What is a #Cuckservative?

Among the alt-right crowds, one of the most fascinating labels has emerged:  The Cuckservative (aka Conservacuck).  I’m not exactly sure where it started or who coined it (if you know, please say in the comments below), but it is truly brilliant as it crystallizes a particular personality that we all know too well.   If Anthony Trollope were alive today, he’d write an entire series on the cuckservative — or at least make him a re-occurring character in novels.

What is the cuckservative?  Well, I’ll paint in broad strokes here to provide a preliminary portrait.  Mind you, only preliminary.  Perhaps commenters can fill in the gaps below.

Very basically, the cuckservative is a white gentile conservative (or libertarian) who thinks he’s promoting his own interests but really isn’t.  In fact, the cuckservative is an extreme universalist and seems often to suffer from ethnomasochism & pathological altruism. In short, a cuckservative is a white (non-Jewish) conservative who isn’t racially aware.

In some ways, the cuckservative is the counterpart of the SJW (social justice warrior), and they are more alike than dissimilar. You often will hear the cuckservative screaming at an SJW about how “the Democrats are the real racists.”

The cuckservative feels very passionate about issues like abortion, which rarely directly affects his own life.  In fact, you might often hear a cuckservative talking about how abortion is “racist” since blacks and mestizos overwhelmingly get more abortions that whites.

On the other hand, the cuckservative feels uncomfortable about issues like immigration.  If the cuckservative is not an outright open-borders shill, he will only give lip service about “securing the border” or “opposing illegal but favoring legal immigration” but he will never talk about immigration very much.  After all, immigration has very serious implications for Western Civilization, so it doesn’t concern the cuckservative.

The cuckservative is often fanatically in favor of transracial adoption.  He sees it as some divine calling.  In a sense, this is cuckoldry at its essence, since these whites are usually forgoing their own inclusive fitness to adopt someone from another race.  As Heartiste notes, they’re race-cucking their own families.

Although the cuckservative is eager to show his PC bona fides by openness to other races, he really doesn’t want to know about other races.  Human biodiversity terrifies the cuckservative, as deep down he has bought into blank-slatism and egalitarianism.  The cuckservative would rather just have a Herman Cain  or Clarence Thomas poster on his wall than actually have to honestly think about race.

The cuckservative, although never Jewish, often seems vicariously to live through Israel.  Since the cuckservative feels that he cannot defend his own ethnic interests, he’ll defend Israel’s.  The cuckservative cares more about Israel’s borders than his own.  Israel adamantly defends its own ethnic interests and perhaps deep down the cuckservative respects this on some unconscious level.

On the other hand, the idea of whites acting as a group to secure their own interests terrifies the cuckservative. If you ever want to troll a cuckservative, just repeatedly use the word “white,”  such as “this isn’t beneficial for the white community.”  The cuckservative will be triggered immediately.

The cuckservative is a fascinating personality.  They’re all around us.  Can they be helped?  Is their condition terminal?  Who knows, but maybe by pointing out their condition they can seek self-improvement.


This was only a general sketch — as there are many more nuances of the cuckservative, but I hope this is a good start.  Perhaps others can help fill in the blanks below.

This has been cross-posted at Radix Journal.

Update:  Who coined ‘cuckservative’?  Still not 100% sure, but from what people are saying it was probably MPC, or possibly TRS, with various Twitter accounts like this one popularizing it.

Important:  Roundup of #Cuckservative articles and memes


103 thoughts on “What is a #Cuckservative?

      • Not buying it. First of all, most Catholics aren’t really loyal to anything other than some ancestral tradition, i.e. “My father and mother are Catholic …” “My great grandparents were Catholics from Italy” , ” … Irish Catholic” etc. Catholics have been voting Socialcrat for decades, pro abortion and all. Jeb Bush and John Boehner are Catholic, Cuckservative posterboys. Catholic Charities are more responsible than any other group for flooding our majority white nation with needy third world “refugees”. And have been at the epicenter of the “sanctuary city” phenomena from the beginning.

    • Some White Nationalists started posting this new “mantra” 3 years ago:

      this is not left vs right, GOP vs Dems, Socialism vs liberty. This is war on White people.

      Why do hostile elite defend Israel as a Jewish ethnostate with Jewish only immigration, but ravage White majority Europe/North America into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Gulag with non-White colonization?

      The world is 91% non-White, only 9% White. But non-White colonizers are aggressively advancing their agenda to annihilate gullible Whites, just as Chinese annihilate Tibet.

      How long will gullible Whites cuckold for murderous anti-White elite, who suppress our fertility, confiscate our guns, infiltrate/subvert our banks/FBI/CIA, indoctrinate White kids in academia/mass media, plunder White jobs/wages, & butcher White soldiers in bankrupting wars?

      “Native” Americans invaded from East Asia. Yellow & Brown races committed 10-times more genocide, slavery, imperialism than Whites. Since Moses, Whites have been victims of Jewish/Crypto-Jewish, Muslim, N.African imperialism, slavery, genocide.

      Gullible Whites should reject subversive ideologies- libertarianism, feminism, liberalism- & hostile slanders of racism. Peace to all humanity, but White people must organize to advance their interests, their fertility, their homelands. Spread this message. Reading list: goo.gl/iB777 , goo.gl/htyeq , amazon.com/dp/0759672229 , amazon.com/dp/1410792617

  1. Cuckservatives love to debate other cuckservatives over who is the most ideologically pure ‘true conservative’

      • Cuckservatives are also notorious for adopting liberal positions or activists as their own. Case in point is the Civil Rights Movement which was opposed by conservatives at the time but is now embraced at the crowning achievement of cuckservativism. Another related example of this laughable delusion is around MLK day when cuckservatives are all rushing to show their antiracist bona fides by explaining how MLK was a “true conservative” despite the historical record.

  2. They tend to demonize Russia a lot as the greatest threat to the west (which is OK in the PC handbook, since they are other white people), but they almost never talk about threats from non white entities, except possibly to suggest we need more half done neocon wars for Israel.

    • Cuckservatives routinely complain that any talk of immigration restriction will alienate voters yet they alienate far more voters by engaging in endless wars for Israel. Yesterday’s debacle with them all raging against Obama for avoiding war with Iran and lowering the price of gasoline is a perfect example of the cuckservatives’ disconnect (or contempt) for the average voter.

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  4. The true cuckservative will not only cuck his own family, but his entire people. He quite literally has no problem with the country becoming entirely Third World – so long as it is done legally. Color of law is very, very important to the cuckservative, but the survival of his own people is of no consequence whatsoever. In fact, he would be terrified to think in such terms.

    Instead, he has this bizarre fascination with the legal system created by whites, but couldn’t care less if the people for whom that legal system was created – whites, of course – disappear entirely.

    The cuck cheers for America and then, even after he understands that modern America is pretty much committed to extinguishing his own bloodline, he cheers even louder. He calls it “freedom.” LOL!

    If nothing else, it cannot be denied that the cuckservative lives up to his name. My hat’s off to whoever coined the term.

    • I’ll also add that since the cuck doesn’t care about the survival of whites, he is particularly interested in the possibility of blacks or browns becoming Republicans. What matters the survival of his own people, if future generations of blacks and browns support low tax rates on corporations?

      Somehow, this prospect thrills the cuck to his very core. Cucks are the people who seek out that one black face at a conservative function and try to get him up on center stage. This excites the cuck! This is where the cuck truly experiences rapturous joy.

      Basically, the cuck is willing to sell all of his ancestors and descendants down the river, an entire people and all that entails, in exchange for getting a few blacks and browns to endorse his (largely transient & silly) political agenda. It’s certainly one of the most idiotic “trades” attempted in all of human history – and yet the blacks and browns STILL won’t go for it.

      But then, if the cuck were capable of realizing any of this, he wouldn’t be a cuck.

    • Of course a worthless piece of shit like you is here.

      Your father was cucked by a gang of diseased niggers gangraping your mother. That’s how you were born.

      • Fascinating, Jack. I don’t know you, I’ve never heard of you, yet you explode in rage over…I have no idea what. This is meant seriously: you’re not well. There is something wrong with you. Get the help that you need.

  5. A cuckservative is the type of guy that when the tribe gets him up the ass he doesn’t even have the balls to demand a reach-around.

  6. You all are completely oblivious to how truly stupid and degenerate you are repeatedly using a pornographic portmanteau.

    BTW, conservatives are not unaware about their behavior. They are just as much for diversity as liberals. The entire West is “cucked” in that sense, not just conservatives.

    Even you HBD buffoons love Asians, so you’re cucked as well. You just have an Asian fetish about it.

    • Jack, you’re really quite the moron, aren’t you? It is ridiculous to claim that the word cuckhold is merely a “pornographic portmanteau.” The term goes back at least to Chaucer, if not before, and has been employed in all sorts of contexts.

      • Clarification of sloppy writing above: cuckold is not a “pornographic” term per se, though of course it can be used that way. Cuckservative works as a portmanteau, not because it is “pornographic,” but because it captures the spirit and reality of modern conservatism.

      • It’s important to note that anti-whites seek to impose their terminology upon us, such as racist, hater, or supremacist, but stridently object when we develop and employ our own terms, such as anti-white, white genocide, or cuckservative.

        Our enemies do this for very good reason. They understand the power of language, and its importance in shaping how we view the world. Much of ideological struggle involves one side attempting to impose its terminology – and therefore its worldview – on the other.

        Conservatives have generally been terrible at this, and foolishly treat the other guy’s terminology as legitimate, and therefore buy into the leftist/anti-white frame. This has resulted in an ideological and cultural default to the left.

        Instead, we should always be looking for better terms that frame issues in a way that is beneficial to us and harmful to our opponents. Create your own frame, don’t buy into the other guy’s.

        Too early to tell for certain, but there is a good chance that “cuckservative” is going to have legs, and will help shape how modern conservatism is viewed.

      • Trainspotter, this comment relates to your comment below about using “anti-white, white genocide, or cuckservative” and at Resisting Defamation we too look into attacking back against the speaker or writer with appropriate characterizations. We add “the anti-white narrative,” “supremacist” (by claiming the right to name us), “bigot,” and “hater” to our helpful list.

        Even though not on your list, “racist” is always problematic because its meaning has been so twisted and media, in particular, like to assist the anti-white narrative by changing the discussion to the meaning of “racist,” thus smothering the nature of the original complaint.

        “Supremacist” is a great slam and can be applied to anyone who commits any of these actions: suppressing our nationality in references to us, suppressing the reality of our ethnic & religious variety, and claiming the right to name us (goyim, honky, whatever) which is the sole right of the diverse white American peoples.

        Being ready with responses to drive-by verbal blasts is essential…we have only 20-30 seconds to deploy prepared anti-drive-by attacks.

      • PS: We like “cuckservative” as an incredibly devastating label that applies to almost all our conservative friends who have done nothing for the health, education, and safety of young diverse white American children. And we are referring to Jeb as a victim of Dolezal Disorder and pointing out that, while identity is becoming more fluid, you can’t drape yourself in another’s skin and still be authentic and maintain centeredness.

      • You’re a fool if you think HBD people have an East Asian fetish. HBD is the whole package of human behaviors and not just test scores.

        If you think that means HBD has an East Asian fetish because IQ tests show East Asians with higher average scores than Europeans then you’ve got an argument with reality because East Asians really do have higher IQ test scores. HBD has the sophistication to say that test scores aren’t the only important thing. Apparently you think WN has to say that, what? The tests don’t show that result?

      • Steve, the Asian IQ issue is largely a red herring. I think the concern is that HBD, in and of itself, doesn’t necessarily advocate the continued survival of the European peoples. Instead, it seems to content itself largely with exploring the differences between the races. This is quite important, especially given that we live under a status quo where such truths are actively suppressed. HBDers are to be congratulated for speaking truth to power.

        But why are these truths suppressed? Who benefits, and what policies result from such suppression? The answer, in short, is that anti-whites benefit. Anti-white policies are carried out and, if allowed to continue, will largely destroy the European peoples as distinct cultural and biological entities.

        This is where white nationalism (or identitarianism, whatever label one chooses) enters the picture. It actually asserts, clearly and forthrightly, that whites must continue to exist. It doesn’t deny, but also doesn’t much care about, Asian IQ scores. They are who they are, we are who we are.

        We are under attack in a way that they are not, and our existence is threatened in a way that theirs is not. We have every reason to resist this attack and defeat the anti-whites. Therefore, white nationalism.


    • I don’t think it’s accurate to stereotype all conservatives in this way. Most conservatives don’t like the idea of the US becoming a suburb of Mexico, or becoming an Islam dominated hellhole, but don’t all know how to address the idea (most of the time). But even when those who are more aware are still limited in their thinking because they want to stick with a republican style government, not recognizing that voting is not a moral imperative.

  7. The cuckservative loves to blabber on and on about how Latinos are “natural republicans” so they see no problem with millions of them relocating to his own backyard.

  8. The first place I heard cuckservative was on the TRS Daily Shoah. Not sure if that was the origin but the term came from those parts of the alt-right. Broadly, its any conservative who has no race awareness.

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    • This subject needs to be expanded into a series with profiles of prominent cuckervatives (Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, etc.) and perhaps an explanation of how the mindset became the mainstream – “The Making of the Cuckservative Mind”

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    • “Racist” is anything that isn’t racial-liberalism (some Republicans) or racial-leftism (the other Republicans and all Democrats). And sometimes even racial-liberalism is “racist.”

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  12. What if I’m anti-immigration, anti-Israel, but anti-abortion including the reasons you described and non-ideologically race realist? (i.e. I’m aware of the realities of human biodiversity but don’t go into a panic about the inevitable non-ideological race mixing that’s bound to happen occasionally but think it’s absurd to treat it like a divine calling?)

    • The point isn’t being anti-Israel, but recognizing that it’s hypocritical to support Israel’s right to exist while condemning ours and insisting that the US must be open to anyone and everyone. Cuckservatives are essentially SJW’s but with a better fiscal policy. You are not a cuckservative.

      Aside from being anti-Israel it looks like you are the same as me. It’s better to start from a position of recognizing reality, and then deciding where to go from there, all the while keeping a cool head.

  13. “The cuckservative is often fanatically in favor of transracial adoption.” That’s because he thinks European civilization was just a fluke of White people rather than the very expression of their racial heart. Because of his magical faith in the Marxist dogma (tho of course he is too stupid to recognize his thought processes as brainwashed leftist conditioning) of Equality he thinks that civilization is passed on by culture, thus at a stroke the negro child brought up by Whites becomes proof of his ideology. Again he is too stupid to see that ideology is a means and race / civilization are ends; the cucking idiot thinks the exact opposite. That’s why he has a borderline autistic attachment to abstractions like low taxes, abortion, free markets, open borders w/o reference to who those borders are open for.

  14. LMAO! You bunch of butt-hurt babies, bitching and belaboring the definition of a made up word. This is hilarious! Please do go on. I can see the healing of a tragic upbringing, twisting your world view to work against the daddy that you never had/or hate, work while you pontificate from up high on a pedestal of your own making. *giggles*

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  16. I mostly agree, but let’s avoid the temptation to use cucservative and conservative interchangeably. Conservatives are our largest pool of potential converts. The main thing that separates them from us is that they think that allowing people to vote is a moral imperative, and that the Constitution is some sort of scripture. Break them of that,and what you’re left with is mostly going to be either a reactionary or an anarchist.

  17. Apparently I am credited with the first known use of this term back in Jan on Twitter. My handle is @drunknsage and someone credited me with this a few nights ago. It is in reference to Conservatives and how they moan and complain about republicans but still vote for them come election time. Conservatives basically vote against their own interests when they vote republican. i meant it as an insult but not because I hate conservatives, because I hate the way they are treated by republicans and they need a wake up call.

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  19. There’s a perfect example at AmRen in the Gregory Hood article, pasted over a picture of Karl Rove. :

    If you think opening the borders to gain 40% of the Hispanic vote is good politics . . . You might be a cuckservative.

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  23. The ‘cuck’ meme in general first blew up in a big on 4chan when it was discovered that their fearless leader was a beta orbiter of some Jewess that works in media who posted pics of herself hanging out with hot chads poolside. Further digging also uncovered a gem in the form of a picture of luggage lad himself carrying miss mallory’s luggage, complete with patronizing commentary in the sidebar. instant classic that one.

    Since then, ‘cuck’ rapidly ascended in the ranks of treasured chan dweller insultery, right up there with ‘fag’ and ‘autism’. It is almost certain that it metastasized from these circles into the variety of new shitlordian elocutions we enjoy today.

  24. Cuckservatives are slave stock. They’re descended from ancestors who thought that if they were good slaves they’d get pie in the sky when they died.

    Occasionally cuckservatives will outbreed so far that they produce someone like me, a throwback, who finds the nonsense of western civilization’s system of slave mind-control, i.e., Christianity, deeply offensive to his nature.

    It’s probably hopeless trying to arouse most cuckservatives. They have garbage genetics or have been so mangled by this world that their only shot at happiness is going all in on a nonexistent afterlife.

    • (‘Agrarian Barbarian’ was already taken so you had to pick a different handle?) Cuckservatives are those who know and practice the adage that you need to go along to get along. But then you have the Wild Childs like ourselves who were probably behavior problems in elementary school, always ‘talked back,’ and thought the bien-pensants were full of crap. Like a stopped clock, we are sometimes right, and this is one of those moments.

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  31. This is one of the most ridiculous, moronic posts I’ve ever read. You will have as much success in your pursuit of hate and intolerance as you deserve. Congratulations. You must all be quite damaged, what a shame. When namecalling and pissing on others is the best you can do you are bound to be defeated. And no that’s not “PC”, it’s common sense.

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