed that they have the very blood of the people they hate…and yes, the peer reviewed journals and historical evidence supports this, Native Americans mixed with whites MUCH More than blacks and most blacks have SIGNIFICANT European heritage. Their NA claims (which got several kicked off the Cherokee nation in Oklahoma when proven false) irritate NAs, and are nothing but another “exotic” version of WE WUZ KANGZ.

  28. “95% of white Americans have no African ancestry” This is false and a misrepresentation of the data. That other 5% is only people with at least 1-2% African ancestry and it doesn’t account for people who do have African ancestry but less than 1%. The majority of White Americans with African ancestry from what I’ve seen have less than 1%. 23andme reported that 1 in 10 white Southern Americans have at least 1% African ancestry. So the number of Southerners with less than 1% would be even higher. Also, it’s possible to have an African ancestor somewhere in the last 400 years and have it not show up in your DNA. I’m on 23andme and while I’m not American I have around 200 white full American (4 gparents) cousins, and it is not uncommon for them to have little bits of African at around half a percent. And before all the naysayers comment that it’s just noise- I’ve seen significantly more white Americans with little bits of African than I have Native American, and all the African just happens to be West African. I’ve very rarely seen a European person with ANY West African.

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  30. The “white” phenotype (ie. West Eurasian facial features and hair form and Fitzgerald skin type 1-4) isn’t recessive. Stop spreading racist myths and misinformation.

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